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Overview of localization of software applications

Before starting the journey to learn about app localization services at Tomato, we would like to introduce you to some current concepts and trends about application localization.

The trend of application translation and localization in the world today

First, we need to clearly distinguish the two concepts of localization and translation for applications. In particular, application localization is the process of building content, visual interface, colors, symbols, etc., which are properly expressed according to the local cultural standards of each country or region.

The process of transforming all information content into the local language is known as translation.

Many applications around the world, including Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube, have effectively implemented translation and localization procedures. Many organizations that want to attract people on a worldwide scale are following this trend.

Furthermore, if you want to succeed rapidly, the application should be translated and localized as soon as possible.

Why should you localize your app as soon as possible?

This will provide numerous benefits to the app’s creator. The global localization service offers the following four core features:

After being successfully localized, the app will not face language barriers in many countries, resulting in an increase in global user numbers and the shortest road to the worldwide market.
Apps that are localized have a higher chance of competing with local apps than apps that do not use the local language.
The application localization process has a lot of business potential for businesses, since it may generate huge revenue from online users. Specifically, Beamin – Korea’s online food delivery service – has occupied the second place (behind Grab) in the Vietnam market after only two years of launch, thanks to its methodical localization.
Translation and localization for platforms such as Windows, Android, iSO, and so on will make it easier for local consumers to utilize the software on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.


App localization services

Professional application localization service at Tomato Media

Tomato provides app localization services with good quality, removing all language barriers. Tomato Media constantly invests in modern equipment and technology and expands to train a team of experienced translation specialists and experts capable of meeting a variety of service requirements such as:

Application localization for mobile app operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, etc.
Software application localization for operating systems of desktop computers and laptops such as Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, etc.
Application localization for handheld game consoles, Smart TVs, online reading devices, etc.

We localize software for Apple, Windows, BlackBerry, and Samsung in addition to Android. Customers who have localized the app have seen an increase in sales and have been able to better target diverse markets by overcoming the language barrier.

With these new users, developers and owners can grow their brands and improve the overall experience for new and existing users.

Tomato localizes the apps in 50++ popular languages:

  • English app localization
  • Chinese app localization
  • Japanese app localization
  • Korean app localization
  • French app localization
  • German app localization
  • Russian app localization
  • Thai app localization
  • Czech app localization
  • Italian app localization
  • Spanish app localization
  • etc.


High-quality application localization service costs

You don’t have to worry about costs if you want to work with Tomato Media, as our prices are reasonable and ensure that every developer can benefit from our service. You can count on our localization team for an affordable quote for quality app localization services. Tomato’s app localization team offers affordable, quality service in more than 50 languages.

If you are looking for a high-quality app localization service, you can turn to Tomato, which will provide you with language solutions in more than 50 languages at an affordable price and localize your app in your chosen language.

Application localization costs in Tomato Media are optimized for international quality:

  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award.
  • Tomato’s application of a quality management system that has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate
  • Tomato is in the top 126 LSPI 2023 rankings of the world’s largest translation companies

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Why should you choose Tomato Media’s application localization services?

Tomato Media is one of Asia’s leading app localization service providers, with 1 headquarter and 3 offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, as well as a global team of over 10,000 experienced translators. We have completed more than 65,000 successful projects in over 50 language pairs in 100 different specialties.

Top 126 the Slator 2023 LSPI – Prestigious ranking for major translation companies in the world

ISO 9001:2015-certified translation quality management system

Experienced translation team

The localization process is always thoroughly monitored by a team of professional translators and specialists who are not only fluent in many languages and have extensive technological knowledge, but also have a thorough awareness of each country’s unique culture.

The breadth of their knowledge enables them to quickly implement the application localization process while maintaining high accuracy and adapting it to the user’s native language and style.

Perfect translation quality guaranteed

Tomato is a major company in the field of translation in Asia, with an ISO 9001-2015-certified service quality management system. As a result, we are capable of taking on any app localization project on every device platform and producing extremely accurate semantic and style translation outcomes.

Advanced translation technology

In addition, TOMATO also applies modern translation software such as WordFast, memoQ, Trados, etc. to the localization process in order to speed up the project implementation while ensuring the accuracy of the application.

Commitment to confidentiality under the NDA

We have 100% absolute confidentiality of project information for any customer who enters a contract with us. To make customers feel more safe when working on projects with us, the NDA will be utilized in the agreement between the two parties, with rigorous legal conditions and in strict accordance with the law.

Testing application localization on multiple devices

Customers have the right to test the product after it has been localized on a range of operating systems, including Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, and others. Simultaneously, in order to reduce font and layout mistakes, the app will be tested on a variety of popular brands of mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and other devices in regions where users want to expand the app’s area of operations.

The most competitive application translation prices on the market

Finally, the consistent and extremely competitive price in the market is another major reason why many firms choose to use Tomato Media’s services. We always provide application localization and translation solutions that include explicit procedures and specific rates for each service, all of which are clearly indicated in the contract, ensuring that no virtual services are added or withdrawn to inflate invoicing costs.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of attractive promotions throughout the year, as well as on major holidays, to assist consumers to save money when choosing the company’s services.

Application localization process at Tomato Media

The following is the process of app localization services at Tomato Media:

Frequently asked questions about app translation services

App localization is essential to attract users from other cultures. A well-localized App will help you reach audiences from different cultures.

Yes, Tomato provides application localization services from English to Vietnamese. You can also view our language page for other language combinations.

You can visit our quotation page and request your own quotation, or request directly via e-mail ( or our hotline (0938 596 333) to be quoted for the localization cost of your app.

Obviously. We provide app localization and proofreading services.


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