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Automotive technical translation needs absolute accuracy

In today’s technological age, automotive translation services are becoming increasingly crucial. Manufacturers increasingly need to use relevant materials and textbooks to investigate and invent beneficial new technologies as the vehicle industry develops. The automotive technical translation was created to enable students, including engineers and professors, to overcome language barriers and have better access to industry knowledge.

Because it involves technological concerns, automotive technical translation necessitates precise precision. If an error occurs, the entire production line will be destroyed. When a translation is available, it will benefit audiences such as students and manufacturers, allowing them to learn and produce high-quality cars in the future.

Accurate translation service specialized in automotive engineering at Tomato Media

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1.  Tomato translates documents specialized in automotive engineering

One of the most specialized fields is automotive engineering. Automation, electricity – electronics, mechanics, and machine construction technologies are among the topics covered. Tomato Media Translation continues to provide translation services for all automotive technical papers, including:

📗   Documents in the field of automotive engineering

  • Documents/training books for automotive and mechanical engineering
  • User manuals, safety and health information for users, car drivers
  • Repair manuals, auto maintenance/warranty manuals
  • Technical documents for trucks
  • Car specifications
  • Brochures, catalogs, banners, flyers, and automotive marketing materials
  • PDM/EDM Systems
  • Car assembly, working, and manufacturing processes
  • Documents about auto parts
  • Technical research reports, scientific reports specialized in automobiles
  • Training documents for automotive professionals
  • Automotive patent
  • DITA system

📗  Translation of documents by car-parts

  • General information documents of vehicles: instructions for maintenance and repair, technical specifications, general description, and how to operate.
  • Documents on heating systems: air conditioning and car ventilation systems.
  • Documents about the steering system: documents about the steering wheel assembly and steering column, the mechanical steering mechanism.
  • Suspension documents: wheel, wheel and tire alignment, suspension diagnostics program, announcements, front and rear suspension.
  • Documents about the powertrain: front axle, rear axle, drive shaft.
  • Documents about the body and accessories: windshield, shock absorber, bonnet, door up and down, seats, front bumper, etc.
  • Documents about the vehicle brake system: schematics and circuit diagrams, technical specifications, specialized tools for vehicles, and maintenance instructions.
  • Documents on anti-theft systems, and alarms for vehicles.
  • Documents about electrical equipment: wipers, lighting systems, dashboards, horns, electrical systems, entertainment systems.
  • Documents about vehicle engines: disassembly and maintenance instructions, engine specifications, vehicle engine testing procedures, operating principles, diagnosing engine problems, how to fix them, etc.
  • Documents on safety devices for car users: airbags, seat belts, and hazard warnings.

Automotive engineering translation service

2.  Notarized translation in automotive engineering

Tomato Media also provides a variety of notarized translation services such as:

  • Notarized translation of auto sales contracts, equipment and spare parts
  • Notarized translation of cooperation contracts in the automotive engineering industry.
  • Notarized translation of documents and technology transfer contracts for the automotive industry.
  • Notarized translation of business license in the automotive industry
  • Notarized translation of applications for registration of new technology and many other documents.


3.  Interpreters specializing in automotive engineering

Tomato provides interpreting services for automotive engineering related to the following areas:

  • Interpreting at technology transfer sessions in the automotive industry.
  • Interpreting at discussions, cooperation in the production of automobiles, automotive equipment
  • Escort interpreting at exchanges, product introductions in showrooms, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpreting at trade fairs, seminars and exhibitions about introducing new products and new technologies in the automotive industry.Interpreting at
  • meetings, shareholder meetings at companies, automobile industry groups, etc.

At the same time, there are also popular forms of translation which are:

️🎧 Simultaneous interpreting
🗣️ Consecutive interpreting
👫 Escort interpreting
👥 Whisper interpreting
️💻 Online interpreting via video call (Zalo, Skype, Zoom, etc)


4.  Localization of automotive engineering majors

Tomato’s automotive engineering localization service is precise in its translation. We always adapt the style in accordance with the purpose of optimizing the quality of our customers’ websites, in addition to the professional localization process. We offer the following localization services:

  • Localization of software to manage data about the automotive industry, import and export management software for the automotive industry, car design software, etc.
  • Localization of websites of automobile industry enterprises, websites of introduction of automotive engineering products, etc.
  • Localization of car information lookup application, car control application, etc.
  • Localization of car video introduction, etc.


5.  Media translation solution with major in automotive engineering

For automotive translation, Tomato provides media translation services in various forms such as:

  • Translation of audio recording videos specialized in automotive engineering
  • Translation and dubbing for videos about car reviews
  • Voiceover for videos about automotive engineering, the latest technology in the automotive industry
  • Making subtitles for documentaries on automotive engineering.
  • Translating scripts for videos, TVCs, viral clips, car ads, etc.


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The most optimal automotive engineering translation service cost

Because buying a car is a big life decision – a simple grammar mistake can be the difference between a sale and a loss.

Don’t run the risk of losing a client because you’ve worked with an unqualified translator. At Tomato, we guarantee ~100% accurate translations every time.

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    3. Automotive engineering interpreting
    4. Localization of automotive engineering (app, web, video, e-learning, etc.)
    5. Media translation (narration, dubbing, subtitles, etc.)

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The reason you should choose automotive engineering translation service at Tomato

Automotive engineering translation service in Tomato with asymptotic accuracy of 100%:

Tomato received the “2021 Excellent Product & Service” award



Tomato Media entered the top 150 of LSPI – A ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies



ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system is globally recognized

Team of quality, professional, efficient translators and interpreters

Tomato’s staff of translators has a wealth of knowledge and is capable of assisting with any type of translation. To ensure 100 percent accurate translation for consumers, they are all well trained and informed about the automobile business. Not only does each member of staff have a serious attitude, a professional style of working, and is ready to assist clients when needed, but they also have a serious attitude, a professional manner of working.

Ensuring compliance with time

When customers employ Tomato’s services, we guarantee that they will be completed on time 100 percent of the time. We can always ensure the development of the work because we have over 3,000 collaborators and over 100 full-time employees throughout the world. Even if the consumer requires a translation, provide it the same day.

Modern translation technology is always updated and applied

To improve translation accuracy, we continually invest in and upgrade cutting-edge translation technology. Tomato uses a variety of technologies and application tools, including Oxford Dictionary, Trados, Xbench, Convert ABBYY, and others.

Commitment to absolute confidentiality for customers using the service

When a customer uses Tomato’s services, we always promise to follow through on the terms of the contract. At the same time, it will maintain secrecy by preventing information from being exposed at any point during the translation process. To protect clients’ interests, we all sign NDA confidentiality agreements with all services.


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