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Subtitle translationHigh Quality & Prestige Subtitle Service at Tomato Media

Tomato commits to:

📗 ISO 9001:2015 standard translation process

📗 Subtitles are inserted to match speaking time

📗 Accurate subtitle content

📗 Flexible adaptation of regional words

📗 Personnel with a minimum of three years of experience

What is subtitle translation? Mandatory requirements in subtitle translation

Subtitle translation services are becoming more prominent in today’s popular video era. Subtitles for movies and videos are displayed in braille on the screen, allowing viewers to effortlessly read and comprehend audiovisual material. For example, vietsub refers to international films and videos that have been translated and put into Vietnamese.

Translating new subtitles is simple, but basically, it must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • The translator must accurately listen to the original dialogue, translate it using proper grammar, and fit the dialogue, the character’s mood, and the audience’s culture.
  • The editor must assure 100 percent accurate translation of specialized vocabulary in films about academics, medical, machinery, chemistry, and so on. Politics, culture, and society content must be truthful, neutral, and non-controversial.
  • Subtitles supplied in accordance with the film must match the dialogue of the characters. Text at the right place, easy to understand, and guaranteed not to detract from the original video’s appeal.

Subtitle translation, like other translation services, necessitates a high level of accuracy. Otherwise, the translation may be deceptive, altering the audience’s emotions while watching the film or video. To receive our assistance as soon as possible, sign up for our Media translation service.

Therefore, in order to get perfect translations, you need to find reputable companies with a team of good editors like Tomato Media. We have become a reliable partner of thousands of domestic and foreign customers.

Subtitle translation

Prestige & High-quality subtitle translation service at Tomato

Currently, Tomato Media receives subtitle translation for many types of movies and videos, specifically:

Translating subtitles for movies

  • Classification based on context: Translating subtitles of crime movies, historical movies, war movies, science fiction movies, sports movies, westerns, swordplay, historical dramas
  • Sort by movie type: Translating subtitles for action movies, adventure movies, mystery movies, comedies, supernatural thrillers, thrillers, fantasy movies, dramas, romance movies, erotic movies
  • Classification by performance type: Translation of subtitles for cartoons, documentaries, science films, musicals
  • Movie classification based on audience: Translation of subtitles for children’s movies, family movies, adult movies, cult movies

Translating subtitles for reality TV shows and talk shows

Tomato Media receives subtitle translation requests for TV series from many nations, political articles, and gameshows, among other things. If customers have any needs, they can contact us right away.

Translating subtitles for training videos and academic videos

Tomato Media can also help customers translate subtitles for training videos, instructional videos, seminars, and conferences. Our editorial team will ensure that specialist terminology are appropriately translated, ensuring that clients receive reference videos with the most up-to-date content.

Translating TVC subtitles and company introduction videos

Tomato gets a TV commercial with subtitles, a company introduction video, and a product marketing video. So far, we’ve worked with a number of major partners and achieved complete customer satisfaction.

Other subtitle translation services

Tomato Media also accepts subtitles for music videos, entertainment videos, and home videos, among other things. Our consumers are extremely grateful for all of our services.

Subtitle translation services at Tomato with 45++ popular languages

At Tomato Media, subtitle translation services in multi-language helps customers to optimize their choices:

  • Chinese subtitles
  • Japanese subtitles
  • Korean subtitles
  • Thai subtitles
  • Taiwanese subtitles
  • Lao subtitles
  • English subtitles
  • French subtitles
  • German subtitles
  • Italian subtitles
  • Spanish subtitles


Why should you choose the subtitle translation services at Tomato?

Tomato Media is a famous company in the field of translation. We provide reputable and quality services subtitles translation through advantages such as:

Translating subtitles with correct sentences and grammar

Tomato editors are well-educated and experienced professionals. Tomato presently has over 100 full-time employees and over 3,000 collaborators around the world. Every sentence and piece of syntax in the original film may be precisely translated by us. As a result, the plot remains intact, and watching the subtitles keeps the same allure and emotional circuit as watching the original film. 

Flexibility in using slang and dialects

Many films make extensive use of slang and dialects. Tomato can be flexible when translating those words, preserving the original meaning but still being appropriate for the destination language culture.

Inserting subtitles that match the dialogue, with a clear and attractive layout

Tomato is in charge of translating subtitles for movies and videos, and the subtitles always match the dialogue, ensuring that the translation is never slower or quicker than the dialogue, causing audience confusion.

Furthermore, the subtitles are of a decent size and are positioned in a sensible manner, guaranteeing that viewers have the same pleasant experience as if they were watching the original movie directly.

The editor is proficient in using many different subtitle insertion software

Editors at Tomato Media can use a variety of software proficiently. Depending on the type of movie and video, we will choose the appropriate software. In particular, all software used by Tomato is clearly copyrighted, which is the choice of many large companies in the world.

Reasonable and flexible cost according to each video and customer’s needs/b>

The cost of using subtitle translation services will be less than that of dubbing and voice-over services. Tomato will propose the most fair pricing to the customer based on the short duration of the video, the rarity of the language, and the finishing time. This fee is set in the contract, ensuring that there will be no unexpected costs when the translation is finished.

Absolutely confidential information

With exclusive videos and movies, customers certainly do not want their translations to be leaked. Tomato always respects the confidentiality of customer information and is ready to take responsibility before the law if something goes wrong.

After 5 processes, not a single Tomato customer has complained about information leakage. More and more translation services at Tomato are perfected, meeting the diverse needs of customers. The company’s services have been praised by 1,000+ consumers, and the proportion of customers returning to use the company’s services is very high. We currently serve as translation partners for a number of significant domestic and international corporations.

Professional subtitle translation process at Tomato Media

Following is the process of subtitle translation at Tomato certified ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system:

Subtitle translation services


  • Receiving the source files, planning to meet quality requirements and project schedule

  • Checking and evaluating the quality of source files (timecode, quality, audio, script, etc.)

  • Looking up information related to the series to be translated to understand the basic content and the message conveyed

  • Making up rules, glossary, and address to ensure consistent accuracy for the translation

  • Translating script content into the target language

  • Using checking software to detect and correct errors (punctuation, repetition, etc.)

  • QC reviews and edits the style for the highest quality translation

  • Sending the completed translation to the customer

  • Summarizing the project, giving the terms and experiences applied to the next projects

  • Handling customer feedback (if any)

Tomato Media – Prestigious subtitle translation services


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