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Import and export translation servicesAccurate Import and Export Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 100% commitment to information security

📗 Fast and on-time translation

📗 Great accuracy, close to 100% quality

📗 Import and export translation with 50 popular languages

📗 Professional and experienced staff

Why is it vital to use translation services for import and export documents?

Tomato’s import & export translation services are proud to satisfy 500+ customers. In recent years, Vietnam’s export status has progressed significantly. When the import-export industry grows rapidly, trading between domestic and foreign businesses faces numerous challenges. Because of the language barrier, paperwork must be written in the same language as each country while passing through customs.

Moreover, import and export documents are extremely important documents for businesses and companies. How to ensure absolute safety and confidentiality of information is what businesses worry about when they want to translate import and export documents.

So, translating import & export documents is very important for businesses and individuals who need to import and export goods, and choosing a reputable translation service is even more important. Translation helps businesses, companies, individuals and organizations reflect the contents of the shipment in the target language clearly. That helps businesses carry out customs clearance procedures more easily. Choosing Tomato is a way to give customers peace of mind because Tomato is committed to information security for businesses.

Go global faster with Import & Export Translation Services at Tomato

Tomato Media has a team of highly specialized document translation professionals for both import and export. The most precise and effective translation of specialized terminology will be provided by a team with extensive experience in import and export translation. Tomato Media offers multilingual translation services for all types of import and export documents. To better understand below, we would like to detail so that businesses can understand the translation services of import and export documents in Tomato.

Tomato’s contents for customs import and export documentation translation

Tomato translates import and export documents including the following:

📑  Packing list translation

Tomato’s packing list translation service effectively translates information such as the number of packages, weight, and capacity of the shipment into the target language.

📑  Commercial contract translation

Tomato’s commercial contract (sale contract) translation service will translate the written agreement between the buyer and the seller on key elements such as the seller’s and buyer’s details, as well as information about items, delivery, and payment options.

📑  Commercial invoice translation

Commercial invoice translation will help the exporter translate commitments and documents that require the buyer to pay according to the agreement when there is a problem.

📑  Insurance document translation

Insurance certificate translation is extremely important, translation services will include insurance certificates and insurance policies.

📑  Bill of lading translation

At Tomato, our bill of lading translation service provides translations for documentation verifying that the products have been put onto the means of transit through sea, air, or road.

📑  Certificate of origin translation 

Translation of C/O documents showing that the goods are manufactured in which territory, or country, and from what origin.

📑  Letter of credit translation

L/C translation service accurately provides translations for the content of the letter that the importer commits to pay the exporter within a certain time if the exporter presents a valid set of documents.

📑  Quarantine certificate translation

Translation of phytosanitary certificates provide translations for certificates issued by animal or plant quarantine agencies to help confirm that import and export shipments have been quarantined.

📑  Fumigation certificate translation

Fumigation certificate translation services provide translations for the fumigation of imported and exported goods.

📑  Quality certificate translation

Certificate of quality (CQ) translation provides translations for product certificates in accordance with international standards and quality of the manufacturing country.

📑  Sanitary certificate translation

Sanitary Certificate translation service provides translations for the certificate issued by the state management agency in charge of metrology or the inspection agency for the sanitary standard or measuring instrument after it has met the requirements as prescribed and has been inspected.

📑  Certificate of analysis translation

Certificate of analysis (CA) translation service provides translations for the certificate issued by the state management agency in charge of metrology or accrediting agency for the testing standard or measuring instrument after it has met the prescribed requirements and has been verified.

Import and export documentation translation

Translation services for import and export documents in 50 languages in Tomato

Tomato provides translation services in a multitude of popular languages for import and export documents.


Tomato translates import and export documents for many specialties

Tomato provides translation services for import and export documents for a variety of specialties.

Economic translationTranslation of construction
Translation of information technologyLegal translation
Translation of the garment industrySpecializing in Electrical – Electronic Translation
Translation of tourismMedical – Pharmaceutical translation
Translation of e-commerce

Tomato Media – High quality instant import and export document translation company

Professional and experienced staff

Tomato Media’s translation system comprises a huge workforce with extensive experience in translation in general and translation of import-export paperwork in particular. We’ve worked on a number of important local and international projects, and our customers value our knowledge and professional service attitude in the field of import and export document translation.

100% commitment to information security

We set very strict regulations on confidentiality in translation services. Because security is extremely important and directly affects the interests of customers. So the top factor at Tomato is information security. When customers come to Tomato Media, they sign a confidentiality commitment to ensure the legality and interests of customers.

Instant translation, guaranteed on time commitment

With a large team of professional translators, we meet all of our customers’ time requirements. Even if customers need to get it right away, we can completely respond and translate with high accuracy.

Partner of many big companies

Over 10 years of operation in the field of document translation for import and export documents, we have cooperated with more than 2,000 large and small companies, domestic and foreign enterprises. Some major partners include WHO, WB, ADB, AIIB, EIB, EBRD, Four by sheraton, Posco.

Professional import and export document translation process at Tomato

The following is the international ISO 9001:2015 certified translation process for import and export documents at Tomato Media.

Quality commitment 

Tomato Media is committed to providing high-quality service and keeping all of its commitments to customers. Our staff adhere to well-defined business processes in order to communicate effectively, deliver on time, and surpass customer expectations.

Tomato Media – Accurate Import and Export Translation Services


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