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Book and magazine translation servicesHigh quality of book and magazine translation services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Translate a variety of books and magazines

📗 Convey the author’s intention correctly

📗 Offer transparent and competitive cost

📗 Provide high-accuracy translation

📗 Apply QMS that meets ISO 9001: 2015 standard

Difficulties in translating books and magazines

It is not enough to just translate words in a book or magazine; the author’s message must also be conveyed in the translated language. Translating books and magazines will be extremely challenging if you are a new translator with limited experience and competence.

  • Translators with little expertise are frequently stalled in translation due to a lack of understanding of the native language’s structure. They always keep to each word in a word-for-word approach, causing the sentence structure to become dry and lack flow, causing the reader pain.
  • Weak translators will be unable to grasp expert understanding of the books and publications they are translating. As a result, the translator will have a tough time conveying all of the contents of the original books and publications, particularly folk songs, proverbs, dialects, and so on.
  • The translation may not accurately represent the material and may miss the original’s intent. Each writer and writer has their own style, and literary language is unlike any other language. Translation, on the other hand, blends them together using a single language and accent.

As a result, book and magazine translation services with a competent and experienced translator, such as Tomato, are required to accurately translate the original meaning into the target language. Tomato offers book and magazine translation services that are professional, respectable, and of excellent quality.

High-quality book and magazine translation services at Tomato

Books and magazines are now essential publications in people’s cultural and spiritual lives. As a result, in order to translate books and magazines from their native language into an appropriate language, translators must possess multi-disciplinary knowledge as well as an understanding of diverse cultures. As a result, the translation will have a high level of correctness, a seamless writing style, and will reflect the authors’ meaning.

Tomato translates many kinds of books and magazines

We provide book and magazine translation services for many types, including:

  • Translation of textbooks
  • Translation of scientific and technical books
  • Translation of economic and financial books
  • Translation of literature and art books
  • Translation of novels, short stories, prose, etc.
  • Translation of spiritual and religious books
  • Translating psychology and self-development books
  • Translation of children’s and parenting books
  • Translating historical and cultural books, etc.

In addition, Tomato also provides translation of magazines of various genres, including:

  • Translation of the Travel and Culinary Magazine
  • Translation of the Fashion and Style Magazine
  • Translation of the Women’s Magazine
  • Translation of the Sports and Cultural Magazine
  • Translation of the Medical and Health Magazine
  • Translation of the Environmental Resources Magazine
  • Translation of the Entertainment and Film Magazines
  • Translating the Information Technology Magazine
  • Translation of the Children’s World Magazine

Book and magazine translation services

Translation serviced of books and magazines with 50 languages at Tomato

At Tomato, we can translate our customers’ books and magazines into more than 50 different languages, including:

  • Translate into European languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.
  • Translate into North Asian languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, etc.
  • Translated into West Asian languages: Saudi Arabia, Bahraini, Iranian, Iraqi, Israeli, etc.
  • Translate into South Asian languages: Indian, Bangladeshi, Bhutanese, Sri Lankan, etc.
  • Translate into Southeast Asian languages: Lao, Cambodian, Indonesian, Thai, etc.

Translation service for books and magazines at Tomato

We provide book and magazine translation services with more than 100 specialties, including:

  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in accounting.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in information technology.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in marketing.
  • Translation of medical books and magazines.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in business administration.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in banking and finance.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in multimedia communication.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in painting and sculpture.
  • Translation of books and magazines specialized in insurance, etc.

Please register for a high quality and reputable translation service at Tomato to experience the service that meets the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Why should you choose book and magazine translation services at Tomato?

There are plenty of reason for you to choose to use book and magazine translation services at Tomato, namely:

Absolutely confidential product information

By signing the NDA, we are committed to absolute confidentiality of the customer’s information and the content of the translation. If customer information is disclosed to a third party, Tomato is fully responsible. Customers can completely trust to cooperate with us.

Translation quality is close to 100% accuracy

Tomato’s employees all have a bachelor’s degree or above and have worked in the translation industry for at least three years. They are both fluent in other languages and are well-versed in the cultures of a variety of places and countries. As a result, the asymptotic accuracy of the book and magazine translation is ~100 percent. Translators with vernacular and slang knowledge ensure that the author’s complete meaning is delivered in the target language. If an issue occurs, we will repair it as soon as possible until the consumer is entirely happy.

Optimal cost with many incentives

Tomato’s book and magazine translation costs are currently considered to be the most reasonable in the market. We will base on the customer’s needs to cover the price after 15 minutes of receiving the information. All service costs are clearly publicized and proven by Tomato. In addition, Tomato also regularly applies promotions and preferential discounts for customers who return to use the service.

Dedicated customer service

Tomato delivers goods to customers and issues red invoices if anyone needs them. We are ready to listen and solve any arising problems related to the signed agreement, especially the issue of editing and proofreading for the book and magazine translation. We always listen to feedback on service quality to improve day by day.

Fast and on-time product delivery time

Many customers require huge quantities of book and magazine translation with the time requirement insurance. Tomato has around 100 full-time employees and over 3,000 collaborators in Vietnam and around the world. These individuals speak more than 50 languages and are experts in more than a hundred different fields. As a result, we can securely accept large orders for book and magazine translations and guarantee prompt delivery.

Book and magazine translation process at Tomato

The following is the process of book and magazine translation internationally certified ISO 9001:2015 at Tomato:

Quality commitment 

Tomato Media is committed to providing high-quality service and keeping all of its commitments to customers. Our staff adhere to well-defined business processes in order to communicate effectively, deliver on time, and surpass customer expectations.

Tomato Media – High quality of book and magazine translation services


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