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Notarized Translation ServicesInstant, Fast & Accurate Notarized Translation Services

Tomato commits:

📗 ~100% Translation accuracy

📗 Multi-language & multi-field translation

📗 Notarized translation in a fast and on-time manner

📗 Commitment to warranty with the NDA

📗 Most competitive cost in the market

What is notarized translation? Notarized translation overview

Notarized translation, in accordance with legislation, is the service of providing a new document whose content is correctly converted from one language to another based on the original document and retaining its legal value.

In terms of legal value, notarized translation differs from regular translation. The seal of the organization/company offering the language conversion service has no legal meaning for standard translated papers. To keep its legal value intact, new documents need to have the legal seal of the organization or company that performs the language conversion service and be certified by the State. Accuracy and objectivity are factors that create legal value recognized by law. Therefore, notarized translation documents need to be done fairly and accurately in terms of language and semantics.

Instant notarized translation services at Tomato Media

The notarized translation services provided by Tomato Media are regarded as the best in the industry. Not only because of the high quality of the translation and the dedication of the translation team, but also because of the wide range of documents and papers that have been notarized translated.

Various notarized translation documents

Tomato Media is a renowned provider of language services and translation solutions in more than 50 languages in Asia. With over 65,000 jobs completed successfully, this is a prominent translation address for customers. Bring the original document in any language you need translated, and we may provide notarized translation services upon request. Tomato provides notarized translation services for the following key documents:

Notarized translation of personal documents

School reports, degrees, certificates, transcripts
Curriculum vitae, birth certificates, household registrations, passports, identity cards, citizen cards, land ownership certifications, driver’s licenses, etc.
Medical records, certificates of marriage, etc.
Job application

Notarized translation of documents

Labor contracts
Import and export documents
Accounting documents, tax declarations, receipts and payments, etc.
Economic contracts, financial statements, capacity documents, etc.
Certificates of origin (CO), certificates of quality (CQ), bills of lading (BL)
Study abroad documents, visa applications, labor export documents, etc.
Business licenses, construction permits, patents
Medical records
Bidding documents
Business licenses
Temporary residence cards
Certificates of Injury
Scripts, books, letters, etc.
Certificates of share ownership

Immediate notarized translation address in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city

We have branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Thailand, and Indonesia, in addition to the notarized translation address in Hanoi. Tomato Media also enables online notarized translation in light of the ongoing pandemic scenario around the world. This not only meets the demand for immediate translation but also ensures that pandemic prevention guidelines are followed safely. If you need a notarized translation right away, and you need it to be 100 percent accurate, call Tomato Media for personalized support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hotline: 0938 596 333

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Notarized Translation Services

Fast notarized translation services at Tomato Media with more than 50 languages

Tomato Media excels at providing translation services in a wide range of languages. Customers may be confident on the quality of the translation as well as the best experience when they are in need of a notarized translation service for any language. Tomato Media has received notarized translations of the following languages:


Fast notarized translation services for all specialties and fields

Tomato’s notarized translation services assist customers in translating any key document. With almost 100 common majors – fields:

Economic translationConstruction field translation
Specialized translation in information technologyLegal translation
Environmental translationSpecialized translation of Electrical – Electronic
Specialized translation in tourismMedical – Pharmaceutical translation
Specialized translation of oil and gas

In addition, we provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality translation services. Please view Tomato Media’s translation services for further information.

Why should you choose notarized translation services at Tomato?

Customers rave about Tomato Media’s instant notarized translation services. Tomato is attempting to serve consumers in force majeure situations by providing online notarization and translation services in addition to direct services.

Accurate and professional notarized translation

Tomato has a large team of translators, numbering up to 3,000 persons, with many top professionals with years of experience and certifications. Customers can receive a fully notarized translation with a near-perfect accuracy rate. We ensure that the words and meanings conveyed are accurate.

Immediate notarized translation with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard process

Tomato Media is one of the few organizations in Vietnam that offers same-day notarized translation services. To accomplish so, we must explore individually the operating system of the machine according to the Automation Workflows method, optimizing time and enhancing working efficiency, in addition to developing a team of prospective and abundant human resources.

Experienced and dedicated staff

Tomato constantly produces top-notch translations and is highly valued by many large partners, thanks to its staff of many experienced translators and interpreters. We shall record, assess, investigate, and actualize in a reasonable and legal manner with a dedicated working style at any wishes of our customers.

100% information security, chargeback violation

The interests of customers are the top concern at Tomato. Customers can feel secure sending your confidential documents to notarized translation at our center. All information is absolutely confidential and censored through each stage of operation.

Tomato also shows confidence in professionalism in translation services by adhering to NDA and committing to information security with a high reimbursement value for consumers. Our notarization service is of high quality.

Tomato is the only place where you can get a guarantee on translations

Tomato is committed to translation warranty, bringing the most benefits to customers. Even the smallest valuable publication is always carefully checked and evaluated by Tomato before being delivered to customers. Notarized translation is available within the same day – this is not what most small and medium translation centers can and are willing to do for customers.

Trusted by 1,000+ customers

Tomato has received complete trust from almost 2,500 small, medium, and big partners with whom we have previously collaborated. That is due to our professionalism, dedication, and appreciation of our clients’ desired values, which we strive to improve upon.

The most competitive cost in the market

We have established a notarized translation price list to suit the needs of many customers. The price suits the requirements of each customer. Besides, Tomato Media also has many incentive programs and combo packages to help customers save costs as much as possible. Coming to Tomato Media, you will experience professional translation services at surprisingly reasonable prices.

The most prestigious notarized translation process at Tomato Media

The stages in the process of notarized translation services at Tomato are optimized to ensure a fast and on-time delivery of translations.

Partners and customers always trust to choose notarized translation services at Tomato Media

The fast, standard and prestigious notarized translation services at Tomato Media are trusted by thousands of customers.

Tomato Media – Fast and professional notarized translation services


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