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Dubbing translation serviceProfessional & High-Quality Translation & Dubbing Services at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Commitment to confidentiality by NDAs

📗 Market-leading competitive price

📗 Professional translation and dubbing in 45++ languages

📗 Translation quality meets ISO 9001:2015 standard

📗 Service quality is constantly improving

What are translation and dubbing?

The quality dubbing translation service at Tomato is confirmed by the positive reviews of customers after using the service. Translation and dubbing are two services that apply to movie videos, video games, TVC ads,… which are shown in the market using a language different from the original language in the video. These services are applied in video post-production with the following roles:

  • Translation helps to translate the video script content into the target audience’s language. This requires translators who have good foreign language skills, expertise in the field of film translation, and are fluent in all kinds of dialects and slang, etc.
  • The process of recording character dialogue that has been translated into a video is known as dubbing. As a result, the actor’s original language, such as lines, sobbing, laughing, yelling, and so on, might be eliminated entirely or partially and substituted with the lines of the voice actor.

When compared to reading subtitles while viewing a movie, dubbing allows viewers to better monitor the vision and sound of the video. As a result, the voice actor is crucial. They must have a pleasing voice that expresses the correct emotions and personality of the character in the film so that viewers can follow along with the story.

Translation & dubbing

Professional translation and dubbing services at Tomato

If you work with Tomato’s professional media translation service, the aspects of translation quality of the translation will be totally ensured.

Translation and dubbing services in a variety of movie/video genres

Videos with translation and dubbing at Tomato are very diverse in genres, basically divided into the following groups:

  • Movie videos or clips: Television, cinema, documentaries, reportage, cartoons, videos of entertainment programs, etc.
  • Promotional videos/clips: TVC, viral clips, business introduction videos, product advertisement, product instruction videos, etc.
  • Audiobook videos, applications: Presentation videos, software manual clips, videos in the form of reading stories, novels, etc.
  • Video games: Voice-over of game characters;
  • Videos posted on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok: online course videos (E-Learning), video tutorials on how to use the software, etc.

Rich dubbing forms

Depending on the request and type of the video, Tomato will have different forms for multilingual dubbing services:

  • Voice replacement: is a recording technique that mutes the original character’s voice and then replaces it with that of the voice actor, without having to match the character’s lip movements. Typically, the video is in the form of a tutorial clip, a company introduction, or an E-Learning course, among other things.
  • Style-voice-over: Performs recording of the voice actor’s voice after the character’s original voice (with 20% volume down) about 1-2 seconds. This form is often applied to promotional videos, interview clips, documentaries, etc.
  • Lipsync dubbing: The characteristic of the form is that the voice actor’s voice must match the actor’s mouth in the video when reading the dialogue. This method is mostly applied to film genres such as film, television, animation, etc.

Multilingual translation and dubbing in 45++ popular languages

Tomato is Asia’s most prestigious address for translation and dubbing services, as well as language solutions, with more than 100 professionals and 3,000 translators proficient in more than 50 language pairs and 100 distinct specialties.

We are currently supporting translation and dubbing for many promotional videos, TVCs, movies, etc. in many languages ​​such as:

  • French
  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian


Why should you choose translation and dubbing services at Tomato?

The dubbed translation at Tomato are committed to quality for the following reasons:

Experienced staff

We have a system of well-trained professionals with many years of translating experience who can quickly translate up to 20,000 words per day. The translators all have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience and all have a bachelor’s degree or above, as well as substantial specialized knowledge.

The voice performers are all native speakers with a standard voice who can act in a variety of ways, like impersonating Young/Old, Male/Female, dialect, powerful voice, cheerfulness, and so on. Professional and expert audio recorder employing a variety of modern apps, including Corel Videostudio Pro, Ulead Video Studio, Aegisub, Audio Mixer video, and others.

Advanced studio quality

The studio layout and equipment for dubbing are all installed and operated to American quality standards.

Tomato is a member of many prestigious international organizations

Product quality management system meets ISO 9001:2015 standard. Moreover, Tomato is also a member of many prestigious international organizations such as ELIA (European Language Industry Association), ATA (American Translators Association), AATI (the Association of Asian Translation Industry). These are concrete proofs of the prestige and quality of products at Tomato.

Free checking and editing support

Before the final handover, the dub recordings will be edited free of charge until the agreed requirements are met.

Commitment to absolute confidentiality

Information in the dub project is kept confidential by the NDAs. Tomato absolutely will not disclose any content related to the project without the consent of the customer.

Competitive price

Tomato’s translation prices are always quoted in completely and concisely, ensuring the highest quality recordings at the lowest possible cost. Customers will be able to understand service information if the pricing list is offered in the most precise manner possible for each item. Tomato is dedicated, and the quality of the service offered is always in line with the pricing.

Professional translation & dubbing services at Tomato

Following is the process of translation & dubbing services with international ISO 9001:2015 certification at Tomato:

Translation & dubbing services


  • Getting & checking the source file (Original video/script file)

  • Analyzing & clarifying the customer’s requirements

  • Translating the dialogue (script) into the language to be dub

  • QC checks the translation & adjusts the content accordingly for dubbingg

  • Sending the customer to review the translated script

  • Casting and recording demo for customers to choose voiceover

  • Conduct dub

  • QC recording and correcting possible errors

  • Mixing & exporting files according to customer requirements and specifications

  • Sending products to customers for review

  • Handling customer feedback (if any)

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