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Document and profile translation services for cosmetic enterprises


Tomato is ready to provide the cosmetic business with a high-quality document translation service

With Tomato, all your documents, whether in text or special files, will be translated correctly and quickly. Document translation services for cosmetic businesses provided by Tomato include:

1| Translation of cosmetic company profile

The company profile in the cosmetic industry is a tool to help businesses offer their products and services to foreign enterprises, customers, and agents. The translation of the cosmetic company profile basically includes the following contents:

  • Company name
  • Business registration certificate
  • Field of activity
  • Contact information (address, phone number,email, website, fax)
  • Motto of operation
  • Vision, mission, and core values
  • Quality policy
  • Organizational chart
  • Factory
  • Products
  • Partners
  • Achievements, awards
  • etc.

2| Catalog translation services for cosmetic businesses

When it comes to translation services for cosmetic documents and records, the cosmetic and beauty product catalog translation service cannot be ignored. Tomato is ready to help you communicate and introduce your products to the world.

The main translation contents in the cosmetic catalog include:

  • Cover content
  • Table of contents
  • Business introduction
  • Description, ads, and notes
  • Introduction to detailed content about products and services




3| Translation of internal documents for cosmetic enterprises

Some internal documents need translation for research, production, distribution, financial reporting, revenue checks, etc.

  • Training materials
  • Technology transfer documents
  • Production and packing documents
  • Internal reports
  • Inspection documents
  • Internal contract
  • Business agreements
  • etc.

4| Translation of product introduction documents and videos

Videos and TVCs in the cosmetic industry are important materials to promote and communicate brands and the internal standards of enterprises for their products. Tomato Media provides accurate media translation services for the cosmetic field with the following types of videos:

  • Video about cosmetics and beauty services
  • Cosmetic advertising TVCs
  • User manual videos
  • Cosmetic review videos from KOLs, KOCs, Influencers, etc.



5| Translation of supplementary labels and instructions for use for cosmetic businesses

Supplementary labels are stamped on goods or cosmetic product packaging to show essential information about the product. Supplementary labels are a must-have for cosmetic import and export enterprises before bringing products into circulation in foreign markets.

For example, in the cosmetic market in Vietnam, most of the genuine cosmetic products imported from Japan, Korea, etc. (such as sunscreen, cleanser, vitamins, makeup remover, etc.) have supplementary labels attached in Vietnamese.

The contents on supplementary labels that need to be translated when translating cosmetic documents include:

  • Contact information of importers and distributors
  • Composition table
  • Directions for use
  • Contraindications
  • Storage
  • etc.

6| Translation of research materials and results of cosmetic experiments

Research materials, experiments, and inspections from leading countries in the cosmetics industry such as Korea, Japan, China, etc. are precious materials for the development and improvement of domestic products. The key to assisting businesses to produce and distribute standardized cosmetic information is the accurate translation of every little detail. Tomato’s cosmetic document translation services include:

  • Market research
  • Packaging research
  • Product formula
  • Ingredients
  • Experimental process
  • Test result: Product safety and stability
  • etc.



7| Translation of tax reports and tax documents

Tomato Media provides translation services of guaranteed quality for tax reports and documents thanks to a team of highly qualified translators knowledgeable in the fields of accounting, cosmetics, and finance.

  • Value-added tax reports
  • Personal income tax
  • Business income tax
  • License fee declaration
  • Documents required by tax authorities
  • Reports on the use of invoices
  • Types of invoices
  • Cosmetic sales reports
  • Report on business activities
  • Balance sheet
  • Inventory report

8| Translation of other documents for cosmetic enterprises

In addition to the cosmetic business documents listed above, Tomato also offers translation services for documents, records, and materials in the cosmetics industry, such as:

  • Cosmetic magazine, journal
  • Beauty blog
  • Translation of all kinds of qualifications and certificates for the cosmetics industry
  • DTP – desktop publishing


Document and profile translation services for cosmetic enterprises -1

Tomato provides all translation services for cosmetic enterprises

Does your business need to simultaneously translate multiple document formats in the cosmetics industry?

Don’t worry!

We offer full-package translation solutions to save time and optimize the budget for enterprises with outstanding notarized translation, interpretation, media translation, and translation services for the cosmetic field.

Maybe you’re interested in:

Notarized translation of business documents in the field of cosmetics

  • Translation of all types of contracts
  • Import – export contracts
  • Joint venture contracts of cosmetic companies
  • Types of invoices
  • Sale report
  • Company profile
  • Tax Reports
  • Financial statements
  • etc.

 Media translation services in more than 50+ other languages

Many customers choose Tomato for media translation services in the cosmetics industry in particular, as well as other fields in general. We have a professional staff to ensure high-quality services, such as:

  • Translation & Dubbing
  • Voice-over
  • Subtitling
  • Translation and voice recording
  • Audio/video transcription
  • Script translation

Tomato’s media translation services are diverse, including:

  • Videos on promotion, instructions for use, and training in the field of cosmetics
  • Script of short films, cosmetic advertisements, and media videos
  • Audio and podcast in the cosmetic field


 Cosmetic localization

Tomato is pleased to provide a localization service that is close to the local culture and customs and ensures accurate translation. Tomato’s types of localization include:

  • Localization of e-commerce websites, cosmetic sales websites, beauty blogs, company introduction websites, etc.
  • Localization of beauty and cosmetic apps
  • Localization of sales management software, learning software, work support software, etc.
  • Video localization

 Professional cosmetic interpreting services

The team of highly specialized translators and the professional style of Tomato will be great assistants supporting the translation during meetings, such as:

  • Interpreting for visits to cosmetic factories
  • Interpreting for business sessions, negotiations, sale contract signing, and production of cosmetics
  • Interpretation at negotiations and contract signing with foreign partners
  • Interpretation of cosmetic fairs, exhibitions, and seminars
  • Interpretation of the premiere of cosmetic products

Interpretation services include:

  • Online interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation

Tomato provides document translation services for cosmetic businesses in 50+ languages

In addition to the document translation service for cosmetic enterprises into Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc., Tomato also offers translation services in many languages, from common to rare, such as:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Tomato provides online and offline cosmetic business document translation services nationwide

Customers can use the document translation service for cosmetic companies at Tomato in two forms:

  • Offline translation: customers can visit Tomato’s offices in Hanoi, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • Online translation: Tomato provides online translation services around the world to help customers save time and optimize their budgets. Online translation can be done with the same high quality and absolute security as direct translation via email, phone, Zalo, and Skype.

Why use cosmetic business document translation services at Tomato Translation?

For more than 5 years of operation, Tomato Media has always received the trust of many customers wishing to translate documents and profiles in the field of cosmetics. We are committed to bringing satisfaction to you in both translation quality and service style:

  • Commitment to translation quality that meets up-to-100% accuracy
  • A strong team of translators, with more than 100 carefully selected specialists and more than 300 highly specialized collaborators
  • Available urgent translation services and on-time handover thanks to translation speeds of up to 20,000 words per day
  • Transparency in pricing and a quick quote after only 15 minutes of inquiry
  • Competitive price with countless preferential policies
  • Written commitment to confidentiality and strict security management measures for customer information and project data.
  • Tomato is in the top 126 LSPI – The ranking of the world’s largest translation companies.
  • Quality management system that meets the ISO 9001:2015 international certificate
  • Tomato received the “2021 Excellent Products – Services” award at the Government Office – Conference Center
  • As a partner of numerous large companies and corporations such as: Coca Cola, Yamaha, Honda, Bosch, Vinamilk, VinaCapital, etc.

Preferential translation costs reserved for cosmetic enterprises

Tomato commits that our fee for the translation of cosmetic documents is competitive, ensuring customer satisfaction. The cost of translation in the cosmetic field is tailor-made according to each project, which is basically based on the following factors:

  • Language to be translated
  • Project turnaround time (urgent or not)
  • Number of documents required to be translated
  • Tomato incentive program

The cost of translating documents and records for the cosmetic business of Tomato Media is optimized with excellent service quality:

  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award.

  • Tomato’s application of a quality management system that has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate

  • Tomato is in the top 126 The Slator LSPI – The world’s largest translation and interpreting companies

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Register cosmetic translation services with experts.

For the quickest advice and quotation, please contact Tomato Media in the following ways:

  • Visit our offices at:
    • Hanoi Head Office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Branch in Bangkok: 362 Krungthep, Nonthaburi 2, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Branch in Jakarta: 12th Floor, Wisma 46 Tower, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Professional cosmetic translation process

The translation process at Tomato has been honored to receive an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. All the steps in the process are optimized to save time while still ensuring translation quality.

Translation process

Interpreting process

Learn more about document translation services for cosmetic businesses

What is a cosmetic business document translation?

Document translation for cosmetic enterprises is the activity of translating documents of businesses operating in the field of cosmetics, covering a lot of types: business profiles, research documents, composition tables, internal documents, videos, catalogs, brochures, stands, packaging, books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Why is high-quality cosmetic translation important?

The translation of documents and records for cosmetic enterprises has a very important role in the business process of the enterprise. It can be mentioned as follows:

  • Help promote and reach more customers in different countries, thereby expanding the market for thousands of cosmetic products and services.
  • Help access references in the field of cosmetics to have an orientation to learn materials, ways of production, etc. for new cosmetic product launches.
  • Help the process of market research for overseas customers go smoothly by removing language barriers. The cosmetic enterprise will then take the necessary steps to introduce its cosmetic products to the international market.

How to request the quickest cosmetic translation service?

If you need to use the translation service for cosmetic documents, please contact Tomato Media through the following methods:

  • Direct to Tomato headquarters
  • Call the hotline number or message Zalo to be supported by consultants 24/7
  • Fill out the request form, and the consultant will contact you to advise and quote quickly

How to send cosmetic documents and files for translation?

Customers can submit cosmetics-related documents to Tomato using the following methods to receive detailed quotes and the quickest translation:

  • Come in person or deliver the original document file to Tomato Media’s office address
  • Send files online via Zalo, Google Drive, Skype or email

How to get translated files and documents?

Tomato supports two ways to receive translations, as follows:

  • Soft copy: send via email, Zalo, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., depending on the file size.
  • Hard copy: the translation will be printed on paper (for text documents) or copied to CD, VCD, DVD, etc. (for media files) and sent by courier to the customer’s place. Please note that the delivery of hard copies of translations may incur printing and shipping charges.

Is the customer’s information and the project kept confidential?

Sure. Tomato is committed to 100% confidentiality of all information about customers and projects through an NDA (on request) with the terms of information confidentiality. Therefore, customers can be assured that all their data is absolutely confidential.

Are there preferential policies for large projects?

We have a good incentive policy for large projects as well as for loyal customers. In particular, Tomato has a preferential policy for cosmetic enterprises. The cost of translation of documents and records for cosmetic enterprises is most optimized for bulk translation projects.

Message Tomato now to receive extremely preferential quotes!

The methods of payment for cosmetic translation services at Tomato.

To create flexibility and convenience for customers, Tomato accepts direct cash payments at the office or bank transfers.

Tomato’s work schedule for cosmetic translation services?

Tomato’s office works by business hours from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. However, translators and consultants at Tomato are always ready to support customers 24/7, meeting the urgent and fast translation needs of customers in cosmetics and many other fields.


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