I. General information:

1. Tomato Media’s working hours?

Tomato Media’s office hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday (GMT +7). Outside office hours, we still provide support 24/24.

2. Does Tomato Media support customers outside of office hours?

As a global company, Tomato Media strives to make use of all resources to support our customers whenever they need. In particular, after confirming the project, the customer will be given an Account Manager to handle all customer requests 24/7.

3. Does Tomato Media provide services for foreign customers?

Tomato Media provides language solution services to customers anywhere in the world.

4. How to view and update information of Tomato Media?

In addition to the main website, which includes general information about the company, Tomato Media has many other social networking platforms to interact with customers and to help customers promptly receive updates from us. They are as follows:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Google

5. If I want a translation price list for the languages, will Tomato Media provide?

Tomato Media does not have a detailed price list for each language because the translation price list depends on many factors such as:

  • Type of language
  • Time
  • Specialty
  • Text format
  • etc.

Therefore, if you please send the documents to Tomato Media, Tomato Media will send you an estimated price list right away.

II. Service:

1. Will I pay after or before the service contract is completed?

Customers need to deposit a part of the order value to confirm the service with Tomato Media.

2. Will I receive a VAT invoice after payment?

Tomato Media’s accounting department will provide a VAT invoice after the customer completes 100% payment for the service according to the contract or the information provided by the customer or customer support.

3. Can I pay in USD instead of VND?

Tomato Media accepts payments in both USD and VND. If you pay in USD, you can use bank transfer or Paypal.

4. How is the translation price calculated?

Basically, Tomato Media calculates the translation price based on the unit:

Translating text/document with a word count: Total translation cost = total word count of original text x unit price/word

Video/movie translation: Total translation cost = total time of original video x unit price/minute. In addition, translation unit price depends on:

  • Language to be translated
  • Specialty of the translation content
  • Original text format
  • The urgency of the project
  • Service quality requirements (translation, editing, proofreading, DTP …)

*Note: In order to get the fastest and most timely service quality, please send the documents to, we will call you to support in 5-10 minutes after receipt of the email.

5. Does Tomato Media offer discounts on orders?

Tomato Media always has a promotional discount policy for each type of customer, especially loyal customers/returning customers and customers with high-value orders.

6. Is there a discount for documents with a lot of repeating terms/sentences?

Tomato Media uses the most advanced and professional translation software system available today, SDL Trados, to help detect repeating terms/sentences. Therefore, translation costs will be reduced for customers if the original text contains many repeated terms/sentences.

7. Why is price calculated by word count and not page number?

Each type of document/text has a different layout/formatting. If just a few parameters such as font, font size, alignment, line spacing… are changed, the number of pages in the document will change immediately. Moreover, for special printed materials such as banners, flyers, flyers, catalogs, powerpoints, etc., calculating the unit price by number of pages will be very disadvantageous for customers.

Thus, to ensure a fair and reasonable price for all customers, Tomato Media prioritizes pricing by word count. This is also the common practice of the global translation industry.

8. Why is the translation of specialized documents more expensive than regular documents?

Regular documents are those with common content and without difficult/technical terms. Specialized documents are specific types of documents that may contain specialized terms that are difficult and uncommon to the majority. Thus, the translation of specialized documents requires a deep understanding of the specialty and with the help of the accompanying glossary.

9. How long will it take for me to receive a price quote?

One of Tomato Media’s 6 core values ​​is Speed. Normally, Tomato Media will offer you a price quote within 15 minutes upon receiving your detailed inquiry for ordinary and simple documents, for which unit price can be calculated. However, for projects that exact units cannot be counted, Tomato Media will discuss further with you and report the specific time as soon as possible.

III. Send and receive documents:

1. How to send documents/files to be translated to Tomato Media?

You can send documents/files for translation to Tomato Media with the following methods:

  • Send directly via our official website:
  • Send file attachments via email directly to
  • Send via zalo account with the phone number of 093 859 6333 (Tomato Media)
  • Send direct mail to Tomato Media’s office at P504, 5th Floor, Kinh Do Tower, 292 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi.

2. I have no soft copy, just a paper document, how can I send it to Tomato Media for translation?

For hard copy documents, you can send them to Tomato Media by either of these two methods:

  • Send direct mail to Tomato Media’s office at P504, 5th Floor, Kinh Do Tower, 292 Tay Son, Dong Da. Hanoi.
  • Scan documents and send soft copy files or send clear photos of the documents via email directly to

3. Shall we receive a soft copy or a hard copy translation?

The format of the translation is requested by the customer. For hard copy, we will pack and deliver it to you. As for soft copy, we will return the translation via email or any other communication channel you request.

4. How can I receive documents?

  • Soft copy (online): The completed translation will be sent as an electronic file, via email. Low-volume files will be attached directly to the email. Large files (like videos) will be uploaded to an online storage site such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and then the link will be shared via email for you to download.
  • Hard copy file: If you want to receive a printed translation of a word/pdf file or

CD/DVD for video, please specify when requesting price quote and indicate the number of copies you would like. The hard copy will be signed and stamped by us. The translation will then be delivered by mail to your address.

Note: Receiving files in hard copy may incur printing and delivery fees.

5. Does Tomato Media take on urgent translation?

Tomato Media always wants to support customers beyond their expectations. For urgent translations, upon price quote request, please indicate the deadline you wish for. Depending on the language to be translated, the content and size of the project, we will try to cater for your needs to the best of our ability and report back to you immediately.

Tomato Media Company specializes in taking on translation orders in large quantities in a short time because we have a team of in-house translation experts who are willing to handle large and urgent projects.

However, to ensure the best translation quality, Tomato Media does not encourage customers to ask for urgent translation.

6. Are my documents translated by human or machine?

Tomato Media does NOT use machine to perform language translation. The department in charge of translation for customers includes language experts with extensive professional knowledge and refined translation skills, supported by SDL Trados translation software along with ISO standard translation process. 9001-2015, which will ensure translation accuracy up to 99% compared to the original.

7. If I notice translation errors, can I ask Tomato Media to fix them?

Tomato Media has a lifetime translation warranty policy to ensure translation quality and benefits for customers. If you find errors in the translation, Tomato Media will check and re-translate and edit for you free of charge.

8. What is Tomato Media’s translation warranty policy?

With the motto of putting customer’s Trust first, Tomato Media has a translation warranty policy to ensure quality and benefits for customers. Normally, from delivery of translated documents, the customer has 3 days to give feedback on the quality of the translation. However, if you find errors in the translation, Tomato Media will check and re-translate and edit for you free of charge.