In the process of globalization, the economic sector is still asserting its position as a “spearhead” when bringing Vietnam’s products and services abroad as well as bringing products from abroad to Vietnam. With such specific work, relevant ministries, departments and sectors and each enterprise must always be aware of the importance and necessity of the Economic Document Translation and Translation Services in trading activities, in order to help the parties gain insight and implement the work most effectively. Therefore, finding a reputable, quality and professional language service provider is extremely necessary.

Choosing Economic Translation Services:

The content of economic translation is mainly used to trade with foreign partners, so it requires translators not only having language expertise but also a certain understanding of the field they are in charge of.

Project progress is something that cannot be taken lightly. The marketplace is not only inferior in quality but also requires speed.

Surely everyone doing business is also sensitive to the cost. However, for translation services, businesses should consider the cost relative to the service quality and brand reputation.

1. Experience:

  • Providing Translation and Interpretation services for more than 21,211 Top Fortune 500 customers and businesses:
  • More than 5 years of experience in providing Translation and Translation services in Information Technology industry.
  • Successful implementation of more than 30,297 language projects.

2. Human resources

  • The network of more than 3,876 global translators (in-house, CTV) is carefully and carefully selected and screened.
  • 100% Translating, Interpreting quality standards: Foreign Language Certificate, 3-10 years of experience in IT translation, fast, accurate translation, standard local language text, knowledge Good specialization, ensure timely delivery of documents.
  • The Project Quality Management team is well-trained, experienced and has a high level of expertise.
  • Always available staff, back-up interpreters, 0% of the risk in case the main personnel or customers have a change compared to the expected plan.

3. Ability

  • Official member of ATA (American Translation Organization), ELIA (European Translation Association), AATI (Asian Translation Association).
  • Meet ISO International Quality Standard 9001 – 2015 provided by BSI, with strict 3-step quality management process by TEP (Translation – Editing – Proofreading) for Translation Services.
  • Translation speed is up to 20,000 words / day, meeting the needs of multilingual and multi-disciplinary translation, documents with difficult terms with accuracy up to 99%.

4, Services

  • Fast, continuous and thoughtful process: 24/7/365 consultation; Quick quotation, after 15-20 minutes; Transactions take place, notarize and issue invoices as required; Interpreters are available upon request; Unlimited Number, Time & Location of Interpreters;…
  • Free trial translation, directly check the quality of translators and interpreters.
  • Information is 100% confidential, signed NDA confidentiality contract with all customers.
  • Modern equipment for Translation, Translation: Trados, Translation Memory, Cabin, Micro, …

5. Expenses:

  • Save up to 50% on the next translation costs thanks to Trados & Translation Memory technology.
  • Many payment packages are diverse and flexible, depending on the budget and the needs of the customer.