What is an English enterprise registration certificate? How important is it?

An English enterprise registration certificate must be a general requirement for many units wishing to cooperate with foreign partners. In this article, we would like to give answers to this question as well as share some more information during the translation process of the enterprise registration certificate.

What is an English enterprise registration certificate?

According to the provisions of Clause 12, Article 4 of the Enterprise Law 2014, the enterprise registration certificate is a written or electronic copy issued by the Business Registration Office. This document is to record information about enterprise registration. As a result, this type of document serves as the foundation for determining the state’s obligation to protect the enterprise’s name ownership.

An English enterprise registration certificate is a document that is translated into English to serve the purposes of business declaration or business expansion in foreign markets.

What does an English enterprise registration certificate do?

The English enterprise registration certificate is certified by the competent state agency, recognizing the profits and trademarks of such a business. This is an extremely important document proving the existence and the right to the legitimate business of an enterprise.

What are the contents of an English enterprise registration certificate?

The enterprise registration certificate is made in the form of a written or electronic copy and issued to the enterprise that has submitted the business establishment application to the business registration office (normally the business registration office under the Department of planning and investment of the province/city where the enterprise is located). The original content and the English translation of an enterprise registration certificate must ensure the following information:

  • Company name
  • Head office address
  • Charter capital
  • Information about the owner/list of capital contributors (this content is recorded depending on the type of business, e.g., a joint stock company does not have this category).
  • Company representative according to law regulations

After reviewing the above information, the competent authority shall issue a certificate of enterprise registration, and then the enterprise will be eligible to conduct legitimate business activities.

When to use an English enterprise registration certificate?

If your business needs to do business with foreign partners or apply to an English-speaking consulate, an English enterprise registration certificate will be essential in this case.

The English translation of the certificate of enterprise registration helps to increase mutual trust and allows businesses to be protected by the laws of the host country. Besides the translation task, you should also carry out the notarization of the certificate to increase its legal value. This type of document has a significant role and meaning, so all information contained within it must be translated precisely.

Other types of certificates for business

In the course of business activities, in addition to the certificate of enterprise registration, some other relevant documents may be required. Here are some papers with English translations:

  • Business Registration Certificate This type of document primarily has the same legal value as an enterprise registration certificate. “Business registration certificate was used until decree 43/2010/ND-CP agreed to change from ‘business registration’ to ‘enterprise registration'”
  • Operation Registration Certificate
  • Investment Certificate
  • Business License

Note when translating business registration certificates:

An enterprise registration certificate is an important document that affects the business of the company. Therefore, the translation into English of this type of paper should ensure the following factors:

  • Ensure accurate translations of professional terms related to each profession.
  • Accurately translate legal words.
  • Translations reflect the original without adding or omitting content.
  • Standard format compared to the original registration

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English enterprise registration certificate form for reference

Typically, the English translation of the enterprise registration certificate is quite similar in terms of the basic information sections, and the main difference lies in the information on business registration lines. For your reference, here are some sample translations of enterprise registration certificates in English:


Mẫu giấy chứng nhận đăng ký doanh nghiệp bằng tiếng Anh


FAQs about the English enterprise registration certificate

The following are frequently asked questions about the English enterprise registration certificate.

1. My English is good, so can I translate my enterprise registration certificate?

You can translate your enterprise registration certificate yourself if you have good English skills as well as enough translation skills. In general, the content of the business registration certificate is relatively short and contains the same basic information, allowing you to completely translate it yourself.

However, the self-translated English business registration certificate can only be used for personal purposes and lacks the legality required to carry out administrative procedures because the translation cannot be notarized or certified. According to the Notary Law 2014, translations should be translated by competent translation collaborators to certify them. Individual translations are often rejected for failing to guarantee high accuracy.

2. Because there aren’t many registration documents, how much does it cost to translate enterprise registration certificates?

The cost of translating an enterprise registration certificate into English may vary depending on the length of the document, the time required, and the notary fee (if applicable). Therefore, contact Tomato Media directly to get the most accurate quote. We are committed to offering the most competitive translation fee in the market, commensurate with the quality of the translation you receive.

3. Does an English enterprise registration certificate need a notary seal? And where can I get a notarized translation?

You can do regular translations for personal use, archive documents, or notarize translations to increase the legality of documents and serve administrative functions. Here are 3 units specializing in notarized translation of business registration certificates:

  • Translation companies: in addition to translating, translation companies can also notarize the translation if there is a need. These units have professional and experienced staff, so they can help you optimize the time and cost of notarized translation.
  • Private notary offices: these units also receive translation through collaborators. However, the quality control of translations by collaborators can be difficult, so the choice of translation in private notary offices is not appreciated.
  • The Notary Office of the District Department of Justice: the office’s primary function is the notarization of documents and papers. The unit also receives translations through translation collaborators like the private notary office.

4. Is the original required for the notarization of the English enterprise registration certificate?

In the process of the notarized English translation of the enterprise registration certificate, the translation unit may not require the original but only the scan to translate. However, when applying for a notary seal, the original is a must for verification. To save time, you can send a scan of the certificate of business registration to carry out the translation in advance while waiting for the original to arrive and applying for the notary seal.

5. Is it fast to translate enterprise registration documents into English?

The enterprise registration certificate is a short document, so the translation process can be done quickly. You can even get it right on the day if the translation unit of your choice is able to meet the requirement. However, if you have an additional need for a notarized translation, a waiting time of 1-3 days or longer will be required in the event you need a judicial notarized translation.

For support in translating enterprise certificates into English quickly, professionally, and accurately, contact Tomato Media, and our specialists are always ready to serve.


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