Summary of fastest and most accurate image translators software

Do you want to translate the language as quickly as possible? Image translator software programs will help you with this. Based on its evaluation and experience, Tomato Media would like to introduce you to the list of the most widely used image translators on the market nowadays.

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List of most accurate image translators

Currently, there are a lot of image translator software on the iOS and Android platforms. Each tool will definitely have its own pros and cons. Join us in checking out the 7 most common image translators.

1. Image translator software – Google Image Translate

Google Translate is the most widely used Google product today. Thanks to intelligent image recognition technology, you can translate images via camera with accurate results. This is definitely an indispensable tool when referring to image translator software.


  • Possible offline application without an Internet connection
  • Supports image translation in more than 100 different languages
  • Easily store translated words or phrases
  • Fast, accurate translation


  • The translation is quite formulaic, so the translator needs basic knowledge to rearrange sentences in different contexts.
  • Limits in the translation of slang and idioms

How to use:

  • Select the source and target languages > tap Camera and grant camera permission
  • Move the camera to the content to translate > tap Camera > select the content you want to translate and tap the arrow icon to view the content
  • To translate available images, tap Enter > Allow access to Album > Select photos > Select the content you want to translate.
  • If you want an instant translation, tap instant translate > move the camera to the content you need to translate.

Download Link:

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2. Image translator software – Dear Translate

The application has a size of 53 MB and has received more than 500,000 downloads. Dear Translate received quite a lot of positive feedback from users, with a rating of 4.5 on Google Play. This is the app developed by the company Youdao (China).


  • Ability to translate images in more than 107 different languages
  • Free offline translation
  • Users can choose Vietnamese as the original language

Cons: This app is released for devices running Android 4.0 and above, and is not available on IOS devices

How to use:

  • You need to choose the source and target languages
  • Select the camera translation function, take a picture of the content to be translated, and get a translation of the captured content.

Download link: Dear Translate on Android

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3. Image translator software – Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a translation application developed by Microsoft, which translates images for free in more than 70 languages. You just need to take a picture of the text that needs to be translated, and you will get results quickly.


  • Translation services in over 70 languages
  • Automatic language detection
  • Usable without an internet connection
  • Archive translated words
  • Can check the transcription and pronunciation after translation
  • Ability to translate quickly


  • When selecting the automatic language detection mode, the content to be translated is often unclear
  • In some cases, Microsoft Translator does not detect the source language
  • Currently, the application does not allow the selection of Vietnamese as the source language

How to use: This app has a simple way of working. You just need to take a picture of what needs to be translated. The application automatically recognizes the language and translates and displays the content of the text.

Download Link:

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4. Image translator software – Naver Papago Translate

Naver Papago is a software program developed by a Korean software company. Papago is image translation software familiar to those using language translation software. This app is currently being developed with the ability to translate 13 different languages.


  • Support image and camera translation quickly and accurately
  • Allow copying text content on other apps easily.
  • A dictionary that provides relevant words is included.


  • Only supports 13 languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, French, German, Russian, Italian
  • There is no choice of Vietnamese as the source language so it is not convenient for the language-learning process

Usage: The way Naver Papago Translate works is somewhat more complicated. If you want to translate the content, you need to capture the entire text. Then you scan and select the content to be translated to get the results.

Download Link:

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5. Image translator software – iTranslate

iTranslate is considered today’s leading translation and dictionary application. iTranslate makes it easy to translate text, and web pages, or start voice chats in over 100 languages. This is an image translator software that you should not ignore.


  • Support on iOS and Android operating systems
  • Translation support is available in more than 100 languages.
  • Easy to translate, share, and save favorite words and translation memory.
  • Can translate offline


  • Some words or slang are translated incorrectly.
  • Users must pay a fee to access additional benefits and functions.

How to use: This application works in the same way as other image translation applications. You just need to select the source and target languages, then upload the available image or take a new photo to scan the content to be translated.

Download Link:

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6. Image translator software – Waygo

Waygo is a popular picture translation software among young people. Users don’t have to spend much time typing text or copying content as Waygo has quick image translation support.


  • With support for offline translation, users can use it anytime, anywhere, without using the mobile internet.
  • Fast, easy, and very convenient image translation.


  • It is only available on the iOS platform and not on the Android platform, as well as directly on the web.
  • Some translations are not completely accurate and require users to have the background knowledge to adjust.
  • Only supports translating some languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, and Vietnamese

How to use: This software is quite simple to use. You just need to use the camera on your mobile device to take a picture, and the application will immediately give the results.

Link to: Waygo IOS

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7. Image translator software – Online OCR

Online OCR is an image translator software that allows you to extract text from images online. The software supports both Vietnamese and many other languages through optical character recognition (OCR). Online OCR also supports extracting text from various formats with a high processing speed and fast conversion; the output file quality is guaranteed.


  • Supports multiple output languages
  • Translation support in many different formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc.
  • The speed of image translation is quick.
  • Results can be extracted into two formats: DOC and TXT.


  • Limit in image size
  • Online use only

How to use: Upload your image file or enter the URL, select the language you want, and wait for the result.

Link to: Online OCR

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Image translation software makes life more convenient

Using image translator software is a quick translation method that ensures quality. A lot of people use this method because it brings many benefits and makes life a lot more convenient.

1)  Image translator software – Save time

This is the biggest advantage of image translators. When you need a report or an assignment quickly, rather than spending time typing a long text, all you need is a smartphone and a simple capture operation, and you’ll have the translation right away. Then you just need to read and check it, and you already have a quality translation. At this time, image translators will help you solve the problem very quickly.

2) Image translator software – Use anytime anywhere

This is an indispensable benefit of picture translator software If you are walking on the road and encounter a strange word, a sign, or a sentence in a foreign language but do not understand the meaning, you should immediately think of image translators. You only need to take a picture of the text or word, and you’ll have a translation in any language you want. You can use the software wherever you are, and there is some software that allows for offline use.

3) Image translator software – Meet the user’s translation needs

Currently, image translators can translate many languages in the world, and some are able to translate more than 100 different languages. Therefore, you can easily switch between any two languages without limitation.

#Highly accurate image translation— Do software programs guarantee quality for you?

Image translation by software programs has many advantages, particularly speed, but if the word is small in size, this part of the image may not be translated.

In addition, translation software will give you an overview. When using software to translate images, however, the sentence structure may become jumbled or incorrect. Moreover, you can only be provided with rough translations, while cultural factors, forms of address, etc. will not be optimized exactly.

  • So if you just need to understand common sense without needing to include it in academic or business documents, you can use image translators because the less important things will be done in an easier way.
  • If you need image translation with high accuracy for use in work, study, etc., then you should work with a reputable translation unit that can handle all structural and cultural factors, forms of address, consistency, and more. Important things should be done professionally.
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You need accurate translations – Choose experts

Tomato Media has just introduced the fastest and most accurate image translator software on the market. Mastering these software programs will help you work more efficiently and save you more time. However, for a quality translation, we cannot depend on these tools. They are quite formulaic, which only translate the words without translating the grammar of sentences completely. Furthermore, they are not able to analyze the context, culture, or nature of the words. Particularly, it’s difficult to use them for professional documents.

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Frequently asked questions about image translators

The following are common questions about image translator software:

Does image translation guarantee accuracy?

The translation may inaccurate. Most image translation technologies involve scanning and decoding. However, they are not perfect tools. Scanning and decoding errors result in incorrect translations. This is fairly common with low-quality documents, which then need a team of professional translators to proofread them.

What are the limitations of image translator software?

Despite the advantages of time, image translation software still has certain shortcomings:

  • The level of accuracy when recognizing characters through images is only relative
  • Translation quality is not guaranteed (about 50-60%)
  • Poor translation formatting capabilities
  • Internet connection requirement
  • It takes effort to translate a large volume

When should I use image translator software?

Translation software will be a useful tool for basic translation needs such as:

  • Translate notifications, correspondence, ads, etc. to capture basic information
  • Translate text for learning purposes, foreign language training

Does image translation guarantee accuracy?

The translation may inaccurate. Most image translation technologies involve scanning and decoding. However, they are not perfect tools. Scanning and decoding errors result in incorrect translations. This is fairly common with low-quality documents, which then need a team of professional translators to proofread them.

Do image translators guarantee speed?

Most of these tools are usually slow, and they are even slower when the file size being processed is large. In fact, these tools are used because they work well enough to be acceptable.

Are image translator software scalable?

It usually takes a lot of memory space and processing speed. This implies that the more files are processed, the more resources are needed, and thus large companies have to pay a fee.

Do image translator software depend on an Internet connection?

This affects online image translators because the entire processing basically takes place on the internet. Stronger connections ensure a faster translation process, and vice versa.

What is a reputable paid image translation website?

For translation needs that require thoroughness and professionalism, translation companies can be the perfect choice for you. If you require notarized translations, translations of specialized documents, etc., contact Tomato Media for superior translation services:

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  • Translation of various types of documents: images, hard copies, soft copies, etc.
  • Notarized translation of personal and specialized documents
  • Translation of more than 100 specializations into 50+ languages


  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Remote interpretation

Media translation (subtitling, voice recording, dubbing, voice-over, etc.)


  • Website localization
  • Game localization
  • App localization
  • Software localization
  • Video localization

Tomato Media also offers translations for a variety of document forms, such as text, image, audio, video, etc. As a result, Tomato Media is confident in its ability to provide a top-quality, diverse translation solution.


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