About the Client

Honda Vietnam Company is a joint venture between 3 partners, Japan Honda Motor Company, Thailand Asian Honda Motor Company, and Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation.

In March 1998, Honda Vietnam inaugurated the first factory manufacturing motorcycles and in March 2005, Honda Vietnam officially received the license from the Ministry of Planning and Investment to allow the production and assembly of automobiles in Vietnam. Male. From that time, Honda Vietnam is not only known as a manufacturer of motorcycles with famous products but also a reputable automobile manufacturer in Vietnam market.

Client’s requirements

In order to improve Human Resource quality, Honda Vietnam needed to update Job Description of over 2,000 positions. All documents with 450,000 words are in English and must be translated into Vietnamese within only 9 days.

Therefore, Honda Vietnam expects to find a professional, high-quality language company to guarantee maximum accuracy and on-time delivery.

Tomato Media’s Solution

On March 2019, once again, Tomato Media gained the trust of Honda Vietnam and provided translation services for this big brand name.

With 6 years of experience, a team of expert translators and professional quality managers on a global scale, and cutting-edge technology, Tomato Media met the tight deadline and deliver the high-quality translated materials to the client.

In the future, we expect to win more chances to corporate and serve Honda Vietnam in a variety of other language projects.