How long does the notarized translation service take

Notarized translation services are becoming increasingly popular in order to meet the desires for cooperation, study abroad, and immigration to foreign countries. The most important issue is: how long does the notarized translation take? The following article will answer questions about how long it takes for a notarized translation and factors affecting notarized translation turnaround time.

What factors affect the notarized translation turnaround time?

Notarized translation services differ greatly from common translation services in many ways. The translation time of common translation services is determined by the target language, the quantity, and difficulty of the document, and other factors. Meanwhile, the notarized translation time depends on both the translation and notarization time

Translation time will depend on the following factors:

The target language

The target language means the language the customer needs to translate. Translation time of common languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and French, will be faster than the rare languages, for example, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, etc.

Document quantity

Fast or slow translation time depends on the number of documents to be translated. The greater the quantity, the longer the translation time, and vice versa.

Document types

Personal documents, such as identity cards, academic records, and marriage certificates, will take less time to translate than highly complex, scholarly documents.

Customer’s special requirements

Such as translation time requirements, the translation presentation, etc.

Notarization time:

  • Public notary
  • Private notary

Usually, the time of notarization in private notary offices is faster than that in public notary offices

How do notarized translation times differ between agencies?

There are various modes of operation in each notarized translation unit. Therefore, the time for notarized translation services in units such as the Department of Justice, translation offices, and translation companies is also different.

 1| Notarized translation at the Department of Justice

  • Notarized translation time for simple documents such as a citizen ID, passport, visa, and birth certificate will take about 4-5 days or maybe the whole week. If the procedures can be processed quickly, it only takes about two days.
  • Other documents, such as agreements of transfer, contracts, ownership, etc., will take more time. It takes about 1–2 weeks to translate and notarize these complex documents.

Compared to other units, the turnaround time for a notarized translation at the Department of Justice will be longer. Notarized translation services at this agency are slower because it has to hire translators. These translators are hired hourly, so they are often unable to meet the amount of work, which may lead to overload. The translations at the Department of Justice must be checked several times to be able to complete the final translation. As a result, the time for notarized translation in the Department of Justice is extended, which is inconvenient for the public.

 2| Notarized translation time at translation offices

The time it takes to complete a notarized translation at a translation office is usually between 1 and 2 days, depending on the characteristics of the document mentioned above. Customers with an urgent need can request instant notarization and pay an additional fee for expedited translation.

Notarized translation offices are required to be accredited and registered at the district-level Justice Department or higher in order to provide notarized translation services to individuals and organizations. The translators who work in the translation office are trained and have a professional working style. As a result, the translation office’s notarized translation turnaround time will be half as quick as the public notarized translation unit’s.

 3| Translation and notarization at translation companies

How long does the notarized translation service take at the translation company? Notarized translation turnaround time at translation companies depends on translation time and notarization time. Notarized translation time at translation companies is faster than at other notarized translation units, such as the Department of Justice or translation offices. Translation companies have more professional, accurate, and faster translation processes than other translation units. Simple papers and documents can be notarized and translated for instant delivery. Usually, the customer can receive a notarized translation the next day. Complicated documents that are long and difficult take about 1 to 2 days.

Tomato’s notarized translation service is highly praised. Tomato Media is one of the few translation companies that offer notarized translation services with same-day delivery. The reason for this is that the company’s professional translator team and the level of application of good technology help the translation process in general and the notarized translation process in particular to take place quickly and accurately. As a result, Tomato Media can attract more customers.

Is an instant notarized translation service available?

Customers can have a notarized translation with same-day delivery. However, it also depends on the length and type of documents that need notarized translations. There are some types of documents that can be translated and notarized on the same day, such as:

  • Citizen identity card, Identity card, birth certificate, curriculum vitae, household registration book, passport, temporary residence card, driver’s license, etc.

  • Certificates, school reports, transcripts, degrees, diplomas

  • Passport, visa application, study abroad application, labor export documents

  • Health insurance, social insurance, medical records, certificate of disability, test result, directions for use, prescriptions, etc.

  • Resume, certificate of employment, labor contract, etc.

  • Business registration certificate, construction permit, bid document, economic contract, financial statement

  • Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, marital status certificate

  • Wills – Inheritance

  • Adoption certificate

  • Certificates of land use rights and house ownership, etc.

Customers can send these long documents to the notarized translation unit early (usually before 9 a.m.) to be able to receive them during the day.

Quick notarized translation turnaround time at Tomato Media

Tomato Media’s notarized translation services are highly regarded as the company’s leading professional service. How long does the notarized translation service take at Tomato? Tomato Media’s notarized translation turnaround time is much faster than other translation units’ on the market.

The document types that Tomato Media provides notarized translation for are extremely diverse. The documents are divided into two categories: quick notarized translations of personal papers and notarized translations of documents. In particular:

Personal papers:

  • Resume, birth certificate, ID card, citizen ID card, passport, household registration book, etc.
  • Transcripts, school reports, certificates
  • Medical records, prescriptions, marriage certificates, etc.
  • Job applications

Other documents:

  • Accounting documents, receipts, invoices, etc.
  • Notarized translation of economic contracts, financial statements, import and export documents, etc.
  • Translation of business registration certificates, construction permits, patents
  • Study abroad application, visa application, overseas employment application
  • Scripts, letters, books, magazines, etc.

The following abilities enable the company to ensure accuracy and speed at work:

  • Tomato Media has 3,000+ employees and collaborators from all over the world. The translators are professionally trained, and among them are leading professionals with years of practical experience. An extremely strong and experienced team has helped to make the notarized translation procedures at Tomato Media more efficient in a shorter time than in other units.
  • The quality management system satisfies the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Every step in the translation process is optimized by Tomato Media for an orderly and efficient operation between departments. From there, it significantly reduces the time required for translation and notarization. This is also the factor that makes Tomato Media one of the few translation units that can perform the instant notarized translation service.
  • Online notarized translation services: Besides direct notarized translation services, Tomato Media also provides online notarized translation services. Online notarized translation is the optimal solution that eliminates all geographical barriers and allows Tomato to reach every customer in need, saving time and money for customers.

Frequently asked questions related to the notarized translation turnaround time

The following are questions regarding how long notarial translation takes to synthesize:

When is the best time to apply for a notarized translation to receive a result during the day?

To speed up the progress of notarized translation, especially if you need to receive the translation on the same day, you should send the original to the translation unit before 9 a.m. daily. Translators will carry out translations, apply for a notarial seal, and hand over the translation on the same day.

How much does a notarized translation cost?

The total notarized translation price = the translation fee + the notary fee

In particular:

Translation fees can be charged depending on the project length, the language, the field to be translated, etc. Save translation fees with international translation quality; refer here.

In particular, the notary fee is calculated according to the price list issued by the notary office or Department of Justice. You can refer to the following price list:

*** The quotation is for reference only


Notarization of translations
(Private Notary Offices)

65.000 – 80.000

Notarization of translations
(Public Notary Offices)

120.000 – 160.000

How long is the validity of a notarized translation?

According to the Notary Law 2014 and Decree 23/2014/ND-CP, there is no provision on the validity period of a notarized translation. This means that the notarized translation is valid indefinitely. However, notarized translation copies are classified into two types:

  • “Indefinite” copies: transcripts, bachelor’s degrees, motorcycle driving licenses, etc., unless the original version has been cancelled or revoked.
  • “Definite” copies: documents with a definite term such as an ID card, a judicial record, a marital status certificate, etc.

How can I speed up the progress of the notarized translation?

  • Select notarized translation units of prestige, experience, and a high working speed
  • Prepare all necessary original documents, valid for collation
  • Send documents to a notarized translation unit as soon as possible

If you are struggling to find an agency with a good notarized translation service, Tomato Media is the perfect suggestion for you. At Tomato Media, notarized translation services will be perfected as quickly as possible with an accuracy of up to 100%. Hopefully, this article can help you answer the question “How long does the notarized translation service take?” and better understand the issues surrounding notarized translation services.


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