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📗 Faithfully convey game content

📗 Assurance of original style in game translation

📗 Accuracy up to 100%

📗 Information confidentiality

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Game translation – the optimal way for the global user experience

The game translation is the first and mandatory task that a game publisher needs to do when buying a game for the domestic market. Because not all online/offline games support all languages for users around the world. Therefore, in order to optimize the user experience and reach a larger customer base, it is imperative that the game publisher has a translation suitable for the local language used in that game.

For that reason, lots of publishers want to find game translation services as they:

✔️ Want an online game to have a literal translation that describes the game content and suits the context in the game.
✔️ Want to get a translation that is comprehensible and accessible to users to make it convenient for them to approach the game instructions.
✔️ Want to save costs and time for an accurate translation.
✔️ In particular, confidentiality is always a factor to which that game publishers pay attention when it comes to game translation.

However, game translation is not an easy task. To bring out an accurate translation while maintaining its suitability for the game context, a translator needs to possess a wide range of knowledge. In particular, the translator needs to satisfy the following requirements:

1. Firstly, the translator must have expertise in the gaming field to properly translate the game spirit and the character’s style.
2. Second, it’s necessary for the translator to grasp the meaning of words used in each game genre, slang, and native language to ensure intimacy and closeness to players.
3. Third, the translator needs to carefully study the relevant documents in order to deliver an accurate translation and convey the game content.

Game translation services at Tomato Media will assist you and your business in game translation to ensure that the spirit, character style and language are close to the local culture.

Professional game translation services in Tomato Media

The game translation is the shortest way for a game to reach success since an accurate translation will help gamers get the best experience when playing the game. Understanding that, Tomato Media has been providing professional game translation services to customers.

1| The main contents that need game translation

The game translation is an activity in which a translator translates the original game language into one or more different languages. The purpose of translation activities is to help players understand the game well and find it convenient to play.

The parts translated by Tomato Media in the game include:

Translation of GUI – Graphical User Interface
Translation of game plans and game management materials
Translation of game introduction documents
Translation of game manuals
Game script translation
Translation of contextual game materials
Translation of game advertising and marketing materials on various platforms
Translation of dialogues, character introductions

2| Assistance with the translation of various game genres

To meet all customer needs for game translation services, Tomato Media provides translation services for different game genres. Some of the game genres include:

 Action game
Shooter game
Adventure games
Role-playing Game
Sports game
Strategy game
Simulation game
Online casino game
VR game
Mind game

3| Game translation on all devices

Online games and even offline games are now released with diverse interfaces to meet all user needs. Understanding that fact with the aspiration to help publishers bring games closer to players, Tomato now provides game translation services on various devices.

Notably, Tomato Media supports translation for all game versions on PC, laptops, phones, and game consoles, etc. Therefore, Tomato can satisfy any game publisher that needs multi-interface online game translation services.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux

Mobile phones

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows CE
  • Brew
  • J2ME
  • Symbian
  • MacLinux


  • 2DS
  • Dsi
  • 3DS
  • ipad
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Vita
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • Sony PlayStation
  • 3 & 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Wii U
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • Casual
  • Downloadable
  • MMO Games
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux


4| Game translation in more than 50 popular language pairs

Currently, Tomato Media has been providing game translation services in different languages for customers. Whether it’s English, Vietnamese, French, or any other language, Tomato can deliver the most accurate translation to customers.

Languages translated by Tomato Media include:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Why should you choose game translation services at Tomato Media?

Tomato Media is currently one of the companies that provide game translation solutions you should choose because:

Accurate translations that convey game content

All translations made by Tomato are accurate and close to the original language of the game. Game content is fully conveyed and comprehensible to players.

Fast translation time, assurance of punctuality

With a team of professional translators, Tomato Media always ensures the translation time for customers, which is proven by 100% of project completion as scheduled.

Information Confidentiality via NDA

Tomato always has clear commitments on the confidentiality of each project with customers. We guarantee not to leak project information under the agreement.

Competitive translation fees

Tomato Media focuses on optimizing the translation process to help customers minimize the costs when using the service.

  • TOMATO MEDIA is honored to receive the award “2021 Excellent Products – Services”

  • Internationally recognized quality management system

  • Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies

Game translation services at Tomato Media are trusted by numerous customers

Game translation is one of our translation services trusted by countless customers, especially game publishers, game suppliers, and developers. Tomato Media is currently one of the translation companies chosen by most customers nowadays. With the advantage of operation for more than 5 years and a team of 3000 collaborators, Tomato has become a reliable partner of more than 2500 customers.

Contact for a game translation service quotation

Currently, when learning about Tomato’s game translation services, many customers wonder:

What is the cost of the game translation service?
How is the completion time for an online game translation?
Whether the game translation service is committed to the confidentiality of the translation?

Since they want to find a translation unit that provides credible and high-quality game translation services at the optimal cost.

Understanding that, Tomato Media undertakes to provide game translation services at the most optimal cost to customers. Our service quotation is transparent and detailed for each type.

For the most detailed and complete quotation, register in the form below 👇

FAQ about game translation services

Here are the frequently asked questions about game translation services that we have compiled:

What is the difference between game translation and game localization?

The two terms game translation and game localization are often mentioned by lots of people when learning about translation work. So how can you understand these two terms?

Game translation: The process of translating from the source language into another language while preserving the cultural characteristics of the source language.
Game localization: Adapt all works such as dialogues, scripts, landmarks, etc. from the source language into another language according to the culture of that country. Game translation and game localization are similar since both are the activity of translation into the target language. However, game localization requires in-depth cultural relevance, customs, even new cultures of young people, or important values ​​conceived by the locals.

Obstacles in game and video game translation process

The game translation is an important step that determines the success or failure of an online game. Just a small error in the translation is enough to cause a game to “disappear” when it receives many “dislikes” from gamers.

The game translation process will encounter countless barriers that cause difficulties for translators to complete the most perfect game translation if they fail to handle them. Some obstacles during the game and video game translation process include:

Each game genre uses different words to match the context in the game. Therefore, it requires the translator to grasp and understand the language of each game genre to use the appropriate style for the translation.
Game translation is not simply “word-for-word” translation but also requires timely “creation” suitable for gamers.
The translator must clearly understand the content, instructions, features, and missions of each game or video game in order to translate correctly.

The striking development of the gaming industry and the demand for game and video game translation services nowadays

Since the 2010s, the game industry has gradually taken over a prominent position. In the Asian market, especially in Japan and China, video games are promoted, expanded, and upgraded to best meet the tastes of players. In European countries or in America, game genres are also developed significantly.

According to statistics, the gaming industry is valued at 165 billion dollars in 2020. This number will expectedly increase to nearly 300 billion dollars in the next 5 years.

Therefore, to support players, game publishers have focused on multi-form game development. Users can play games online or offline on diverse devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. Particularly, in the era of mobile app blasts, game publishers are increasingly focusing on game development and customization on mobile devices (smartphones).

To increase profits, game developers often export games to different countries around the world. The shift in target audience has indirectly boosted the demand for game translation. The reason is that translation is the main step to help players in different countries understand the game content and have the best experience playing the game.

What should be noted when translating English games into Vietnamese and translating Chinese games?

The game translation is a field that requires more elements from translators than conventional translation services. The game translation is not merely a process of translation; it is actually a process of game localization. It means the process of converting in-game language, images, symbols, and many other elements to the target language while ensuring cultural relevance. When translating games from English or Chinese into Vietnamese, the following points should be noted:

  • The storyline of the game has to be highlighted so that the right purpose and spirit of the game can be conveyed.
  • A smooth style that is consistent with the content of the game. It depends on the game genres that different styles shall be used, such as action, role playing, or fantasy games may have a different style than that of puzzle games
  • Translations must be easy to understand and stick to the local culture so that players find it more “intimate” and understandable
  • During the game localization process, it is also important to pay attention to in-game colors, symbols, etc., and perform transformations of such images and colors so they are close to the native culture without losing the meaning or spirit of the game.
  • The translation must closely ensure accuracy in terms of the meaning of the original
  • Ensure the consistency of the elements in the game such as: forms of address, stories, character names, etc.

Which translation company has a good reputation for translating games from English and Chinese into Vietnamese?

Tomato Media is proud to be one of the leading translation solution providers with a top-quality game localization service. Tomato Media guarantees customer satisfaction thanks to the following advantages:

  • A team of highly qualified translators who are interested in games and professional work attitudes
  • The complete provision of modern electronic equipment to serve the process of localizing games such as voiceover, dubbing, subtitling, etc.
  • Meticulousness in each stage to produce the most perfect product
  • Before handing over translations to customers, Tomato conducts testing of game translations on different device platforms to ensure the completeness of the product
  • Provision of multi-content game translation services

If you need to translate games from English, Chinese, or other languages into Vietnamese, please contact Tomato Media via the hotline at 0938 596 333 or email to experience high-quality game services.

Tell us your game genres and requirements, we will make it the best!

Promise of quality

Tomato Media ensures to provide high-quality, consistent services in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes to expressly communicate, promptly deliver services, and exceed customer expectations.


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