#Accurate #credible TOEIC certificate translation service in Tomato

Accurate, credible TOEIC certificate translation services in Tomato

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Nội dung chính (Main content)

Why is it necessary to translate TOEIC, IELTS certificates?

In the application process for study abroad or work abroad, TOEIC and IELTS certificates are an indispensable part to facilitate the application review process. However, in order for the TOEIC, IELTS certificate to become valid, you need to translate the TOEIC and IELTS certificates into the required language.

Besides, when looking for TOEIC certificate translation services, many customers have encountered many difficulties:

  • Need to translate your certificate urgently while ensuring high accuracy.
  • Look for a translation unit that can both undertake the translation and support notarization quickly.
  • Find it difficult to choose a credible translation agency with reasonable fees commensurate with translation quality.

Aware of those obstacles, Tomato Media has launched a prestigious TOEIC translation service, ensuring high accuracy with competitive prices and professional customer care services.

Fast translation service for TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS certificates at Tomato Media

To meet the needs for the fastest and most accurate translation of English certificates, Tomato is pleased to introduce a high-quality TOEIC certificate translation service.

1. The main content required in TOEIC translation

Personal information of participants

  • Full name
  • ID card number/Citizen identity card number
  • Date of birth
  • Test date
  • Validity

Score report

  • Listening score
  • Reading score
  • Total score


TOEIC translation service

2. Tomato provides translation of all kinds of certificates and diploma

In addition to the TOEIC translation service, when you come to Tomato Media, you will find a variety of other services. We provide the translation service for all kinds of English certificates, university degrees, and other certifications:

Certificate of Proficiency in English

  • TOEFL certificate
  • IELTS certificate
  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)
  • Cambridge English Qualifications

Types of certificates

  • Secondary School Diploma
  • High School Diploma
  • Intermediate degree
  • College degree
  • University degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Doctoral degree
  • Commendations
  • Driver’s license

Other certificates

  • Certificate of participation in extracurricular activities
  • Office technology certificates
  • Certificate of Apprenticeship
  • Certificate of professional competence
  • Land use right certificates
  • Certificate of Inheritance
  • Certificate of origin
  • Health certificate
  • Import and Export Certificate
  • Food safety and hygiene certificates
  • Investment Certificate


Procedures for notarized translation of TOEIC certificate

TOEIC certificates in general and English certificates in particular need to be notarized if you want them to have legal validity. Understanding that, Tomato not only provides the translation service but also supports customers in notary seal application to save time and optimize the TOEIC notarized translation process for service users.

  • All staff members in charge of the notarized translation of qualifications at Tomato hold a bachelor’s degree in language majors or a related degree and get their certified signature registered at the public notary or judicial offices.
  • After the translation is completed, the Tomato employee in charge will go to the Department of Justice to present the original document with the translation for the notary public to check and use as a basis for the certification of translation. In case the content matches without belonging to the cases that are not allowed to get a certification, the notary public will seal, sign, specify the full name, and hand over the notarized copy and the original to Tomato staff.

In addition to notarized translation services for TOEIC certificates according to the agreed schedule, Tomato can meet the demand for instant notarized translation services. However, the time to get the notary seal depends on the working time of the Justice Department (the office hours from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and Lunar New Year’s according to State regulations). Therefore, to ensure the best in terms of time, you should send certificates to Tomato as soon as possible.

Tomato Media’s TOEIC notarized translation service nationwide (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.)

1. Notarized translation of TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL certificates in Hanoi

Customers in Hanoi can visit the office or send documents to head office in: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District.

2. TOEIC notarized translation office in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces

In order to expand our operation scale and meet the needs of more customers, in addition to our head office in Hanoi, we also serve customers in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide:

  • Hoa Binh
  • Lao Cai
  • Yen Bai
  • Phu Tho
  • Bac Giang
  • Quang Ninh
  • Bac Ninh
  • Ha Nam
  • Hai Duong
  • Hai Phong
  • Hung Yen
  • Nam Dinh
  • Da Nang
  • Khanh Hoa
  • Ninh Thuan
  • Binh Thuan
  • Ba Ria Vung Tau
  • Binh Duong
  • Dong Nai
  • Tay Ninh
  • An Giang
  • Can Tho
  • Vinh Long
  • Bac Lieu, etc.

TOEIC certificate translation into more than 50 popular language pairs

To serve the needs for application to study abroad and work abroad in different countries, Tomato Media provides TOEIC certificate translation services in more than 50 popular language pairs:








The translation process for TOEIC certificates and other qualifications at Tomato Media

The translation implementation of TOEIC certificates in particular and documents in general at Tomato all ensure international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015. In particular, each step of each process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Receive requests for TOEIC certificate translation
  • Step 2: Tomato hands over the certificate to a competent translator
  • Step 3: The translator carries out the translation
  • Step 4: Check semantic errors, grammar, and sentences in the translation
  • Step 5: Format the translation according to the format of the original certificate
  • Step 6: Hand over the final translation to the customer
  • Step 7: Receive and respond to feedback if any

Why should you choose TOEIC certificate translation services at Tomato Media?

When you come to Tomato Media, you will be served by the most dedicated and professional staff. After more than 5 years of operation, Tomato has been a name chosen by countless customers thanks to our strengths:



  • We own a network of more than 100 official employees and 3000 collaborators. These carefully selected and well-trained staff members have years of working experience and readily satisfy the translation needs of customers anywhere.
  • The translation is done by a team of highly qualified personnel to ensure accuracy of up to 100%.
  • Confidentiality of all information related to documents and translations is guaranteed.
  • On-time delivery of the translation as agreed in the contract
  • Competitive prices, commitment to transparent, clear fees. If you need a quotation, we will respond quickly in about 15 minutes. 
  • Tomato is honored to receive the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

  • Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.

  • The quality management system at Tomato has achieved the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certification.


TOEIC certificate translation services in Tomato Media are trusted by numerous customers

During more than 5 years of operation in the field of translation, Tomato has been honored to become a companion to assist numerous individuals with accurate TOEIC translation services for their study and work purposes. Some of Tomato’s customers include:

Contact for the quotation of translation services for TOEIC certificates, documents, and personal papers

Below is the reference pricing for translation services for TOEIC certificates, documents and personal papers at Tomato:

*** The quotation is for reference only

Unit: (VND/Page)

The quotation is optimized with high quality-translation


A ⇄ B

VietnameseEnglish75.00060.000 – 120.000
VietnameseChinese60.00070.000 – 140.000
VietnameseJapanese90.00090.000 – 140.000
VietnameseKorean90.00090.000 – 140.000
VietnameseFrench120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseGerman120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseSpanish120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseItalian120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnamesePortuguese130.000130.000 – 180.000
VietnameseLao125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseKhmer125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseThai125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseMalay135.000135.000 – 185.000
VietnameseDutch135.000135.000 – 185.000
VietnameseCzech120.000120.000 – 210.000
VietnameseArabic125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseIndonesian135.000135.000 – 185.000
VietnameseFilipino125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnamesePolish120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseSwedish125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseDanish140.000140.000 – 190.000
VietnameseNorwegian145.000145.000 – 210.000
VietnameseUkrainian120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseSlovak125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseBosnian130.000130.000 – 180.000
VietnameseRomanian120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseBulgarian120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseHebrewLiên hệLiên hệ
VietnameseLatin120.000120.000 – 170.000
VietnameseBurmese125.000125.000 – 175.000
VietnameseTaiwan60.00070.000 – 140.000
VietnameseOthers, etc.ContactContact

Notarial fee for the translation

(Private Notary Office)

65,000 – 80,000 (VND/notarized copy)

Notarial fee for the translation

(Public Notary Office)

120,000 – 160,000 (VND/notarized copy)

* Common documents are typically estimated at 300 words/page

  • The above quotation shared by Tomato is for reference only
  • To receive the most suitable advice for your needs, kindly call the hotline or send your materials and files to the email info@tomatomediavn.com, and we will contact you after 5-10 minutes.


FAQ about TOEIC certificate translation services

1. How long does it take to translate a TOEIC certificate?

The translation time for a TOEIC certificate will be carried out by Tomato as initially agreed with the customer. Normally, our translators can translate up to 20,000 words/day.

2. Can the translation of TOEIC, IELTS certificates be notarized?

TOEIC, IELTS translations are notarized documents if the original is not in the cases of refusal to notarize according to the following regulations:

  • The original has been erased, corrected, added, or removed invalid contents.
  • The original is too old or damaged that the content is unidentifiable.

Is the translation of a TOEIC score certificate compulsory?

It’s not compulsory. However, if you want to apply for a job in a foreign company or submit applications for study abroad or employment abroad, the translation of your TOEIC certificate is almost mandatory for your application to be valid.

What factors do notarized TOEIC translation costs depend on?

  • Language pairs
  • The number of certificates to be translated
  • Delivery time

Is it possible to get a translation of the TOEIC certificate on the same day?

It is possible. TOEIC certificates are short, simple documents that can be translated and received on the same day.

Does Tomato have a warranty for TOEIC translations?

We have. If you detect any errors in the translation, Tomato will conduct an inspection and correction until it is complete.

How do you use the TOEIC translation service if I can’t get to the office directly?

Tomato Media provides online translation services. Accordingly, customers will send images or scan files of their TOEIC certificate in the following ways:

  •  Zalo: 0938 596 333 ( Tomato Media )
  •  Email: info@tomatomediavn.com

After translation, Tomato will send the translation as a soft file via the customer’s email address or Zalo account, or send the hard copy to the requested address.

Promise of quality

Tomato Media ensures to provide high-quality, consistent services in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes to expressly communicate, promptly deliver services, and exceed customer expectations.


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  • Hanoi Head Office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Branch in Bangkok: 362 Krungthep, Nonthaburi 2, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Branch in Jakarta: 12th Floor, Wisma 46 Tower, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta, Indonesia

Website: tomatotranslation.com

Email: info@tomatomediavn.com

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