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Malay - Vietnamese translation servicesMalay – Vietnamese translation services in Tomato – High quality – Accuracy

Tomato undertakes:

📗 The closest translation to the original, accuracy up to 100%

📗 Translation of various documents

📗 Guarantee of information confidentiality

📗 Commitment to punctuality

📗 Dedicated support 24/7

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What cautions should one keep in mind when translating Malay into Vietnamese?

As the demand for cooperation with Malaysia has been expanding, the translation of Malaysian documents into Vietnamese and vice versa is attracting interest. Therefore, Malay translators need to master vocabulary and grammar to ensure the information is fully conveyed in the translation.

In addition, the difficulties that make customers have to find Malay – Vietnamese translation services include:

Find it difficult to understand and grasp the content in Malay texts in the best way.

Urgently need Malay translation services (translation from Malay into Vietnamese and vice versa) while ensuring high accuracy.

Find it difficult to choose a reputable translation agency with reasonable translation costs and unchanged translation quality.

Tomato Media is aware of these obstacles and provides professional Malay – Vietnamese translation services for you with high accuracy and competitive prices.

Malay translation services in Tomato – Accuracy – Credibility

Malay - Vietnamese translation services

Tomato is pleased to introduce to you the quality, credible, and accurate Malay – Vietnamese translation services with the following services:

1. Document translation from Malay into Vietnamese and vice versa

Tomato provides translation services for various types of documents from Malay into Vietnamese and vice versa as follows:

Notarized translation

  • Personal profile, papers like citizen identity cards, birth certificates. etc.
  • Identity cards, citizen identity cards
  • Birth certificates. household registration books, judicial records, curriculum vitae
    Malay degrees
  • School reports, transcripts, certificates, commendations
  • Study aboard applications, visa applications, applications for work aboard, business trips, etc.
  • Passbook, land use right certificates

Document translation

  • Specialized documents
  • Corporate documents
  • Import-export materials
  • Translation of MSDS documents
  • Specialized academic materials and theses
  • etc.


  • Translation of reports, contracts, bid documents, etc.
  • Translation of books, newspapers, magazines, academic documents from Malay into another language
  • DTP – desktop publishing


2. Interpreting services for the Malay -Vietnamese language pair and many other languages

Malaysian translation in the interpreting form is one of the outstanding services trusted by customers at Tomato. Tomato introduces you to the following interpreting types:

  • Cabin, simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Accompanying interpreting
  • Whisper interpreting
  • Remote interpreting, online interpreting services

Moreover, each type of Malay – Vietnamese interpreting services meets the best customer needs in terms of content and nature of the interpreting session. In particular:

  • Project sites
  • Projects
  • Workshop, factory
  • Expo, Fairs
  • Conferences, workshops
  • Negotiations
  • Court


3. Media translation from Malay into Vietnamese

Media Translation at Tomato undertakes clear, smooth translation and assurance of accuracy up to 100%. We have been improving the translation types to meet our customer needs for Malay – Vietnamese translation services such as:

  • Translation, recording, voice-over, and dubbing in Malay
  • Translation of Malay subtitles
  • Translation of Malaysian movies, videos, scripts
  • Transcription of Malaysian audio & videos


4. Malay localization

Tomato is committed to providing Malay localization services that best convey the messages in the target language lingually and culturally. Particularly, you can choose the following types of services:

  • Game localization
  • App localization
  • Software localization
  • Website localization
  • Video localization


5. Multi-field Malay translation

Tomato Media has been providing Malay translation services for 100 different specialties and fields, including:

Economy Media – Entertainment Medical – Pharmaceutical
Information technology Banking and finance Education
Environment Oil and gas  Marketing
Tourism Construction Engineering – Manufacturing

Automotive engineering


Life sciences


Electricity – Electronics


6. Translation from Vietnamese into Malay and 48+ other languages

To make Malay more accessible to more people and suitable for each project, we provide the services of translation from Vietnamese into Malaysian and 48+ other languages:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Malay – Vietnamese translation services in Hanoi

With more than 5 years of experience in the translation industry in general and the Malay – Vietnamese translation field in particular, Tomato is always ready to provide the fastest Malay translation services in Hanoi. We always gain absolute trust from both domestic and foreign customers with dedicated support, and completely meet the needs for both online and offline Malay translation.

Contact Tomato for Malay – Vietnamese translation services through the branch in Hanoi:

  • Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Email:
  • Hotline: 0938 596 333

Malay – Vietnamese translation services nationwide

Now, customers can access the fastest services of translation from Vietnamese into Malaysian and vice versa nationwide. We have been implementing Malay translation projects very well with professionalism and a team of quality translators. We provide 24/7 support with both offline and online Malay translation services via:

  • Email:
  • Hotline: 0938 596 333

The best prices for the Malay – Vietnamese translation services

We do not recommend you to find cheap Malay – Vietnamese translation services as we understand that “the bitterness of low quality would linger after the sweetness of a cheap price“.

The quotation for the Malay – Vietnamese translation is optimized with excellent quality:

  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award
    Tomato’s application of a quality management system that has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate
    Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.
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The following is a quotation that has been optimized with excellent quality for the Malay- Vietnamese translation services in Tomato:

*** The quotation is for reference only

The quotation is optimized with excellent service quality

Form Quotation
Translation of personal papers 135.000 (VND/page)
Translation of common documents 135.000 – 185.000 (VND/page)
Notarized translation – Private Notary Office Translation fee + 65,000 – 80,000 (VND/page)
Notarized translation – Public notary office Translation fee + 120,000 – 160,000 (VND/page)
Consecutive interpreting service for seminars (2 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Consecutive interpreting service for seminars (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Consecutive interpreting service for seminars (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) Contact
Cabin interpreting service for seminars (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) Contact
Cabin interpreting service for seminars (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) Contact
Localization (websites, apps, software, games, etc.) Contact
Media translation (recording, dubbing, voice-over, subtitle translation, audio transcription, etc.) Contact

Quotation for translation from Malay into Vietnamese for reference

To receive an accurate Malay -Vietnamese translation quote for your documents and events, contact us:


Why should you choose the Malay-Vietnamese translation services at Tomato Media?

When coming to Tomato Media, you will receive high-quality, accurate translation from Malay into Vietnamese and other languages with the most dedicated and professional service. After 5 years of operation, Tomato Media has still been a name trusted by customers thanks to:

  • More than 100 official employees and 3000 collaborators who are well-trained and carefully selected with years of working experience.
  • Guarantee of document accuracy up to 100%.
  • Commitment to complete information confidentiality of the document and the corresponding translation.
  • The delivery time is always sooner or on schedule as agreed in the agreement.
  • Reception of customer requests for Malay translation services at any time and provision of 24/7 free consultation both offline and online
  • Improvements and investment in modern equipment and support technology to bring out translations that meet ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • Clear, transparent fees and no additional costs arising outside the contract.
  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award 
  • Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies
  • The quality management system has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate
  • Tomato is a partner of different large and small businesses


The process of translating Malay into Vietnamese

The implementation process from translation, interpreting, and Media translation of the Malaysian-into-Vietnamese project at Tomato all ensure international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015. In particular, each step of each process is as follows:

The process of translating Malay into Vietnamese and 49 other languages:

  • Step 1: Receive requests for Malaysian translation
  • Step 2: Assign the translator in charge of the Malay translation project
  • Step 3: Carry out the translation at the customer’s requests
  • Step 4: Check errors, grammar, and sentences in the translation
  • Step 5: The person in charge re-formats the Malay translation
  • Step 6: Deliver the final translation to the customer

The process of interpreting Malay into Vietnamese and other languages:

  • Step 1. Receive the Malay interpreting request from customers.
  • Step 2: Assign the interpreter to be in charge of the project
  • Step 3: The interpreter receives the document and reconfirms the request
  • Step 4: Customers and Tomato will directly check the interpreter’s qualification
  • Step 5: Perform interpreting services as required
  • Step 6: Receive and process customer feedback if any

1000++ customers trust Malay – Vietnamese translation services

In the past 5 years, Tomato has successfully implemented over 2,500 thousand projects and collaborated with more than 1,000+ customers who have trusted and used our services. For example:

Frequently asked questions about Malay to Vietnamese translation services

What are the limitations of Google Translate for translating Malay into Vietnamese?

Google Translate is a popular translation software for everyone thanks to its multilingual translation capabilities. However, the translation of Malay into Vietnamese by Google Translate also has some of the following considerable limitations:

  • Offline translations are not available
  • Accuracy is not high, only at about 50-65%
  • Translations are not smoothly written, mainly word-to-word translations
  • A limited number of words to be translated (up to 5000 words)
  • The translation of pdf files, word files is unavailable
  • The image translation function is available but the word recognition quality is low

What is the software to translate Malay into Vietnamese?

To make the process of learning or translating Malay into Vietnamese easier, you should turn to the following software:

  • U Dictionary Translator
  • Vietnamese Malay Translator
  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Vietnamese-Malay Translator
  • Malaysian translator application – Translate Voice
  • etc.

Is the software to translate Malay into Vietnamese reliable?

The above Malay translator software programs have received many downloads, proving their reliability and accuracy. These are “powerful assistants” for those who want to learn Malay or simple Malay translation.

However, for translation needs that require high accuracy and style, it is recommended to use professional translation services instead of the free translation software.

Where can I use the professional Malay-to-Vietnamese translation service?

Tomato’s excellent reputation for Malay translation services depends not only on our commitment to providing high-quality translations but also on our dedication to providing prompt and efficient service to all customers, no matter how small or large the project or related field. We always know how to meet all requirements and ensure an accurate and quality result.

We know that many of our clients work on tight deadlines. The realization that the world is changing quickly and that Malay translators must keep up with it is the first step in our dedication to offering high-quality and timely translation services. We are always willing to help you if you want to grow your company globally and enter Malaysia or Indonesia.

How is the Malaysian translator at Tomato selected?

We recruit each Malay-Vietnamese translator through a rigorous selection process and only work with experienced and competent translators. That means you’ll get a fluent and complete translation from an expert linguist who understands the specific field.

As an ISO-certified service, every translation from Malay is implemented according to strict international procedures. Thanks to our expert team, we can always ensure the quality of service in this field, regardless of the customer’s requirements and needs, in any combination of languages. We know how to be punctual in delivering Malay translations, whether that work relates to commercial, legal, or medical documents, or whether it’s a technical document, a website, or subtitles. Request a free quote: We will reply within an hour, and we will be happy to serve you!

What is Tomato’s Malay-to-Vietnamese translation service schedule?

Tomato Media provides Malay translation services 24/7. To receive the most detailed and suitable quote, contact Tomato via the hotline at 0938 596 333 or email


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