TOP prestigious translation companies in Binh Duong (Thu Dau Mot, Ben Cat, etc.)

It is difficult to find a reputable Binh Duong translation agency that provides good service at a reasonable price. Don’t worry, Tomato will help you find a translation company in Binh Duong to meet the demand for document translation, project interpretation, etc.

What criteria should a translation company in Binh Duong ensure?

When selecting translation company in Binh Duong, keep the following criteria in mind to select the best, most prestigious, and most suitable one for you:

  • Choose translation companies that particularly describe translation services on their media, such as websites, social networking sites, and fan pages
  • It is necessary to carefully review the reviews of customers who have experienced the service quality
  • Choose companies that respond quickly and in detail to requests
  • Detailed, clear quotations for each item, field, and type of document as required
  • A commitment to project confidentiality and no information leakage
  • There are native speakers checking and editing the translation

To help customers get the best translations at affordable prices, Tomato Media would like to share today’s top 11+ most prestigious translation companies in Binh Duong Province.

List of prestigious Binh Duong translation companies

No. Notarized translation company in Binh Duong Address
1 Tomato Media – a Binh Duong translation company that provides affordable and high-quality services 24/7 support throughout Binh Duong Province
2 Binh Duong translation company – HACO Support in Binh Duong Province
3 Binh Duong translation office – Viet Uy Tin Support in Binh Duong Province
4 Binh Duong translation – Saigon 247 Support in Binh Duong Province
5 Translation services in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong – Van Phuc Translation No. 10, Nguyen Van Len, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong
6 Binh Duong translation company – Vietrans số 123 Le Trong Tan, Di An, Binh Duong
7 Binh Duong translation company – Minh Kim 1/5 Dong An I Quarter, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province
8 Binh Duong Translation Center – A2Z No. 72 Ngo Quyen Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
9 Centralregion Translation Company – Middle No. 123 Le Trong Tan, Binh Duong 2 Quarter, An Binh Ward, Di An Commune, Binh Duong (opposite An Binh Ward People’s Committee)
10 Binh Duong notarized translation agency – Phuc Thinh 358 Le Hong Phong, Phu Hoa Ward, Binh Duong Province

List 11+ prestigious Binh Duong-located translation companies offering good quotations

Below is a list of translation companies in Binh Duong that are well-recognized for their translation quality, translation prices, and customer service.

1. Tomato Media – Professional and excellent translation company

Currently, Tomato Media is considered one of the top translation companies in Binh Duong. Tomato business services are built on the international standardization process to bring professional language solutions to all customers, from individuals to businesses and organizations.

Translation services provided in Binh Duong by Tomato Media

• Localization

  • Game localization
  • Website localization
  • Software and app localization
  • Video localization

• Multidisciplinary translation

  • Notarized translation of personal documents, visa applications, study abroad documents, labor export
  • Translation of books, newspapers, theses, etc.
  • Translation of business contracts, bid documents, financial statements, accounting documents, import and export, MSDS documents, etc.
  • Translation of documents for medical, educational, technical, etc.
  • DTP – desktop publishing, etc.

• Interpretation services in over 50 languages

  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Remote interpretation via applications with an internet connection
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation, etc.

Various forms of interpretation in English, Chinese, Korean, etc. can be applied to many topics and short-term or long-term projects. For example, events, conferences, seminars, meetings, visits, contracting signing, etc.

• Media translation

  • Translation – Recording
  • Translation – Voiceover
  • Translation – Dubbing
  • Translation of scripts, MVs, TVCs, etc.
  • Video/movie subtitling
  • Video/audio transcription and translation, etc.

Advantages of Tomato

  • A translation team of +100 specialists and +3,000 collaborators;
  • 100% of translators have Bachelor’s degrees and above
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Quick quotes from 15-20 minutes
  • Translation speed up to 20,000 words/day
  • Translations are always completed early or on time
  • Project confidentiality with an NDA contract

Certifications and achievements achieved by Tomato

  • The quality management system achieves the international standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate of “Excellent Product – Service” in 2021
  • Enter the top 150 of The Slator 2022 LSPI
  • An official member of popular international language organizations such as ATA, ELIA, TIS

Tomato Media’s translation services and other translation solutions in Binh Duong are well recognized by customers for their quality, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

Tomato Media’s contact information

  • Address: Binh Duong and nationwide
  • Hotline: 0938 596 333
  • Zalo: 0938 596 333 (Tomato Media)
  • Email:
  • Website:


2. HACO – good notarized translation company in Binh Duong

HACO, also known as Vietnam Tourism & Training – Translation JSC, has been one of the most famous Binh Duong translation companies for many years thanks to its good translation quality, competitive pricing, and diversified service ecosystem.

Main services at HACO

  • Translation services for all kinds of documents, technical projects, specialized documents, movies, videos, websites, books, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpretation, accompanying interpretation, whispered interpretation, and remote interpretation in conferences, seminars, negotiations, trials

Service advantages

  • Commitment to the best quality at a competitive cost
  • Quick translation speed
  • Absolute information confidentiality

Contact information of the Haco Company

  • Hotline: 0983.820.520
  • Email:

3. Viet Uy Tin Translation Office

If you are looking for a notarized translation company in Binh Duong, Viet Uy Tin is one of the units you should consider. The company currently has a strong team of good translators working at the office for a quick, correct, and convenient translation process.

Featured translation services

  • Notarized translation of personal documents: will, citizenship, visa, degree, health insurance, study abroad application, certificate of admission, medical record, diploma, etc.
  • Business notarized translation: specialized documents, business licenses, bid documents, contracts, financial statements, etc.;
  • Consular legalization

Service advantages

  • Notarized translation services in more than 58 languages;
  • Official translation team of +120 employees with >20% native speakers and industry-leading experts;
  • Punctuality and information confidentiality
  • Professional and accurate instant notarized translation support in Binh Duong

Contact information

  • Phone: 0917.67.239
  • Email:
  • Website:

4. Saigon 247 translation (Binh Duong office)

Saigon 247 Translation Company is one of the pioneering translation companies providing language solutions in Binh Duong. For many years, Saigon 247 Translation has always strived to fulfill its mission of service in the fullest way.

Featured services

  • Notarized translation of identity documents, legal papers for enterprises, etc.
  • Specialized translation
  • Multimedia translation such as video subtitling, dubbing, voiceovers, etc.
  • Provide interpretation services for short and medium-term projects
  • Consular legalization service

Service advantages at Saigon 247 Translation

  • Personnel is selected and screened extremely rigorously. 100% translators are trained and standardized with 5+ years of experience in the translation industry
  • Strict confidentiality to ensure no customer information leakage

Contact information of Binh Duong translation company

  • Web:
  • Address: 6th floor Vinaconex Building, Dakao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0963.918.438

5. Translation in Thu Dau Mot – Van Phuc Translation

Speaking of translation service providers in Thu Dau Mot, Van Phuc Translation cannot be ignored. Although it was born later, Van Phuc still makes many customers in Binh Duong satisfied with the extremely professional service attitude of its staff, good facilities, etc. In addition, the quality of each notarized translation is always prioritized by Van Phuc.

Main services in Van Phuc Translation

  • Translation of various types of papers and legal documents for businesses and individuals, etc.
  • Multilingual translation

Van Phuc’s service advantages

  • Have a team of experienced staff, fluent in many languages
  • Provide translation services in more than 30 different languages
  • Use various modern technologies in the workflow
  • Instant notarized translation support with same-day delivery

Contact information

  • Address: No.10, Nguyen Van Len, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong
  • Phone: 0327.555.665
  • Website:

6. Vietrans Translation Company

Vietrans translation company is known as a professional translation service provider in Binh Duong (including translation and interpretation) with an aspiration to serve customers across Vietnam.

Typical services of the company

  • Notarized services for a variety of documents
  • Multilingual translation, translation in the field of law and justice, and many other fields
  • Translation of bid documents, financial statements, technical documents,
  • Interpretation services

Service advantages at Vietrans

  • A professional and well-trained translation team
  • Fast translation speed, available instant delivery
  • Reasonable and competitive service prices in Binh Duong
  • Warranty policy for service products.
  • Multilingual notarized translation services

Contact information of notarized translation company in Binh Duong:

  • Hotline: 0947.688.883
  • Web:
  • Address: No. 123 Le Trong Tan, Di An, Binh Duong

7. Minh Kim Translation Company

Despite having only recently entered the translation field, Minh Kim is a translation company that places a high value on each translation’s quality. The best translation is always delivered to clients by Minh Kim thanks to a team that is consistently committed and enthusiastic in consulting and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

The main services:

  • Interpretation services
  • Multilingual translation services
  • Notarial services
  • Consular legalization – consular certification.
  • Document proofreading

Competitive advantages of notarized translation company in Binh Duong – Minh Kim

  • Young, enthusiastic, dedicated, thoughtful staff
  • Modern translation technology
  • Notarized translation support with instant delivery

Contact information

  • Address: 1/5 Dong An I Quarter, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province
  • Phone: 0327.555.665

8. A2Z Translation Center

If you want to find a reputable translation company with coverage in many places in Binh Duong, A2Z is a company you can put on your list of top choices. The company has helped a lot of clients, both individuals and businesses, through fast and convenient translation services at a competitive cost.

Main notarized translation company in Binh Duong

  • Notarized translation of papers and documents in English, Chinese, etc.
  • Translation of multidisciplinary documents for various fields
  • Translation of videos, websites, applications, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, accompanying interpretation, etc.

Service advantages

  • Notarized translation with high accuracy, instant delivery support
  • Well organized management process that meets ISO 9001
  • Translation systems are available in different locations
  • The translation team has a Bachelor’s degree and higher

Contact information

  • Hotline: 0966.779.888
  • Website:
  • Address: No.72 Ngo Quyen Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

9. Middle translation company (Binh Duong branch)

Middle Translation JSC – MIDtrans, which was established in 2016, is a translation and interpretation service provider nationwide, including in Binh Duong Province. The company is one of the leading enterprises providing professional translation services in Vietnam.

Services offered by Binh Duong translation – MIDtrans

  • Notarized translation
  • Consular legalization service
  • Interpretation service
  • Specialized translation
  • DTP – desktop publishing

Service advantages

  • Own a team of professional, highly qualified, enthusiastic consultants
  • A reputable and quality-guaranteed translation process
  • Punctuality
  • Quick, suitable, and competitive quotes

Contact information

  • Hotline: 0947.688.883 
  • Email: 
  • Address: No.123 Le Trong Tan, Binh Duong 2 Quarter, An Binh Ward, Di An, Binh Duong (opposite An Binh Ward People’S committee)

10. Phuc Thinh – notarized translation address in Binh Duong

Phuc Thinh is one of the notarized translation companies in Binh Duong. Phuc Thinh is a company specializing in providing multilingual, notarized, and specialized translation services for all customers, from individuals to enterprises, in all fields, such as medical, commercial, economic, and so on, in Binh Duong province.

Advantages of Phuc Thinh Translation

  • Ensure that the translation process takes place strictly
  • 100% refund if the error rate is above 10%
  • Instant notarized translation with 24h delivery support
  • Multilingual – multidisciplinary translation

Contact information

  • Address: 358 Le Hong Phong, Phu Hoa, Binh Duong Province
  • Phone: 0996.586.528

FAQ on Notarized translation company in Binh Duong (Thu Dau Mot, Ben Cat, etc.)

#Q: Is the quality of cheap notary services guaranteed?

#A: It is not possible to assert whether a cheap service would lead to poor quality or not. Cheap services often attract a lot of customers because of the financial benefit they bring. However, in recent years, cheap prices are no longer the top concern of users. Many customers are willing to pay a higher amount to use professional services quickly and accurately. Therefore, cheap prices are measured by the satisfaction and value received by the customer. This is the measure of the quality the customers received.

#Q: What factors does a reputable notarized translation company in Binh Duong usually ensure?

#A: A reputable notary office should ensure the basic elements below:

  • The location is easy to find, convenient for parking, and has good security.
  • Consultations should be clear, transparent, and understandable.
  • Notaries have high qualifications and long experience.
  • Ensure absolute confidentiality of information for customers.
  • Accompany and be responsible for the customer.

The above list of translation companies in Binh Duong is compiled from reliable information sources. You can be assured of the quality of the translation or the qualifications of the interpreter for your personal or corporate projects.

Quotes for translation services in Binh Duong by Tomato Media?

Tomato’s Binh Duong translation service quotes vary depending on many factors such as document length, document difficulty, specialization, target language and source language, service type, etc. The price list is provided for reference purposes only. To receive a detailed quote, please contact Tomato Media at hotline 0938 596 333 or

*** The quotation is for reference only

Unit: (VND/Page)

Quotes are optimized with excellent translation quality


A ⇄ B

Vietnamese English 90.000 (KM 20%)
72.000 – 144.000 (KM 20%)
60.000 – 120.000
Vietnamese Chinese 72.000 (KM 20%)
84.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
70.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Japanese 108.000 (KM 20%)
108.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Korean 108.000 (KM 20%)
108.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese French 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese German 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Spanish 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Italian 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Portuguese 130.000 130.000 – 180.000
Vietnamese Lao 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Cambodian (Khmer) 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Thai 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Malay 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Dutch 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Czech 120.000 120.000 – 210.000
Vietnamese Arabic 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Indonesian 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Filipino 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Polish 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Swedish 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Danish 140.000 140.000 – 190.000
Vietnamese Norwegian 145.000 145.000 – 210.000
Vietnamese Ukrainian 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Slovak 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Bosnian 130.000 130.000 – 180.000
Vietnamese Romanian 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Bulgarian 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Hebrew Contact Contact
Vietnamese Latin 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Burmese 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Taiwan 60.000 70.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Others, etc. Contact Contact
Others, etc. Others, etc. Contact Contact


The quotation for notary services

**** The quotation is for reference only


Notarization of translations
(Private Notary Offices)

65,000 – 80,000

Notarization of translations
(Public Notary Offices)

120,000 – 160,000

How long is the turnaround time for translation services in Binh Duong?

The turnaround time for Binh Duong translation services usually lasts from 1 to 7 days, depending on many factors:

  • Document length

  • Document difficulty (specializations, source language, and target language)

  • Translation types

  • Customer’s requirements

Can I request translation services outside Binh Duong Province?

Tomato Media provides online translation services to serve the translation needs of 63 provinces and cities across the country. Therefore, you can completely request translation outside Binh Duong Province.

Can I request an urgent translation?

With the motto “all for the benefit of customers,” Tomato Media always puts the needs and interests of customers first. Therefore, Tomato always strives to meet the needs of customers, including urgent translation needs. Tomato Media has a team of in-house translation staff ready to meet the fast translation requirements of customers. However, to ensure the highest possible translation quality, Tomato does not recommend customers request urgent translations.

To request an urgent translation, you can place a request when you sign up for the service. Tomato Media will review and fulfill customer requirements. However, you need to pay an additional fee to speed up the translation.

Which online translation service provider is reliable in Binh Duong?

If you have difficulty due to time or geographical barriers, you can completely register for a high-quality online Binh Duong translation service at Tomato Media:

  • Hotline: 0938 596 333
  • Email:
  • Website:

Roles of notarized translation company in Binh Duong

Binh Duong is one of the provinces with remarkable economic growth in recent years. Therefore, it is considered a potential investment area, and many foreign enterprises choose Binh Duong for their next step. Accordingly, the demand for Binh Duong translation also increased rapidly. Translation services play an important role for individuals and businesses in Binh Duong:

  • Finalize the immigration procedure for individuals who plan to study abroad, travel, settle abroad, etc.
  • Translate entertainment publications and newspapers for learning and entertainment needs
  • Assist in the smooth running of meetings and contract negotiations
  • Assist businesses in successfully entering the global market.
  • etc.

What does Tomato Media do to ensure translation quality?

Tomato Media translators are people with corresponding language qualifications, extensive translation experience, and professional skills. Therefore, we guarantee that your documents will be translated correctly and professionally, satisfying the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Moreover, Tomato Media has a lifetime warranty policy to absolutely ensure customers’ legitimate rights and interests. If any errors are discovered within 10 days of receiving the translation, please contact Tomato for the fastest free correction.

Above are the details we shared about translation companies in Binh Duong, and we hope they are useful to you.

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