Latest updated resume translation templates in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other language

A resume is an important document to include in a job application sent to employers. To apply to foreign companies requires your resume to be translated. Check out the latest resume translation templates below.

A resume translation needs a lot of information to be accurate.

A resume is an overview of the declarant’s information, including personal information such as name, hometown, education, qualifications, study and work history, personal relationship information, etc. A resume also requires confirmation from local authorities to confirm the correct information.

This is an important document to complete a job application or do related administrative procedures. Therefore, the translation of a resume needs to ensure accurate information. In particular:

  • Personal information of the declarant: full name, gender, year of birth, place of origin, permanent residence, identity card/citizen identity card/passport number, ethnic group, religion, educational level, date of admission to the Communist Youth Union, date of admission to the Communist Party of Vietnam, cultural level, expertise, etc.

  • Personal relationship: Full name, year of birth, place of residence, occupation of father, mother, spouse, children, and siblings Some resume templates also ask for familial relationships on both sides of the spouse.

  • Reward and discipline

  • Learning and working process

  • Self-declaration

  • Local confirmation

Latest resume translation template

There are many different resume translation templates available. However, basically, the translation template needs to ensure the content and format of the original. Below are some of the latest resume translation templates in various languages.

1. Some English resume translation templates

To be able to apply for a job at a foreign company, you must prepare yourself with a standard and impressive English resume. Let’s take a look at some current English resume translation templates.

2. Chinese resume translation template

To have the opportunity to work for Chinese companies, creating a beautiful and impressive resume is extremely important. Refer to some Chinese resume translation templates below.

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3. Japanese resume translation template

The Japanese focus not only on your academic qualifications but also on the presentation of your resume and your work attitude. Immediately refer to some Japanese resume translation templates.

4. Korean resume translation template

Korean resume templates are generally no different from those in other countries; they contain basic personal information, study and work histories, etc. Some popular Korean resume translation templates are now available for your reference.

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  • Identity card/Citizen identity card/Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Certificate of conduct
  • Household registration book
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Certificates of land use rights
  • Youth Union Membership Card/Communist Party Membership Card
  • Types of degrees and certificates
  • Judicial record
  • Health certificate
  • Types of certificates
  • etc.

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Frequently asked questions about resume translation services

A: The resume translation turnaround time depends on the number of translations, the word count of the original, and the difficulty of the language. With simple documents – a small number of resumes, for example – Tomato can completely translate within a day while still ensuring accuracy. If there are a large number of orders, you should contact us first for more advice.

A: A resume is an important personal document that candidates provide to employers, and they need to commit that the information contained in it is completely accurate. Whether you translate your resume without having it notarized or not depends entirely on the employer. However, if you are applying to a foreign company or for an important position, you should have a notarized translation of your resume to ensure the legality of the translation.

Here are some resume translation templates you can refer to. The resume translation also depends on the original document. So if you need an accurate translation, contact Tomato right now.

Do you need to translate your resume into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.?

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