Do you know where to find a credible translation agency or where to get a notarized translation?

When you have documents that need translation and notarization to submit to the authorities for work, study, or travel, you will surely question where to get a notarized translation. In this article, we’ll introduce the locations that will help you get a notarized translation as well as a few things you need to know during the process.

Where to send documents for translation? Where to get a notarized translation?

Where to get a notarized translation? Here are the locations of notary authorities arranged in descending order of legal value for your information:

  • The District-Level Justice Office (called a public notary or state notary): This is the unit with the highest legal authority. But instead of receiving translation records directly, the unit gets them from third parties like translation agencies.
  • Private notary office (also called notary office or private notary): Notarized copies at this unit have lower legal value than those at the state notary office.
  • Attorney’s office: In the event that some documents are not on the list of those qualified to be notarized, the notarization at the lawyer’s office is accepted. For example, a certificate of family relations, a personal property declaration, etc. In fact, these units rarely perform notarization of translations as they cannot fully grasp the translation content.
  • Translation company (called certification by the company seal): Any translation company that has been granted an operating license is fully qualified to certify the translations it translates.

Quality criteria must be met regardless of where the translation is performed.

With the emergence of many notarized translation units as it is now, it is not difficult for you to find a service provider for yourself. However, no matter where you use translation services, you need to make sure that the company meets the following criteria:

Have operating licenses granted by competent state agencies

This is one of the important criteria when evaluating the credibility of a notarized translation company. Companies licensed by the state to do business will ensure transparency in services and protect the interests of customers. You should not use the services of illegal companies, even if they have an unexpectedly cheap price, to avoid risks later.

The translator team has good language skills, knowledge of notary procedures

This is the next criterion to consider and is equally important when choosing a translation company. Translators need to have language skills and understand the terminology of the field in which they are conducting the translation. Furthermore, the translator should understand the process of obtaining a notary seal to ensure that the translation is legally valid.

Professional and clear workflow

From the first contact to discuss the service, you will easily recognize the level of prestige and professionalism of a translation company. Companies with guaranteed translation quality often have an optimized workflow from consultation, quotation, product implementation, and handover. All of these factors are intended to help deliver quality translations in the shortest possible time.

Competitive price commensurate with good translation quality

Many customers want to find a notarized translation unit with guaranteed quality service at a reasonable price. The development of translation companies today has led to price competition. Many companies offer surprisingly cheap rates. However, not all of these units guarantee the quality of the translation. You should balance the cost and value of the product you receive to choose your translation unit.

Has a diverse and rich service ecosystem

The diversity of service types is one of the important criteria for assessing the prestige and quality of a translation agency. The more services the translation agencies offer, the more customers they attract, and it is also a clear demonstration of the expertise of the translators there.

Commitment to information confidentiality

Currently, there are many cases where customers using translation services have had information leaked that affects their reputation and property. Therefore, you should consider choosing companies that are committed to information confidentiality and have a breach policy with compensation.

Participation in prestigious associations

Translation companies participating in prestigious language and translation associations, for example, ETIA, TIS, CSA, K-INTENATIONAL, can partially demonstrate the quality of services provided by a company.

Excellent customer service

In addition to consulting and deploying a good service, a reputable notarized translation unit has a translation warranty for even the smallest documents. This helps ensure the highest customer benefits.

Where a translation should be done? Where a notarized translation should be done to ensure credibility and progress?

Where a notarized translation should be done to ensure the quality, accuracy, and legal value of documents? If you still wonder where you should get a notarized translation, you can put your trust in Tomato Media. We are a trusted unit specializing in providing translation services in general and notarized translations in particular.

At Tomato, you can find a variety of services:

  • Translation and notarization of various types of personal documents as well as other common documents (identity cards, birth certificates, study abroad applications, business registration certificates, wills, land use rights certificates, etc.)
  • Notarial interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and remote interpretation for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, courts, etc.
  • Media translation: recording, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, video translation, etc.
  • Localization services: Games, apps, software programs, websites, videos, etc.

During the 5 years of establishment and development, Tomato was honored to be accompanied by more than 5,000 partners, including large and small enterprises at home and abroad such as Coca-Cola, Viettel, FPT, VNPT, and VinaCapital. Tomato has won the trust of countless customers thanks to the following strengths:

  • Experienced translators: Tomato has a strong team of translators with more than 100 professionals and 3000 collaborators, all of whom have bachelor’s degrees or higher, have undergone careful screening, and have completed a range of large- to small-scale projects.
  • The translation process meets quality standards in quick translation turnaround time All translation and interpretation activities at Tomato are performed according to the Automation Workflow process to optimize productivity and working time. All processes meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.
  • Translation of ~100% accuracy With a team of translators who are experts with long experience, Tomato is committed to providing quality translations that reflect the original meaning in each sentence.
  • The NDA guarantees that no customer information will be disclosed. All documents and customer identities are completely confidential. We are committed to complying with the agreement with the NDA and will pay full compensation for any violation of the terms.
  • The most competitive notarized translation service price in the market After only 15 minutes of submitting the request, Tomato will contact the customer for the most transparent, detailed, and clear quotation according to the customer’s request. We are committed to the most competitive service fee in the market today, and there are absolutely no surcharges incurred outside of the contract.
  • Guarantee of customer interests with translation warranty policies Tomato is committed to editing the translation until it is complete if the customer finds an error.
  • Tomato Media is honored to be a member of prestigious associations in the world such as ETIA, TIS, CSA, K-INTENATIONAL, etc.
  • Tomato Media reached the top 150 of the Slator 2022 LSPI and received the award “2021 Excellent Product and Service.”

Where to contact the translation company?

To use the notarized translation service, you can directly visit the Tomato Media office at:

  • Hanoi Head Office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Branch in Bangkok: 362 Krungthep, Nonthaburi 2, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Branch in Jakarta: 12th Floor, Wisma 46 Tower, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta, Indonesia.

If it’s not convenient for you to visit the branches of Tomato, you can completely use the online service with the same quality. Accordingly, you only need to send documents and records via the email address, and we will proceed to translate and send translations in soft or hard copy format. For more information about online translation services, kindly contact our hotline at 0938 596 333; our consultants will support you.

The frequently asked questions about where to find notarized translation services?

What is a notarized translation?

Notarized translation is the process of translating documents with the legal seal of an organization or agency into a target language at the request of the customer. After that, these documents will be notarized to certify that the translation exactly reflects the original.

How is the notarized translation processed?

Notary translation is a 2-step process:

  • Step 1: The translator, after receiving the original documents from the customer, will conduct analysis and translation.
  • Step 2: The notary will carry out the document notarization and hand over the finished product to the customer.

Does the notarized translation require the original?

When performing the translation, the original may not be required. However, state agencies may require the applicant to provide the original for comparison when submitting the translation for notarization.

Can I perform a notarized translation myself?

You need to consider the following cases to determine whether you can carry out a notarized translation yourself:

  • Have a university degree in foreign languages: You can translate and notarize records for personal purposes. When applying for a notary seal, you need to bring the original and its copies, the translation, your identity documents, and the relevant foreign language certificate for comparison.
  • Other cases: The notarized translation is only possible if you are a translation collaborator of the Department of Justice. In order to become collaborators, candidates must register during recruitment by the Department of Justice, and upon passing the test, they must sign a collaborative contract.

Therefore, in order to perform a notarized translation yourself, you need to meet the requirements of foreign language proficiency as well as the status of a notary.

How long do notarized translation services take?

The translation time will be determined in accordance with the agreement between the client and the translation unit. In addition, the notarized translation turnaround time depends on the working time of the notary units. In particular:

  • Private notary offices and notary offices No. 1-7( under the public notary office division): the completion time usually ranges from 3-5 days.
  • Translation centers and translation companies: The notarized translation turnaround time is extremely fast, so you can get the result immediately after 1 working day. This duration may vary depending on the working hours of notary offices, which operate within business hours. Therefore, customers with urgent translation needs should contact the translation unit as soon as possible.

The latest requirements for notarized translation services in Tomato

  • I have a dossier of study abroad applications, including certificates, transcripts, and other identity documents that need a notarized translation. Kindly send me a quote.
  • I need a quote for a five-page real estate purchase contract and would like to know if I can get it this Saturday.
  • Please send me a quote via email at dothi********* for the notarized translation of the land use right certificate.
  • Does the business support translation of documents that I need to translate but do not require notarization?
  • I have a large number of records that need notarized translation; do I get a discount? Please advise me by phone number 09xxxxxxx
  • How long does a notarized translation take? Is it possible to take it the next day? And if I take it urgently, will there be an extra charge?
  • I have an application for a job abroad that needs a notarized translation. I am looking for a translation company with guaranteed translation quality at a reasonable price.
  • I need to translate my study abroad application from Vietnamese to Dutch. Does the company provide this language pair, and how much does it cost?
  • How long does it take to complete it? Kindly contact me and let me know.

Where to get a notarized translation? Hopefully, this article has helped you find places that can help you answer the above question. To receive accurate, high-quality legal translations, kindly contact reputable companies for assistance.


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