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📗 Accurate translation in short time

📗 Accurate translation in short time

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📗 Quick and transparent quotation

📗 100% commitment to information leak protection

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Are these the problems you are facing?

  • Difficult to find Arabic – Vietnamese translation units because this is a rare language pair.
  • Concerned about the translation quality because Arabic is a difficult language, and a few experts can handle it well
  • Wondering about the translation costs being too high compared to the planned budget

If you are facing the above concerns, please contact Tomato Media at once. We provide quality Arabic – Vietnamese translation services performed by a team of translators with in-depth understanding of this language.

Professional Arabic translation services in Tomato Media

With Tomato Media’s Arabic translation services, all language barriers will be eliminated. We provide the translation into Arabic for all kinds of documents and papers in formats such as: video, text, audio.

1. Arabic translation of all documents

  • Notarized translation of personal documents, visa applications, study abroad documents, etc.
  • Arabic translation of residential registration book, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc.
  • Notarized translation of land use right certificates, land ownership certificates, certificates of inheritance, wills, etc.
  • Translation from Vietnamese into Arabic and vice versa for patents, copyright registration, etc.
  • Translation of audit reports, accounting, financial, performance reports, market research, etc.
  • Translate from Arabic into Vietnamese and vice versa for transfer pricing reports, investment analysis, valuation reports, etc.
  • Translation of balance sheets, tax declaration, accounting books, etc.
  • Translation of all types of contract
  • Translation from Vietnamese into Arabic for import & export documents
  • Translating company capacity profile, company product, service, and training introduction documents
  • DTP – desktop publishing
  • Translation of books, magazines, newspapers, stories from Vietnamese into Arabic and vice versa
  • Translation of academic and professional documents
  • Translation of marketing publications, PR, communication, advertising materials, etc.
  • Translation of legal documents, decrees, circulars, etc.
  • Translation of projects, technical drawings, machine operating instructions, etc.




2. Media translation from Arabic into Vietnamese and 48+ other languages

Translation from Vietnamese into Arabic, as well as other languages and vice versa at Tomato, is trusted by countless customers. With a team of skilled translators and the support of modern tools, we offer a diverse service ecosystem including:

  • Translation and dubbing/voice-over/subtitling for promotional videos, user manuals, training videos, movies of all genres, etc.
  • Translation and recording from Vietnamese to Arabic and vice versa for newsletters, announcements, voicemails, etc.
  • Translation of video script, movie script, etc.



3. Arabic localization

Tomato is pleased to provide an Arabic localization service that is close to the local culture and customs, ensuring accurate translation of local slang. Our types of localization include:

    • Game localization from Vietnamese into Arabic and more than 50 other languages
    • Localization of websites for sales, blogs, company introduction, etc.
    • Localization of applications compatible with many models from Arabic into Vietnamese and vice versa
    • Localization of sales management software, learning software, work support software, etc.
    • Arabic video localization




4. Arabic – Vietnamese interpreting services

The Arabic – Vietnamese interpreter at Tomato Media will be an effective assistant who acts as a lingual bridge in important events such as:

  • Accompanying interpreting service for short and long-term projects
  • Interpreting service for business trips, diplomatic conferences, and visits
  • Interpreting services in negotiations and contract signing sessions with Arab partners
  • Interpreting service for fairs, exhibitions, and seminars using the Arabic language
  • Remote interpreting service for meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Consecutive/simultaneous interpreting at grand opening events, launch events, etc.



5. Translation from Arabic into over 50 languages

Translation from Vietnamese into Arabic, as well as other languages and vice versa, helps you to choose the language that suits your translation needs. Some of the most common languages in Tomato include:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







6. Multi-field Arabic translation

The team of Vietnamese – Arabic translators at Tomato has in-depth knowledge in many fields to be able to serve clients from many industries such as:

Economy Construction
Information technology Legal
Environment Electricity – Electronics
Tourism Medical – Pharmaceutical
Automotive engineering Education
Ecommerce Marketing
Media – Entertainment Engineering – Manufacturing
Banking and finance Life sciences
Oil and gas


Choose the Arabic-to-Vietnamese translation service at Tomato Media now!

During five years of operation, Tomato Media has received the trust of many customers who need Arabic – Vietnamese translation services. We confidently bring satisfaction to you in translation, consulting, and care services.

Commitment to translation quality that meets up-to-100% accuracy

Tomato owns a team of carefully selected translators who have language proficiency and master multi-disciplinary expertise with the support of advanced translation software. Therefore, Tomato’s translations are always highly accurate. In particular, our management team always conducts tight checks to ensure the best translation before delivering it to the customer.

Absolute information confidentiality

When signing an Arabic-to-Vietnamese translation service contract with a client, Tomato always attaches a non-disclosure agreement (on request) with terms of information confidentiality. Therefore, customers can be completely assured that any project information will not be leaked.

ISO 9001:2015 international certificate achieved

Offline and online Arabic translation

Tomato has its branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Thailand and Indonesia. We can fully meet the translation needs everywhere. In addition, in order to flexibly adapt to the Covid-19 situation, Tomato provides remote translation services via email, phone, zalo, skype with high quality and absolute confidentiality.

Ready to receive urgent document translation

With an optimized workflow and a strong network of personnel, Tomato can fully handle a large volume of work, including translations that require short a space of time.

Commitment to transparent and clear costs

If you would like to receive a quotation, please contact Tomato directly and we will respond in 10-15 minutes. The quotation is clear and detailed and designed based on the number of documents, fields, and completion time. Tomato will attach the quotation in the contract and undertake that no additional costs will be charged. In particular, Tomato always has preferential policies for loyal customers and customers who choose service packages.

Valued customers and partners

During its operation in the translation field, Tomato has been honored to accompany more than 2,500 individuals, large and small businesses and organizations.

The process of translating Arabic into Vietnamese

The process of translating Vietnamese into Arabic and translating Arabic into Vietnamese at Tomato was honored to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Accordingly, the steps will be optimized to save time while still ensuring translation quality.

♦ Translation process

♦ Interpreting process

Arabic-to-Vietnamese translation costs at Tomato Media

Basically, Tomato Media calculates the costs for Arabic – Vietnamese translation services based on the word unit instead of the A4-page unit to ensure fairness and benefits for all customers. Translation fees for each type will vary depending on the difficulty of the languages and fields. In addition to the translation fees, there may be additional printing and shipping fees if there is a request for a hard copy of the document after translation.


Frequently asked questions about Arabic translation services

A: To receive the fastest quotation, customers can contact Tomato Media in the following 3 ways:

Upon receiving your request, our consulting team will quickly contact you to discuss the most detailed service and advice.

A: You can send Arabic documents/files to Tomato Media through the following methods:

  • Send it directly via the quotation request form at the website:
  • Send file documents via email:
  • Send via the Zalo account: 093 859 6333
  • Send mails to Tomato Media’s office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

A: For translation from Vietnamese into Arabic at Tomato, the translation format is completely based on your requirements. You can choose either a hard copy or a soft copy.

  • For soft copies: Tomato will send files by email or send Dropbox or Google Drive links for customers to download in case of large files.
  • For hard copies: You can choose printed copies for word/pdf files or CD/DVD-formatted copies for videos. Afterward, the translation will be packaged and delivered to you by express delivery.

A: To confirm the service with Tomato Media, customers need to deposit part of the order value. You can pay in USD and VND. If you choose to pay in USD, you can use bank transfer or pay via Paypal.

A: The VAT invoice will be provided by Tomato Media’s accounting department after customers pay 100% of service fees as agreed in the contract.


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