Korean – Thai subtitling services

The customers that we have served in the Korean – Thai subtitling service (부제 – คำบรรยาย)

With a team of experienced professionals, Tomato Media has successfully implemented thousands of Korean – Thai subtitling projects for countless customers. Our regular customers include:

Media – entertainment units such as film producers, music producers, gameshow producers, etc.
Corporate organizations
Academic units
YouTubers, Tiktokers
Individuals in need

Let’s find out the details of our quality Korean – Thai subtitling service right here.

Credible Korean – Thai subtitling services at Tomato Media

Currently, Tomato Media provides Korean – Thai subtitling services for various genres of movies and videos, such as:

  • Subtitling for movies: Historical movies, war movies, sci-fi movies, sports movies, cartoons, documentaries, science movies, musical movies, etc.
  • Subtitling for TV shows, reality TV shows, talkshows, gameshows, etc.
  • Tomato Media provides subtitling services for reality TV shows, news events, entertainment gameshows, etc. Customers can contact us immediately if they have any needs.
  • Translate subtitles for workout video tutorials, teaching videos, conferences, webinars…
  • Subtitling for TVCs, company introduction videos, product promotion videos, product manual videos, etc.
  • Subtitling for music videos, entertainment videos, self-recorded videos, etc.

Tomato provides Korean-Thai subtitling services directly at the office in Thailand

Tomato Media is a prestigious translation service provider with branches at home and abroad. We provide Korean-Thai subtitling services directly at the office in Thailand. If customers have any requests, they can contact us directly at the branch:

🏢 Branch in Bangkok: 362 Krungthep, Nonthaburi 2, Bangkok, Thailand

We have a team of professional translators who have Korean subtitling experience that surely brings you the best-quality subtitles.

The #1 Korean – Thai subtitling process at Tomato Media

Tomato applies the Korean – Thai subtitling process according to ISO 9001: 2015 international quality standards, particularly:

1️⃣ Receive the original file, make a plan to meet quality requirements and the project process
2️⃣ Check and evaluate the quality of the original file (timecode, quality, audio, script, etc.).
3️⃣ Look up information related to the series to be subtitled to capture the basic content and messages to be conveyed.
4️⃣ Make a glossary, rules, and forms of address to ensure consistency for the entire subtitles.
5️⃣ Translate the content from the source language into the target language
6️⃣ Check the wording and format, etc.
7️⃣ QC, review, and edit the style to achieve the highest quality subtitles
8️⃣ Send the translation and complete added subtitles to customers.
9️⃣ Summarize the project.
🔟 Receive and respond to customer feedback (if any)

The “optimal” Korean – Thai subtitling service fee at Tomato Media

Korean – Thai subtitling is a rather specialized service; therefore, customers can contact us directly to receive an accurate quote. Tomato provides services with the most competitive and optimal prices for customers. The cost of Korean – Thai subtitling service depends on the following factors:

  • Video length
  • Video content
  • Completion time

In addition, we provide customers with preferential policies suitable for each customer. By coming to Tomato Media, you are completely assured of the quality as well as the reasonable price. Let’s experience the service at Tomato to see the professionalism and value brought to customers by Tomato.

A great subtitling service at the best price

#1 Korean – Thai subtitling services at Tomato – Engage your audience

Tomato Media is a unit providing the most professional and quality Korean – Thai subtitling service today. Tomato has become a trusted unit of numerous customers thanks to outstanding advantages:

Tomato owns a team of professional and experienced subtitle translators with 100 official employees and more than 3000 domestic and foreign collaborators. We can bring out subtitles that are absolutely accurate, grammatically correct and suitable for the context of the original video. At the same time, we can provide subtitles for a variety of genres and fields, meeting all the needs of customers.
We always make sure subtitles match the dialogue in the movie or video without any slower or faster lines than the dialogue, which causes confusion for viewers. At the same time, the subtitles are ensured to be adjusted to a reasonable size and added properly.
At Tomato, customers have a satisfactory service experience at a reasonable cost accompanied by quality. The price is clearly stated in the contract and no surcharge arises as committed.
Tomato undertakes the completion time according to the customer’s request without affecting the customer’s work.
We are always committed to information confidentiality, ensuring all interests of our customers. This clause is clearly stated in the contract and we will take all responsibility before the law in case of violation.

Tomato supports all video formats in Korean – Thai subtitling services

With a team of professional staff and an international standard working process, Tomato Media always brings customers the best quality services. Currently, Tomato supports subtitling services for all video formats such as: SRT, STL, ASS, AVI (Audio Video Interleave), MP4, MKV (Matroska Video), WMV (Windows Media Video), VOB, FLV (Flash Video), etc. And Tomato is ready to meet all your Korean – Thai subtitling requests. Contact us now for a free consultation.

The newest requests for Korean Thai subtitling services in Tomato Media

  • “Hello, I need to subtitle a 20-minute video from Korean to Thai this week.”
  • “Good evening, I need to subtitle a 5-minute TVC from Korean to Thai before Saturday, March 12.”
  • “I urgently need the subtitles for a 6-min company introduction video from Korean to Thai to use in the customer seminar in the next 2 days. Send me a quote please.”
  • “Our company needs to translate the subtitles of a Korean film into Thai, which consists of 35 episodes and about 30 minutes each. So how much does it cost and how long does it take to complete? “
  • “I have a list of 10 university lectures in Korean that need to be subtitled in Thai this week. Therefore, I would live to receive a quotation and consultation as soon as possible Thank you”
  • “I would like to add subtitles to a 40-episode gameshow from Korean to Thai. Send me a quote as soon as possible”
  • “I am looking for a specialist translator in the history field to subtitle a 45-minute documentary on Korean history from Korean to Thai. What is the cost and time to complete it? Please contact and advise me. Thanks.”

Korean - Thai subtitling service

FAQ about Korean – Thai subtitling services

What is the Korean – Thai subtitling service?

The subtitles are the text that appeared on the screen that helps international viewers to understand the video content in the local language. The Korean – Thai subtitling service is the process of translating movie and video subtitles, making it easy for viewers to access and understand movie and video content.

To have a good and accurate subtitle requires the translator to go through a lot of stages such as translation, editing, timecode, subtitle effects, and subtitle matching. All require professionalism, meticulousness, and creativity of the performer.

How important is the Korean – Thai subtitling service?

Subtitles are the basic means of communication that help viewers understand the content of the video. This factor directly affects viewers’ emotions and experiences, creating interaction with the product. In order to attract moviegoers as well as other commercial purposes, suppliers have to provide subtitles in the fastest, most accurate, and clearest way. Subtitling services have now become an indispensable part of the media industry.

In addition to the field of media – entertainment, subtitles are a great solution for many other fields. For example, in seminars, conferences, talks, and exchanges, speakers often use presentation media, videos with subtitles, etc.

Therefore, the Korean – Thai subtitling needs to be done by a reputable and quality unit to ensure the content of the original language is correctly conveyed. If the content is not guaranteed, there is a lack of harmony between the dialogue and the subtitles, the video will have neither attraction nor value. It brings about an unpleasant experience for viewers, low viewership, poor product advertising quality, etc.

Tomato is here to help you optimize your promotion and enhance your experience with the best Korean – Thai subtitling service.

We don’t want your videos to be skipped just because there are no subtitles included yet
We want to bring the best Korean – Thai subtitling solution for your enterprise’s marketing and communication activities
We want to help increase your video viewer experience the most

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