Translation services for food business documents

Translation services for food business documents

Translation services for food business documents and profiles at Tomato – High quality – Prestige

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Tomato is ready to provide the food business with a high-quality document translation service.

Tomato Translation is currently one of the top companies in providing reliable language solutions as well as food business document translations in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We are confident that we have the qualified capacity to conduct translation for projects belonging to many large food businesses and groups that need to translate a “huge” file volume in a short time. Accordingly, the quality of the translation is guaranteed to always reach 100% accuracy, with a variety of types of records, papers, documents, etc.

 Translation of food company profile

Typically, the translation of a food company profile contains the following basic content:

  • Basic information: Full name, head office, office address, factory address (if any), business registration certificate, etc.
  • Mission, vision, goals and core values of the company
  • The company’s field of activity in the food industry, production process (if any), awards, food safety certificate, certificate of quality
  • Products and services provided by the company
  • The strengths of the company’s products and services that make it different from other companies in the same field, outstanding achievements, sales, distribution systems, customer list

Food business catalog translation

For food catalog translation, Tomato is capable of providing services for the following industries:

  • Agricultural product catalog: rice, cereals, beans, etc.
  • Seafood processing techniques
  • Livestock – poultry processing catalog
  • Cattle meat processing catalog
  • Catalog of agricultural and seafood export industry
  • Catalog of agricultural and aquatic products, wine, confectionery, canned food imports, etc.
  • Catalogs for dish introduction at restaurants, eateries, hotels, confectionery businesses, etc.
  • Catalog for food wholesalers and retailers: supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, rice shops, imported meat shops, fruit shops, etc.
  • Catalog of products and services food technology industry
  • etc.

Food packaging translation

Translation and notarized translation of food packaging and labels for the following types of companies:

  • Production and supply of bottled water cans, and boxes: juice, fresh milk, soda, cider, beer, wine, etc.
  • Production and supply of processed foods and instant foods: shrimp noodles, instant porridge, instant noodles, canned meat, canned fish, canned vegetarian foods, etc.
  • Production and supply of spices used in food processing: sugar, pepper, vegetable oil, butter, soy sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, ketchup, etc.
  • Production and distribution of dry foods: corn, rice, beans, etc.
  • Food, drink, and beer import – export companies, etc.
  • etc.

Internal document translation for food companies

Food companies’ internal document types for which Tomato provides translation services include:

  • Documents related to the food environment treatment process: wastewater treatment, solid or liquid waste treatment, etc.
  • Documents on food hygiene and safety;
  • Packaging materials, product labels;
  • Documentation of the technologies applied in food production: microbiological technology, processing technology, product preservation and packaging technology, etc.
  • New product material: name, raw material, nutrition facts, expiration date, etc.
  • Documentation on types of food additives;
  • Documentation on product quality assessment, research, food production process, labor safety processes, etc. 

Translation of product introduction documents and videos

For the translation of introduction documents and videos about the products or services of food enterprises, Tomato is pleased to provide services such as:

  • Script for videos to advertise the company’s products and services;
  • TVCs, instructional videos for products and services, videos providing information on food technology, training clips on production techniques, etc.;
  • Interview clips, news videos on TV stations related to company products, etc.
  • Video tutorials for purchasing, making payments on the website, using the software of a food business, etc.

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Translation of manuals for food businesses

  • Manuals for manipulating machinery and equipment in the food production process for factory workers;
  • Technical documentation for the maintenance of machinery and equipment for food production;
  • Guidance on labor safety and first aid during the work for workers, officers or engineers;
  • Instructions on the operation and process of classification and treatment of industrial waste;
  • Training materials on the operation of new technology-based equipment, machinery, and production lines;
  • The document on the use of quality and ingredient testing tools, equipment, and quantitative measurement of products, etc.
  • Documentation for packaging, storage, operation of warehousing and transportation of products at food factories

Translation of tax reports and tax documents

Translation services of a guaranteed high accuracy for tax reports and tax documents for businesses in the food field:

  • VAT declaration of food enterprises;
  • Reports on the company’s invoice usage;
  • Business income tax report;
  • Personal income tax report of employees and employees in enterprises;
  • Invoices, financial statements;
  • Vouchers, tax and accounting bills;
  • Business audit reports;
  • Documentation on accounting, taxation and finance in the food sector

Translation of other documents for food enterprises

In addition, Tomato also supports the translation of other documents and records for food enterprises, such as:

  • Menus at eateries, restaurants, milk tea shops, pastry shops, coffee shops of all kinds, etc.;
  • Types of banners, flyers, brochures, posters, and advertising publications for food businesses
  • Types of books, newspapers, scientific research materials, schemes related to production techniques or food technology;
  • Business market research report of the food sector;
  • Translation of contract types for food enterprises, etc.;
  • Website, application or software translation for food companies: manufacturing companies, food retail systems, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

Tomato provides all translation services for food enterprises

Besides translation services, Tomato Translation is also widely known for its diverse forms of translation for food enterprises, such as:

  • Notarized translation: construction permits, advertising permits, product disclosure certificates, product ingredient inspection certificates, business registration certificates, types of contracts, etc.
  • Interpretation in various forms: simultaneous interpretation, online/remote interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispered interpretation, accompanying interpretation, etc.
  • Localization of websites, applications, software, and videos for companies in the food sector;
  • Media translation: script/video translation, translation – subtitling, translation – voiceover, translation and dubbing, video/audio transcription, etc.

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Tomato provides food business document translation services in 50+ languages

Depending on the food business document translation project, Tomato can translate into one or more target languages within the more than 50 languages being served at the company, such as:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Tomato provides online and offline food business document translation services nationwide

Currently, Tomato is providing translation services for the food industry in both online and offline formats in all regions of the country:

  • Northern area: Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Bac Giang, Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Phu Tho, etc.
  • Central Region-Central Highlands: Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Hue, Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Nha Trang, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Kon Tum;
  • Southern Area: Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Hau Giang, An Giang, Kien Giang, Ca Mau…

Why use food business document translation services at Tomato Translation?

Many customers choose Tomato to translate documents and food business records as we constantly guarantee the following:

  • Transparent price list, no unexpected surcharge during the translation process
  • High percentage discount for projects with a large number of translation files or Tomato customers who have registered for service
  • Adherence to the deadline with translation quality reaching up to 100% accuracy through the performance of long-experienced translators with at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Complete confidentiality of project information under an NDA
  • Free correction if customer detects errors within 3 days after delivery
  • Clear and specific responses, enthusiastic support 24 hours a day, and the ability to quote quickly after only 15 minutes, among other things

It was these factors that helped Tomato Translation gain impressive numbers and achievements after 6 years of activities:

  • Owning a strong team of interpreters: +100 official experts and +3000 collaborators in many countries;
  • Successful collaboration with more than 2,500 partners, 65,000 projects, 4,722 hours of interpreting, 2,431 hours of voice-over recording and over 1 million words translated per week;
  • Members of prestigious organizations and associations in the world: ATA, ELIA, NAATI, K-International, Arkobi, TIS, etc.
  • Achieved international certifications in the Quality Management System and translation services such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015

Dịch thuật tài liệu, hồ sơ doanh nghiệp thực phẩm - đạt chuẩn ISO 9001:2015 bản tiếng Việt Dịch thuật tài liệu, hồ sơ doanh nghiệp thực phẩm - đạt chuẩn ISO 9001:2015 bản tiếng Anh

  • In the top 126 the Slator 2023 LSPI major translation companies globally, voted by the LSPI rankings

  • Honored to receive the title of “2021 Excellent Products and Services” at the Announcement Ceremony of “Vietnam’s Popular Brands and Labels & Excellent Business Leader 2021”

  • Tomato is a partner of numerous large and small businesses

Dịch thuật tài liệu, hồ sơ doanh nghiệp thực phẩm - đối tác

Preferential translation costs dedicated to food enterprises

When you need to receive a quote for the translation of food business documents, please provide Tomato with the following information:

  • The number of target languages;
  • Document files to be translated;
  • The translation turnaround time;
  • Other requirements: translation file format, number of printed files (if any), etc.

This is the information necessary for Tomato employees to calculate and determine the difficulty of documents and records, thereby giving reasonable costs to customers. At the same time, Tomato Translation has attractive discounts for food companies that choose our translation services.

In particular, the more files that need to be translated, the higher the discount percentage, helping you save optimal costs. Moreover, Tomato commits to saying no to overestimated prices and unexpected surcharges that are not included in the contract. The price list is listed in detail in the contract in accordance with the law, with support to issue VAT invoices according to customers’ needs.


Register translation services for the food field with experts.

The fastest way to register for a quote for the professional food industry translation service at Tomato is to call the Hotline at 0938 596 333, and our staff will immediately assist you. You can also get free advice or quotes by filling out the form below.

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Please describe your translation needs; our team will contact you quickly to assist you as soon as possible.



*  We immediately provide a detailed quotation, including cost, delivery time, and method of implementation, within just 15 minutes of the request.

The professional translation process for the food field

To help you better visualize the food translation process, here are the 5 main steps in the translation process at Tomato:

  • Step 1: Receive customer request information, send quotations, and reach an agreement;
  • Step 2: Send documents to the translators in charge;
  • Step 3: Conduct the translation;
  • Step 4: Proofread the translation;
  • Step 5: Format the translation file;
  • Step 5: Hand over the final translation to the customer

About the other process of providing translation services for food businesses, please contact Tomato for more details.

Learn more about food business document translation services

Some common questions are of interest to many customers when there is a need to learn about food business document translation services.

What is a food business document translation?

Food business document translation is the process of converting from the source language into one, two or more target languages for content types related to such fields as food biotechnology, food preservation technology, water bottling production, import and export of fruit, meat, canned food, beer, wine, and rice, food retail systems (supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, etc.), restaurants, bars, etc.

Why is high-quality food translation important?

The following points illustrate the significance of food industry translation:

  • Translation of food business records and documents can help their exported products better reach potential customers abroad;
  • Imported foods with full information translated in an easy-to-understand way can leave a better impression on domestic customers.
  • Support businesses to complete the first step required in the safety inspection process or apply for registration of labels and packaging for imported and exported foods.

All three points have an important impact on the professionalism and reliability of a food brand. If a translation does not guarantee high accuracy, contains obscure words, or has less coherent sentences that are easily confusing to users, will customers put their trust in the product?

The answer obviously is no. Because food businesses themselves have not focused on putting accurate information on packaging, labels, or websites, it’s not possible for consumers to make their purchases. Food and drink are all things that have a direct impact on human health.

If you are aiming to penetrate a completely new market with users who do not speak the same language or want to bring imported foods closer to potential local customers, choose a food translation service of high quality so as not to bear unwanted bitter fruits as above.

How to request the quickest food translation service?

At Tomato Translation, customers can contact us to receive our advice or quotation in the following ways:

  • Directly and quickly call the Hotline at 0938 596 333;
  • Text or call Zalo at 0938 596 333
  • Receive detailed consultations at our office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Register the required information at the website:
  • Send requests to:

How to send food documents and files for translation?

Similar to consulting support services or requests for quotations for the food translation service, businesses can send source-language files to Tomato in 4 ways:

  • Send attachments via Zalo: 0938 596 333
  • Send information to email:
  • Delivery of hard files to our office address: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

If you only have hard copies of documents without soft copies, you can choose one of the following two ways:

  • Send files directly to Tomato’s office in Hanoi (address above)
  • Scan and then send the soft copy or take a picture of the hard copy (note that the picture must be clear) and send it to

How to get translated files and documents?

After completion, the translation of food business documents can be handed over in the following two ways:

  • Soft copies: small-size translations can be sent to our partner’s email or Zalo account. A large file of translations can be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox, and then the link is sent to the customer’s email or Zalo.
  • Hard copies: the translation can be printed with a confirmation seal or copied to a CD or DVD and then couriered to the address required by the customer. Note: The hard copy delivery service can incur additional printing and shipping costs.

Note: Partners wishing to receive hard file translations should clearly inform us in the request for quotation. This can enable Tomato to calculate the exact cost as well as avoid incurring other surcharges for customers.

Is the customer’s information and the project kept confidential?

The answer is YES. All information about the project is completely confidential with Tomato and will not be disclosed to an unrelated third party without the customer’s consent.

Are there preferential policies for large projects?

Tomato Translation offers additional discounts on large projects in various fields, including the translation of business documents for the food industry. The more files that need to be translated, the more discounts there are.

The methods of payment for food translation services at Tomato.

Up until now, Tomato has had the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Use Paypal wallet

Tomato’s work schedule for food translation services?

Tomato’s work schedule is applied to all types of translation, including food industry translation services:

  • Business hours from Monday to Friday: 9:00–18:00 (GMT +7)
  • In addition to business hours and weekends, we serve online translation and consulting 24/7 through Hotline/Zalo at 0938 596 333.

Promise of quality

Tomato Media guarantees to provide high-quality and consistent services in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes to expressly communicate, promptly deliver services, and exceed customer expectations.

Tomato Media Company – Prestigious – High-quality food translation services


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