Professional, prestigious, and economical notarized translation services in District 2

You’re looking for a notarized translation service in District 2, but no businesses have yet met your needs? Let Tomato Media support your project with quality, professional, and affordable media translation, interpretation, localization, and media translation services.


List of prestigious, high-quality notarized translation companies in District 2

The following is a list of prestigious, high-quality notarized translation companies in District 2:

1) District 2 notarized translation – Tomato

District 2 notarized translation - Tomato

Tomato Media is one of the top companies specializing in providing prestigious language solutions in Vietnam. The unit owns a team of translators who not only have intensive language proficiency (capable of translating more than 50 language pairs) but also thoroughly understand the laws of Vietnam as well as those of many other countries in the world. In particular, the quality of translation is carried out according to the process of meeting ISO 9001:2015.

Here are some notarized translation and interpreting services in District 2 provided by Tomato Media:

  • Notarized translation of various documents, documents, papers: identification documents, visa application documents, study abroad documents, civil transactions such as transfer / rent-loan / donation, etc., bids, wills, contracts of all kinds…
  • Translation of diverse categories for more than 100 specializations: books, newspapers, magazines, MSDS, dissertations, research papers, import and export documents, etc.
  • Media translation: translation-voice recording, translation-voice-over, translation-dubbing, subtitling, etc.
  • Localization services: Games, apps, software programs, websites, videos, etc.
  • Multi-form interpreting services: online interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, consecutive interpreting, accompanying interpreting, etc.

Contact information:

  • Hotline: 0938 596 333 (24/7 support) in District 2, HCMC
  • Zalo: 0938 596 333
  • Website: 
  • Email:

2) District 2 Translation – VATRANS

District 2 Translation – VATRANS

VATRANS is an abbreviation of Van Anh Trade Promotion Translation Company Limited, a unit with over 10 years of operation in the field of translation and interpretation in Ho Chi Minh City. With a team of experienced translators and collaborators who are experts in law and justice, this company is an ideal choice for notarized translation services in District 2.

Currently, many individuals seek out VATRANS for notarized translation and some of the following services:

  • Notarized translation of documents and records: marriage certificates, citizen identity cards, passports, study abroad documents, visa application documents, labor export documents, tender documents, business licenses, etc.
  • Notarized translation of civil transactions: wills, contracts for the sale of houses, contracts for lease – rent, contracts for asset transfer, etc.
  • Translation of multi-disciplinary documents, records, books: finance, information technology, medicine, law, advertising communications, bid documents, etc.
  • Interpreter: project interpreter, simultaneous interpreter, construction site interpreter, negotiation interpreter, seminar – conference interpreter, etc.
  • Some other services: website localization, proofreading, consular legalization – certification, etc.

Contact information:

  • Address: 5A8 (Cu Xa Truc Vot), Road 9, Quarter 4, Binh Anh Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website:
  • Hotline : 0902.798.682    
  • Email :

See also:

3) Notarized translation in District 2 – Le Van Dung Notary Office

Notarized translation in District 2 - Le Van Dung Notary Office

Referring to the prestigious notarized translation service in District 2, we cannot ignore the Le Van Dung Notary Office. This is one of the units that many people value for its service attitude and service quality. In particular, the process of duplicating, translating, and notarizing translations is relatively quick while still ensuring a high level of precision.

The following are notarized translation services at the Le Van Dung Notary Office:

  • Notarized translation and notarization of various kinds of personal documents: marriage certificates, citizen identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses, student ID cards, birth certificates, etc.
  • Notarized translation of civil transactions: wills, contracts for the sale of houses, contracts for lease – rent, contracts for asset transfer, etc.
  • Notarized translation of documents and records: study abroad documents, visa application documents, labor export documents, tender documents, business license, etc.

Contact information:

  • Address: 112 Truong Van Bang Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc (old District 2), Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 098 197 1168
  • Email:

4) Notarized translation in District 2 – Department of Justice of District 2

Notarized translation in District 2 - Department of Justice of District 2

The Department of Justice of District 2, a prestigious state administrative unit, specializes in providing legal consulting services, residence certification, certification of documents, and notarized translation. This is considered the reliable address for those who want to have both translation and certified records in the same place.

  • However, this is a state office, so it is possible that the completion of the procedure may take quite a long time, and the language pairs are limited. Some notarized translation services here include:
  • Notarized translation of personal documents and records: labor export application, study abroad application, visa application, testament, land transfer paper, labor contract, identity card, driver’s license, etc.Notarized translation of specialized documents for enterprises: bidding documents, business licenses, product disclosure documents, commercial contracts, import and export declaration documents, etc.

Contact information of District 2 notarized translation company:

  • Address: 249 Luong Dinh Cua, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Tomato Translation in District 2 specializes in providing all forms of translation service

Tomato Media is proud to be a professional, reputable, and competitively priced translation service provider in District 2 with a diverse translation service ecosystem, including:

1. Translation and notary services for documents at District 2 notarized translation office

Tomato provides the translation and notarization of all types of documents, materials, and records in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, such as:

  • Personal documents: passport, identity card, citizen ID, birth certificate, driver’s license, student card, temporary residence book, household registration book, degree, office certificate, language certificate, etc.
  • Documents related to business and organizations: business registration certificate, company profile, business license, etc.
  • Types of contracts: labor, import-export, economic, insurance, purchase, authorization, borrowing, etc.
  • Types of records, papers, invoices, and documents related to financing – accounting, financial statements, tax statements, audits
  • etc.

2. Interpretation services in District 2 #professional #highly specialized

With the purpose of serving as a bridge to support translation for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, visits, activities at factories, negotiations, events, international seminars, etc., Tomato is pleased to offer high-quality interpretation services in various formats, including:

  • Online interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Accompanying interpretation






3. Media translation of special documents

The media translation services at Tomato are diverse, meeting the needs of a large number of customers who need to complete film, video, or TVC advertising projects.

  • Translation and recording
  • Translation and dubbing
  • Subtitling for clips, videos, movies
  • Voice-over
  • Script translation
  • Translation of videos, movies
  • Audio/video transcription



4. High-quality localization service at Tomato Media

Localization is also one of Tomato Media’s outstanding services. With a team of translators who are knowledgeable in language and culture and the support of modern devices, we are confident in bringing quality products in a variety of types:

  • Website localization: information website, news blog, sales web, etc.
  • App localization: apps that run on computers, tablets, and mobile on platforms like Google Play, App Store, etc.
  • Software localization: sales software, dictionary software, accounting software, construction software, etc.
  • Localization game: fighting game, action game, sports game, intelligent game, fashion game, etc.
  • Video localization: TVC, music MV, review video, etc.



If you have a translation project in District 2, call Tomato now!

Customers at Tomato Media will receive attentive service from a group of committed managers, translators, and consultants. We constantly strive daily to bring customers the best translation service in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City with:

  • Translation accuracy is close to 100% thanks to professional staff and the support of modern translation software.
  • Commitment to the delivery of products as agreed in the contract
  • A professional translation team with a serious working style
  • Interpreters with good-looking appearances and a confident manner
  • Quality media translation and localization, compatible with different types of devices thanks to the use of advanced technology devices
  • The translation has absolutely guaranteed legal value
  • Competitive prices, quick, detailed, and transparent quotes; commitment to no surcharges
  • Enthusiastic customer support service, available translation warranty policies for a guarantee of users’ interests


Tomato Media provides notarized translation services in more than 50 popular languages

With the quality of the ISO 9001:2015 recognized notarized translation service, Tomato Media now owns a multidisciplinary translation system with the availability of more than 48 languages. If you need notarized translations in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Tomato will put out all efforts to finalize your documents and projects.

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Tomato specializes in providing translation services for specialized fields

The Tomato Media team is fluent in multiple languages and has in-depth knowledge and practical experience in over 100 different fields. If you require notarized translations of documents in the fields below, we can fully assist you in the shortest amount of time.

Economy Media – Entertainment Medical – Pharmaceutical
Information technology Banking and finance Education
Environment Oil and gas  Marketing
Tourism Construction Engineering – Manufacturing

Automotive engineering


Life sciences


Electricity – Electronics


Tomato Media provides translation services in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces

In addition to serving the translation needs of customers who come directly to the office, Tomato also offers translations throughout the country with online translation services. If there is a need for translation, you can contact us at:

☎ Hotline/Zalo (Tomato Media): 0938 596 333

📧 Email:

Tomato not only provides translation (translation, interpretation, subtitling, recording, voice-over, localization) in District 2 HCMC, but also supports translation in District 1, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 7, Binh Thanh District, District 9, District 10, District 12, etc. In fact, Tomato can support translation nationwide and in all countries around the world.


The latest quotation for notarized translation services in District 2

The cost of notarized translation in District 2 at Tomato Media is optimized with excellent service quality:

  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product-Service” award.
  • Tomato’s application of a quality management system that has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate
  • Tomato is in the top 126 LSPI-Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.
Video giới thiệu Tomato Media


Notarized translation prices can be calculated according to the formula:

Total cost = Translation fee + notary fee

Below is the current quote for the translation of documents at Tomato.


A ⇄ B

Vietnamese English 90.000 (KM 20%)
72.000 – 144.000 (KM 20%)
60.000 – 120.000
Vietnamese Chinese 72.000 (KM 20%)
84.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
70.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Japanese 108.000 (KM 20%)
108.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Korean 108.000 (KM 20%)
108.000 – 168.000 (KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese French 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese German 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Spanishese Spanish 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Italian 120.000 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Portuguese 130.000 130.000 – 180.000
Vietnamese Lao 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Khmer 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Thai 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Malay 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Dutch 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Czech 120.000 120.000 – 210.000
Vietnamese Arabic 125.000 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Bahasa Indonesia 135.000 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Burmese, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, etc. Contact Contact


The cost of notarization will be determined by the fee set by notary offices or the Department of Justice. Below is the reference price list:

Notarized translation (Private Notary Office) 65,000 – 80,000
Notarized translation (Public Notary Office) 120,000 – 160,000


  • The foregoing quotations are for reference only
  • Translation costs may vary depending on document quantity, language difficulty, specialization, and accompanying requirements.
  • For detailed rates, contact Tomato Media’s hotline or email for the fastest support.

Frequently asked questions about notarized translation services in District 2

Notarized translation is a process consisting of two phases:

  • Translation: translating documents and texts to ensure the similarity of meaning and content when compared to the original.
  • Notarization: the process of certifying the signature of the translator in the district public notary office or notarizing the translation at a private notary office.

As stipulated in Clause 1, Article 61 of the Notary Law of 2014:

“The person responsible for the translation shall be a collaborator of notary practice organizations. Translators shall graduate from a foreign language university or another university but ensure proficiency in that language.”

The collaborator shall be accountable to the notary practice organization for the accuracy and relevance of the translated content.

In order to perform an instant notary translation service, the client needs to ensure some of the following factors for the process to go smoothly:

  • The time to submit documents should be around 9 PM on the same day for translators to proceed with the translation.
  • The time for delivery of the original document is 2 PM on the same day to proceed with the procedure for obtaining a notary seal.
  • Documents that need notarization are not too complicated, e.g. personal documents, diplomas, certificates, etc.

The notarized translation offices in District 2 are mostly working during business hours. In particular:

From Monday to Friday:

  • Morning: 7: 30 – 11: 30
  • Afternoon 13:30-17:30

Saturday: morning 7:30-11:00

The time required to complete a notarized translation depends on the quantity of the document, the specialization, and the language pair. Usually, the process of notarized translation can take place in 1 – 5 days, depending on whether you choose to use a private or public notary service.

The procedure for notarized translation will include the following steps, according to state regulations in Vietnam:

  • Step 1: Once the translation is complete, the document will be sent to the Department of Justice for the notary to conduct a document check. If the document is qualified, it will be processed and recorded in the notary record book. Otherwise, the notary will require additional information or refuse to process the document.
  • Step 2: The notarial practice organization will send records and translations to the CTV of the unit to conduct an inspection of the translated content.
  • Step 3: The translator signs on each page of the translation and takes it to the notary to record the testimony and sign on each page of the translation.
  • Step 4: Hand over the notarized documents
  • Step 5: Collect notary fees

To choose a quality District 2 notarized translation company, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Precise headquarters, branches, phone numbers, and email information
  • A team of professional, certified translators
  • Clear service contract and confidentiality commitment
  • Transparent quotes
  • Accurate translation quality; positive recognition from customers who have used the service
  • Good customer service and translation warranty policy

It’s absolutely necessary. Signature verification is the evaluation and comparison by a competent state agency of whether the signature on the document is the genuine signature provided by the applicant for authentication. The signature verification is done to determine whether the translation accurately reflects the original and whether the translated document is correct.

  • ID card/Citizen identity card/passport
  • Original records, papers
  • Translation of documents, records, and papers corresponding to the original
  • If there are specialized glossaries or acronyms, it is necessary to include an explanation of these terms to ensure that the document is correctly translated.

Review from customers using the service

Hoa Nguyen

“Very satisfied with the customer service. Quick and enthusiastic consultation. The price is commensurate with the quality. The company also has a warranty policy. Although my translation was not required to be edited, this policy made me feel assured. I wish the company every success in all its future endeavors.”

Hoa Nguyen / Ha Noi


Hoang Thuc Anh

“The quality of the translation is good.” I needed to translate the contract a bit urgently but still ensure the deadline, and the staff still supported me enthusiastically even though it was outside of office hours. I used online translation services and was very satisfied.”

Hoang Thuc Anh / TP HCM


Thien Huong

“My company used the English – Vietnamese translation service for its financial report. Fast translation speed, enthusiastic advice, affordable price, if there is a need, I will come back to Tomato”

Thien Huong / Hai Phong


 Louis Tran

“The company’s services are of excellent quality and completed on time!” Enthusiastic consultant team, accurate information, prestige”

Louis Tran / Dong Nai


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