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You are looking for specialist translation services that meet the requirements:

  •  Accurate technical terminology
  • The format is the same as the original
  • Quick and professional translation with large volumes of documents

Tomato Media is the most professional and accurate specialist translation unit today. Find out more about our services below.

Specialist translation – the fields we serve

Tomato is the best quality multidisciplinary translation unit today. The specialties in which we perform translation are:

Information technology

  • Translation of documents on applied informatics, software engineering, information management systems
  • Translation of documents about new technology, Blockchain, AI, NFT game, etc.
  • Transcription and translation of videos about information technology
  • Software, game, website localization
  • etc.


  • Translation of books, textbooks, and theses on economic majors
  • Translation of commercial documents, economic law documents
  • Translation of scripts for domestic and foreign events and economic seminars
  • Translation and recording of introductions, advertisements, product manuals
  • Localization of software for sales management, room reservation, interaction management, etc.
  • etc.


  • Translation of textbooks, reference books, garment materials, documents on sewing technology, fashion design, textile documents, etc.
  • Audio transcription of garment machinery introduction
  • Translation and recording of videos for machinery and equipment manual in the garment industry
  • Film translation about the garment industry, etc.
  • etc.


  • Translation of construction manuals, project descriptions
  • Translation of architectural drawings
  • Translation and recording of videos related to the construction industry
  • Website localization of the project, investor company introduction
  • Localization of software for construction calculation
  • etc.


Health – Pharmaceutical – Medical

  • Translation of documents related to books, newspapers, medical journal
  • Translating documents on theses, medical research works, etc.
  • Translation of prescriptions, medical examination and treatment papers, composition tables of traditional and western medicine, etc.
  • Transcription and translation of medical, pharmaceutical, and medical videos or audio
  • Localization of software, websites about medical examination and treatment, information about pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.
  • etc.

Tourism & hospitality

  • Translation of professional training materials in hotels
  • Translation of manuals for hotel machinery and equipment
  • Translation, recording, dubbing, voiceover and subtitle translation for tourist destination introduction videos and movies
  • Localization of software, website, hotel booking apps, tour management, reservation management software
  • etc.

Media & Entertainment

  • Translation of books, newspapers, and magazines in the field of Communication and Mass Relations
  • Translation and recording of short stories, postcards, etc.
  • Transcription and translation of video/audio MVs, TVCs, etc.
  • Localization of music streaming and movie applications
  • Translation of posters and scripts for press conferences
  • etc.

Banking and finance

  • Translation of business results reports
  • Translation of periodic financial reports
  • Subtitle translation of financial and banking videos
  • Localization of financial and banking applications
  • etc.


  • Translation of product information: product name, specifications, functions, usage, price, warranty, shipping unit, etc.
  • Translation of user reviews
  • Customer support translation
  • E-commerce website translation
  • Localization of ordering app (for example, e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Shein, etc.)
  • Translation of terms and requirements to open an online store on e-commerce platforms
  • etc.

Engineering – Manufacturing

  • Translation of production and installation documents for the technical industry
  • Translation of books, research documents, technical books, specialized textbooks
  • Translation of production techniques videos
  • Translation of user manuals, tools in production support software such as AUTO CAD, etc.
  • Localization of websites about the engineering industry
  • etc.



  • Translation of electronic specifications, electrical installation design
  • Translation and recording of video tutorials for electronic products
  • Translation of device testing reports
  • Translation and voiceover of electronic documentaries, etc.
  • Localization of electronic business company website, electronic product website, etc.
  • etc.

Automotive engineering

  • Translation of documents specialized in automotive engineering
  • Document translation of auto parts, accessories and components
  • Translation of videos specialized in automotive engineering
  • Translation of assembly design, model design, etc.
  • Translation of car production plans
  • etc.


  • Translation of flyers, profiles, brochures, banners, catalogs, etc. for marketing campaigns
  • Books, newspapers, electronic or print magazines
  • Website, app localization
  • Translation of media plans, marketing plans, digital marketing, etc.
  • Content translation, email marketing, etc.
  • etc.

Life sciences

  • Translation of research reports on life sciences
  • Translation of documents on rare animals, biochemical technology, biotechnology, etc.
  • Voiceover of commentary on life science
  • Translation of movie subtitles on life science topics
  • Localization of scientific information websites
  • etc.


  •  Translation of multi-language mechanical engineering textbooks
  • Translation of technical and production safety manuals
  • Localization of mechanical engineering software
  • Localization of mechanical websites
  • etc.


  • Translation of documents on the living environment
  • Translation of documents on environmental impact assessment
  • Localization of environmental resource data management software, environmental monitoring software, waste management software, etc.
  • Website localization: website for environmental resource statistics, forestry-related websites, etc.
  • etc.


  • Translation of manuals for tending crops and livestock
  • Translation and dubbing of agricultural programs and videos
  • Agricultural application localization
  • Localization of agricultural websites: seedlings,
  • etc.

Energy – Oil and gas

  • Translation of circulars, resolutions and legal documents on the oil and gas industry
  • Translation of documents related to oil and gas energy products
  • Localization of websites, applications related to energy – oil and gas
  • etc.



  • Translation of reports and documents
  • Translation of judgments, foreign legal documents, decrees, government circulars
  • etc.

Education and training

  • Translation of textbooks and specialized books
  • Translation of teaching practice manuals
  • Translation of projects, theses
  • Translation of documents, reports of new training pilot programs
  • Translate E-learning videos, online education
  • etc.


  • Translation of research on chemical structure and composition
  • Translation of documents on chemical safety
  • Application localization of chemical management
  • etc.


  • Translation of telecommunications equipment manual
  • Translation of telecommunications equipment manufacturing documentation
  • Translation of advertising materials for telecommunication companies
  • Translation of wire network parameters, types of cables
  • etc.


  • Translation of scientific research articles
  • Translation of economic, political, daily life news
  • Translation of breaking news of the day
  • Translation of weekly/monthly magazines
  • Translation of print and electronic newspapers
  • etc.


  • Translation of financial statements, accounting, auditing
  • Translation of cash flow statements
  • Translation of annual reports, tax reports, Fintech reports
  • etc.

Tomato specialist translation services for various documents

Tomato provides specialist translation services for a variety of documents from print to electronic documents such as:

  • Translation of all types of print documents
  • Media translation: Translation and recording, dubbing, subtitle translation, video or audio transcription, script translation, etc.
  • Localization of software, websites, videos, reports, documentaries, movies, etc. related to all specialties.

Tomato provides specialist translation services in 50+ common languages

Tomato provides specialist translation services in more than 50 popular languages such as: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Lao, Khmer, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Burmese, etc. We can satisfy all the needs for translation services in every language, regardless of common or rare ones.

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch






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High-quality specialist translation services at Tomato – Why should you choose us?

Specialist translation services require high accuracy that only a few translation units can satisfy. With years of experience in multidisciplinary translation services, Tomato has always been bringing out the best translation solutions for the customer by:

TOMATO MEDIA received the award “2021 Excellent Products – Services”

Tomato Media honorably received the “2021 Excellent Products and Services” award at the Government Office – Conference Center, Hanoi. This is a worthy achievement for Tomato’s efforts over the years to affirm the quality of its services.

Tomato enters the top 150 The Slator 2022 LSPI

Tomato excellently entered the top 50 LSPI (Language Service Provider Index) – rankings for the world’s largest translation, localization, interpretation and language technology companies compiled by Slator company.

Tomato’s quality management system meets the ISO 9001:2015 international certificate

The quality management system at Tomato is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. This is an internationally recognized standard for the quality management process of enterprises. Tomato always focuses on the strict assessment, inspection and supervision process at every stage in the service provision process.

Tomato Media becomes a partner of major customers

Specialist translation services at Tomato have been trusted and chosen by thousands of customers. Over the years, we are proud to be the partner of many big customers like BIDV, VNPT, Coca-Cola, Nishimatsu, Electronics, Vietnam Airlines, Lotte, Toyota, Samsung, LG, and Sony to name but a few.

A team of translators with 3+ years of industry experience

The team of translators and interpreters at Tomato has a bachelor’s degree or higher in language skills and years of experience in the translation field, especially their in-depth expertise in specialized fields.

Commitment to information confidentiality

Customers’ information shall be kept confidential through an NDA with Tomato.

Competitive pricing

Good service quality and extremely competitive costs are what customers formally acknowledge Tomato. We always bring the best service and help customers save optimal costs.

Prestigious translation warranty policy

Tomato Media implements a translation warranty policy to ensure quality and benefits for customers. If you have any concerns related to the translation, you can immediately contact us for a quick solution.


Request a quotation for #high-quality specialist translation services

Tomato provides quality multidisciplinary translation services at a reasonable, competitive price. To get more details, contact us via the hotline 0938 596 333. Or you can get a quick and exact quotation here.

Customers’ feedback


“I came to Tomato to translate lots of important economic documents because this company translates quickly and accurately. The staff is young, professional and very enthusiastic. They are always responsive whenever I need support, so I am very satisfied with the service”

L.T.H.Y / Ha Noi



“Tomato’s translation of accounting documents is very accurate. Moreover, the company has an absolute information confidentiality policy, so I am completely assured.”



“It is very difficult to find a translation unit that is fast, accurate and reasonably priced like Tomato. This is a place worth your choice.”

H.T.T.T / Hung Yen



“The service here has a quick and reasonable quotation.” Excellent translation quality.”

L.T.T.H / Hai Phong


“Fast translation, reasonable price. Enthusiastic staff.”

Đ.T.T / Quang Nam

FAQ about telecommunication translation services

1. What is the specialist translation service?

The specialist translation service brings out a specialized translation in a certain area of expertise. Unlike common document translation, specialist translation needs to go deep into the lexical system as well as the grammar and profession of each specialty. Each field has a different amount of information, knowledge, and technical terms. Therefore, each translator can only translate well in one or a few related fields.

2. What is the importance of specialist translation services?

Specialist translation plays an important role in accurately understanding the specialized information that customers and partners want to exchange. Specialist translation helps you access more advanced specialized knowledge in the world. Specialist translation tasks require almost 100% accuracy. Just a small mistake can cause unpredictable consequences.

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Promise of quality

Tomato Media ensures to provide high-quality, consistent services in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes to expressly communicate, promptly deliver services, and exceed customer expectations.


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