Document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions

Document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions

Translation services for documents, videos, and websites of schools and educational institutions in Tomato – High-quality -Prestige

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Tomato is ready to translate documents, videos, and websites for schools and educational institutions with high quality

Training and education are important areas of life because they directly affect the process of human development. The transformation of the language of educational materials into various languages is the effective connection of knowledge. Tomato provides high-quality document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions.

Translation of teaching materials for schools and educational institutions

The teaching materials of schools and educational institutions can be compiled from a variety of sources. Tomato provides accurate multilingual teaching materials translation services, including:

  • Textbooks
  • Specialized books
  • Curriculum
  • Syllabus
  • Translation of teaching practice manuals
  • Study outline
  • Exam questions
  • etc.

Translation of scientific research articles

Scientific research materials are important documents in schools. Tomato brings customers the most accurate translations of scientific research materials, including:

  • Scientific research topics
  • Scientific research articles
  • Literature in scientific research journals
  • Dissertations, theses
  • etc.

Educational and training website translation services

Tomato provides superior-quality multi-platform, multilingual educational website translation services:

  • Educational organization/Training center website
  • School website
  • Online teaching website
  • Business course website
  • etc.

Document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions

Translation of e-learning videos

The translation of e-learning videos makes it possible for customers to reach their target audience and provide an understandable product.

E-learning translation requires more than just translation; it also requires the translator to have an understanding of the cultural context of the course according to the target audience. Tomato ensures accurate translation of elements in e-learning videos such as cultures, semantics, and layouts, as well as reflecting the mission and value of the video creator.

Translation of tax reports and tax documents for schools and training institutions

Tax reporting documents are important for schools and training institutions. All this material needs to be interpreted correctly and clearly in order to be able to work with the stakeholders. Tax documents are often highly specialized in terms of major expertise. Therefore, it is necessary for the translator to be knowledgeable and have basic knowledge of taxes to be able to translate well. Tomato offers customers quality translation services for tax reports and tax documents, including:

  • Invoice
  • Accounting records
  • Tax declarations, etc.
  • Financial statements
  • Receipts, expense slips
  • etc.

Document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions

In addition, we also provide translations of other types of documents for schools and educational institutions, such as:

  • Dissertations, theses, essays, etc.
  • Essays on subjects
  • Dissertations
  • Book review articles
  • School planning project documentation
  • Documentation of new training program development
  • System of legal documents on education and training
  • Pedagogical expertise documentation
  • Documentation of multilingual educational and cultural workshops
  • Specialized regulations
  • Specialized training programs
  • etc.

Tomato provides full translation services for schools/educational training institutions

Not only does Tomato translate all kinds of documents and papers for schools and educational institutions, but it also provides full professional translation services of high quality for schools and educational institutions, including notarized translation services, interpretation, localization, and media translation.

Notarized translation of all school/educational institution documents

If there is a need for quick notary translation, contact Tomato immediately. The notarized translation service for educational businesses at Tomato can help you translate the following types of documents:

  • Curriculum
  • School rules
  • School reports
  • Student cards
  • Admission letter
  • Trainee referral
  • Fellowship referral
  • Educational reports and data
  • Documents on education and training workshops
  • Education contract
  • Appendix
  • Job application
  • Submissions
  • Study aboard application
  • Postgraduate literature

Provision of quality interpretation services for education and training fields

Tomato Media provides suitable, quality interpreters for education and training. We can provide interpretation services for a wide range of educational content, including:

  • Interpretation for educational culture development project
  • Interpretation at fairs, product launch events, art exhibitions, etc.
  • Interpretation in negotiations, exchanges, and contract signing sessions on education and training
  • Interpretation at conferences, seminars on training, career orientation, new teaching methodology seminars, etc.
  • etc.

The forms of interpretation at Tomato are selected to be suitable for each type of topic, content, and nature of the interpretation session, including:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Online interpretation

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Multilingual localization

Tomato’s localization services are of great interest to customers and are well recognized for the quality and professionalism of the translation team. We offer high-quality multilingual localization services for the following categories:

  • Software localization: teaching support software, pedagogical personnel management software, book systems, teaching management software, document sorting software,…
  • Website localization: school/educational training organization websites, scientific research and development websites, dissertation summary websites, reference materials, etc.
  • Video localization: teaching method instruction video, educational and cultural seminar video, etc.
  • Localization of applications related to education and training
  • etc.

High-quality media translation

In the field of training and education, media translation plays an important role in the process of receiving knowledge for teachers and learners. Tomato provides a variety of quality media translation services to schools and educational institutions, including:

  • Voice recording, translation, dubbing, subtitling, movie or video voice-over: scientific research, history, career orientation, etc.
  • Film and video translation: pedagogical skill training, introduction of the history of the formation and development of schools, etc.
  • Script translation: instructions for writing theses, dissertations, scientific research, etc.
  • etc.

Tomato provides document translation services for schools and educational and training institutions in 50+ languages

Tomato translates documents, videos, and websites for schools and educational institutions, with 50+ languages to choose from and a team of high-quality translators for each language type:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Tomato provides online and offline document translation services for schools and educational and training institutions nationwide

To meet the translation needs of customers, Tomato offers online and offline document translation services for schools and educational and training institutions nationwide in all provinces and cities:

  • Hanoi
  • Bac Ninh
  • Hai Duong
  • Hai Phong
  • Thai Binh
  • Nam Dinh
  • Da Nang
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Binh Duong
  • Binh Phuoc
  • Dong Nai, etc.

With staff across the country, Tomato provides quality and fast online translation services. Many customers prefer our online translation services thanks to:

  • Quick and easy delivery of translation documents
  • Savings on travel and time costs

When using online translation services, you need to send us the soft copy or scan the original to us via:

  • Email:
  • Zalo Tomato Media: 0938.596.333

Why use educational and training document translation services at Tomato Translation?

Educational and training document translation services at Tomato are currently the choice of a lot of schools and educational institutions because of:

  • A professional translation team with extensive translation experience in the education and training fields
  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality
  • Translation services for various records and documents
  • Commitment to punctuality
  • Accuracy up to 100%
  • The best prices in the market and countless attractive deals with customers who have a large order or loyal customers
  • Prestigious translation warranty policy
  • 24/7 customer service

The outstanding figures and achievements of Tomato Media draw customers’ interest:

  • Successful implementation of over 4,722 hours of interpretation for all fields
  • Over 1 billion translated documents
  • Over 300+ hours of dubbing
  • The quality management system achieves the international standard ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 17100: 2015 accredited translation services — The first international ISO standard for translation services
  • Tomato is in the top 126 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.

  • Tomato is the translation company that honorably receives the “2021 Excellent Products and Services” award

  • Work as a reputable partner of more than 2,500 large customers

Preferential translation costs for schools and educational institutions

With the desire to bring all customers the best services, we always have preferential programs dedicated to schools and educational institutions. At Tomato, customers are consulted on project-based discount policies and many other attractive incentives.

Translation costs at Tomato are based on the following factors:

  • Languages to be translated
  • The translation turnaround time
  • The difficulty of documents/projects, etc.

So to get an accurate quote, contact us immediately and do not miss our attractive offers.


Register educational and training translation services with experts

Educational and training materials are translated to bring new knowledge to learners. Therefore, these documents need to be translated correctly. To do that, you need to immediately contact Tomato’s team of experts. We will help you:

  • Translation of educational and training materials quickly and accurately
  • Information confidentiality
  • Competitive pricing

Our team of professionals works 24/7 to support customers at any time. To register for the service and receive a precise quote for professional educational translation services at Tomato, you can leave your information right here.


Please describe your localization needs; our team will contact you quickly to assist you as soon as possible.



*  We immediately provide a detailed quotation, including cost, delivery time, and method of implementation, within just 15 minutes of the request.

The professional translation process in the field of education and training

The translation service process in the field of education and training at Tomato Media is professionally established, optimized, and ensures the fastest, most quality translation with six basic steps:

  • Step 1: Receive the translation request from customers.
  • Step 2: Provide advice and quotes for customers and assign documents to the translator in charge
  • Step 3: Implement the service
  • Step 4: Proofread the translation
  • Step 5: Format the translation at request
  • Step 6: Hand over the final translation to the customer

Learn more about document, video, and website translation services for schools and educational institutions

Translation services for documents, videos, and websites for schools and educational institutions are of interest to many schools and training organizations. In order for you to better understand this service, we have compiled FAQs and the most accurate answers. Let’s check them out right away.

Why is high-quality educational translation important?

Translation in the field of education and training now plays an extremely important role because it is very necessary to learn from countries with developed education. Translation in this field requires translators to understand the language and culture of the native country.

A high-quality education and training translation is crucial, as it helps:

  • Make sure people have access to new horizons of knowledge
  • Break down the language barrier.
  • Apply quality teaching methods in an educational environment

If the educational translation is not of good quality, the content of the document cannot be communicated correctly to the reader or learner. This greatly affects the quality of education.

How to request the quickest educational translation service?

You can contact Tomato to use educational and training translation services in the easiest and fastest way through:

  • Fanpage Tomato Media VietNam
  • Hotline: 0938.596.333
  • Zalo: 0938 596 333
  • Fill in the quotation request form:

How to send educational documents and files for translation?

At present, Tomato assists customers in sending educational and training documents for translation in one of the following ways:

  • Send information to email:
  • Send to Tomato Media’s Zalo account: 0938.596.333
  • Send a mail to Tomato Media Office in Room 504, 5th Floor, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Dong Da,

How to get translated educational documents and files?

The translated documents and files can be sent to you by us in either of the following two ways:

  • Send soft copies to: Send it as an electronic file via email or your zalo if it is small in size. If the file size is large, it can be sent to Dropbox or Google Drive, then shared via email for you to download easily.
  • Send hard copy file: Send delivery to the address you requested. This may incur some additional costs, but we will quote the full, clear price before performing the service.

Is the customer’s information and the project kept confidential?

Definitely yes. Tomato is committed to the security of your translation project information. Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing our services.

Does Tomato have preferential policies for large projects?

Tomato is always interested in having preferential policies for customers. With large projects, we have a discount policy according to the project. Therefore, if the project is larger, you will enjoy a higher discount and save a significant amount compared to small ones.

The methods of payment for educational translation services at Tomato?

You can choose how to pay for educational and training translation services at Tomato in one of the following ways:

  • Cash payment
  • Bank transfer to Tomato Media’s bank account
  • Payment via PayPal

Tomato’s work schedule for training translation services?

Tomato offers translation services in the fields of education and training as well as other services 24/7. As long as you have a need to use the service, we will respond immediately, regardless of day or night, weekday or holiday, including the Tet holiday.

Promise of quality

Tomato Media guarantees to provide high-quality and consistent services in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes to expressly communicate, promptly deliver services, and exceed customer expectations.

Tomato Media Company – Prestigious – High-quality educational document, video, and website translation services


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