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Russian translation ServiceHigh-quality & Prestige Russian Translation Service at Tomato

Tomato commits to:

📗 Professional and accurate translation

📗 Russian translation in various fields

📗 Fast translation payment

📗 NDA security commitment

📗 Best compilation cost


Russian translation overview

To provide an accurate translation, a Russian translation service requires not only a translator with excellent skills, but also experience. The Vietnam-Russia connection has a long history and is growing in many areas, including trade, education, technology, health, politics, security and defense. Russia is also one of the countries that has made significant investments and provided aid to our country. Furthermore, the high level of training in Russia has drawn a large number of Vietnamese students to study there.

As a result, finding Russian translation services to translate documents and documents, particularly study abroad and visa documents, has never been more important. Individuals and organizations alike want to work with a competent, high-quality, and economical Russian translation service provider like Tomato.

Extremely accurate Russian translation service at Tomato

Tomato would like to give individuals, organizations, and corporations with quality Russian translation services in order to be able to quickly meet all of our clients’ needs for Russian translation. This will make customers feel secure on the path between Vietnam and Russia.

1.  Translation of a variety of documents and specialized papers into Russian

📙 Notarized translation of Russian documents and documents

Tomato delivers accurate notarized translation services in a timely manner, ensuring the correct format and original content, and can be obtained in as little as one day.

  • Temporary residence and temporary absence certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Identity verification documents: Citizen identification card, ID card, passport
  • Household registration book and land use rights certificate
  • University degrees, colleges and certificates of merit
  • Certificate of Foreign Language, Informatics
  • Academic transcripts, transcripts
  • Student card
  • Registration of marriage
  • Divorce papers
  • Salary and pension books
  • License of invention
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) to apply for a job
  • Judicial Records
  • Certificate of share ownership
  • Converting driver’s license
  • Will and Inheritance papers
  • Medical record
  • Certificate of Injury
  • ……

📙 Notarized translation of documents for study abroad and labor export purposes

  • Recommendation letter
  • Visa application documents
  • Academic records, transcripts, certificates of merit
  • Certificate of participation in extracurricular activities, volunteering
  • Proof of assets
  • ……

📙 Translation of economic and business documents in Russian

  • HR records
  • Business capacity profile
  • Contract
  • Company regulations
  • Business license
  • Job application, CV
  • Labor export documents
  • Real estate documents
  • ISO documents
  • Accounting vouchers, revenue and expenditure documents
  • Financial report, etc.

📙 Translation of videos and movies

  • Movies, animations, TV series, documentaries, etc.
  • TVC advertising
  • Music videos, etc.

📙 Translation of books and magazines

  • Story
  • Novel
  • Curriculum
  • Literature
  • Business book
  • Psychological book
  • Book of Culture – Society
  • History book
  • Books of Religion

📙 Translation of theses, projects, documents for study and research

📙 Translation of websites

📙 Translating documents in more than 100 specialties

📙 Desktop publishing (DTP) in Russian

📙 MSDS, etc.

Russian translation Service

2.  Multi-specialized Russian translation

Tomato’s Russian translation service is glad to have a staff of translators with extensive experience in a variety of professions to provide translation services in over 100 fields, including:

  • Engineering: Hydroelectricity, hydrology, mechanical engineering, electronics, bridges, information technology, architecture, chemicals, etc.
  • Financial industry: Accounting, auditing, securities, tax reports, financial statements, banking, etc.
  • Economic industry: Consumption, retail, marketing, etc.
  • Tourism and hotel industry
  • Education industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fashion and garment industry
  • Industry – agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Law industry

Tomato translates Russian – Vietnamese and many other popular languages ​​such as: English, French, German, Japanese, etc.

The cost of high-quality Russian translation

Russian translation costs at Tomato Media are optimized with excellent quality services:

  • Tomato received the “2021 Excellent Product & Service” award
  • Tomato applies a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
  • Tomato entered the top 150 of LSPI – A ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies

The following is a reference price list for Russian translation services:

Price list is for reference only ***

Quotes are optimized with excellent service quality

Forms Quote
Translation of documents and personal papers in Russian 55.000 VND/Page
Regular Russian document translation * 55.000 – 110.000 VND/Page
Notarized Russian translation – Private notary office Translation fee + 65.000 – 80.000 (VND/Copy)
Notarized Russian translation – Judicial Notary Office Translation fee + 120.000 – 160.000 (VND/Copy)

*  The average document is estimated at 300 words/page

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Tomato received the “2021 Excellent Product & Service” award

Tomato Media entered the top 150 of LSPI – A ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies

Quality Russian translation, your No. 1 choice

Tomato Media has been recognized for its quality by ISO 9001: 2015 and has earned the trust of clients after 5 years in the industry. We are confident in our ability to deliver accurate translations that respect the original material, format the original, are culturally suitable, and do not include any personal feelings.

Professional translator, knowledgeable and fluent in foreign languages

  • A network of 100 professionals and 3,000+ global collaborators 100% professionally certified, carefully selected with many years of experience.
  • 100% of translators have been quality checked, ensuring language fluency, understanding of slang, context, etc.
  • Fast translation speed, commitment to deliver the translation on time.
  • Agile style, highly focused spirit, dedicated and responsible work.

Translating Russian in a fast and standard manner, returning the translation on time

Tomato Media is one of the few units that can commit to fast translation, timely payment of translations, and can totally satisfy the requirements of limited time with a translation speed of up to 20,000 words per day. Come to Tomato for the best service if you have an urgent need for documents or records, or if you need them the same day.

Russian translation anywhere and anytime during the current pandemic

Tomato can provide Russian translation services anywhere in Vietnam as well as globally because to its extensive network of employees and colleagues. Customers who are unable to visit Tomato Media in person can use our high-quality online translation service.

Customer information security is a top priority at Tomato Media

Many customers worry about leaking personal information or important documents when using Russian translation services. However, at Tomato, you can rest assured with our outstanding security capabilities.

Customers will be signed with NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) terms to protect their information and interests. According to this agreement, if customers are leaked information due to Tomato’s fault, they will be compensated with the value as specified in the contract.

The best translation warranty policy at Tomato Media

Even the smallest document or file, customers will also receive the best translation warranty from Tomato. Besides, Tomato always listens to customers’ suggestions to improve the best translation if possible.

A reliable partner of many customers

Khách hàng, đối tác của Tomato Media

Professional Russian translation process at Tomato

Tomato’s professional Russian translation service is described here. We create a process that complies with the international ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard to ensure that the highest quality service is delivered to clients at all times. To ensure 100 percent accuracy, the compilation process is closely monitored.

Tomato Media – Prestige Russian Translation Service


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