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Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Accurate translation, standard format

📗 Fast, on-time delivery

📗 Diverse services, cost savings

📗 QMS meeting ISO 9001:2015

📗 50+ languages ​​and 100+ majors


Challenges in Thai translation

Our Thai translation service receives many positive reviews from customers. For a long time, the Vietnam-Thailand relationship has been formed and is growing. Thailand is one of the leading strategic partners in many fields: education, economy, culture, etc. Parallel to the cooperation between the two countries is the introduction of Thai translation services to remove the language barrier, making the communication process smoother.

However, finding a reputable Thai translation unit is not easy.

Thai is considered as one of the languages ​​with complex structure, difficult writing and diverse tonal system. Besides, this country has a rich and unique culture which also creates many barriers for translators.

Therefore, if you want to find a high-quality Thai translation unit, you should register with a reputable and high quality translation unit like Tomato.

In addition, you can also register for our Thai translation for more options such as: Thai media translation, interpretation, localization, etc.

High quality Thai Translation Service at Tomato

Thai translation service at Tomato has received feedbacks from 80% of the customers who have used the service and 95% of which are high satisfaction and 5% suggestions for improvement. That is the motivation for us to improve and provide better services day by day.

1. Thai translations at Tomato

📔 Immediate Thai Notarized translation

  • Passport, household registration book
  • Certificate of merits
  • University degree – college degree
  • Medical record
  • Language certificate
  • Certificate of IT skills
  • Student card
  • Income and expenditure receipts
  • Academic transcripts, school profiles
  • Tax return
  • Marriage records: registration, divorce
  • Salary – Pension book
  • Judicial Records
  • Construction permit
  • Registration certificate/book of temporary residence, temporary absence
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizen ID card
  • Application for conversion of driver’s license
  • Certificate of Injury
  • Civil status papers: certification of land use rights
  • Scripts, correspondence,…
  • License for using industrial machinery
  • Testament
  • Certificate of Inheritance
  • Certificate of share ownership

📔 Translation of documents in specialized fields

  • Information technology
  • Communication
  • Economics

📔 Translation of study abroad documents, labor export documents, visa application documents (besides necessary personal documents)

  • Transcripts, certificates of merit, academic records
  • Authentication documents, proof of property
  • Certificate of Extracurricular activity participation
  • Recommendation letter

📔 DTP electronic publication

📔 Translation of MSDS documents

📔 Website translation

📔 Translation of magazines, books, newspapers

📔 Translation of business documents

  • HR records
  • Contract
  • Company rules
  • Business license
  • Job application, CV
  • Labor export documents
  • Real estate documents
  • ISO document
  • Patent
  • Financial papers
  • Economic contracts
  • Labor contract
  • Bidding documents in many fields
  • Labor export profile

📔 Translation of academic documents, theses, projects

Thai translation service

2. High-quality and prestigious multi-specialty Thai translation at Tomato

Thai translation service with 100+ specialties to meet your preferences. No matter what industry your document is in, whether it is simple or complex, Tomato Media is confident to deliver the most perfect translations. We supply translation for more than 100 diverse specialties including:

  • Education
  • Media
  • Advertisement
  • Finance – Banking
  • Law
  • Entertainment
  • Information technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Construct
  • Electronics
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Hotel
  • Fashion
  • Consumption
  • Retail
  • Industry – Agriculture

3. Translation service for Thai – Vietnamese and 49 other languages ​​at Tomato Media

Thai translation services in Tomato include the following language pairs:

  • Thai – Vietnamese
  • Thai – English
  • Thai – Chinese
  • Thai – Japanese
  • Thai – Korean
  • Thai – French

Price of #high quality Thai translation

The cost of Thai translation at Tomato Media is optimized with excellent quality services:

  • Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”
  • Tomato applies a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
  • Tomato entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation and interpretation companies rankings

The following is a reference price list for Thai translation services:

Price quote is for reference only ***

Quotes are optimized with excellent service quality

Form Price
Translation of personal documents and papers in Thai 125,000 VND/Page
Regular Thai document translation * 125,000 – 175,000 VND/Page
Notarized Thai translation – Private notary office Translation fee + 65.000 – 80.000 (VND/Copy)
Notarized Thai translation – Judicial Notary Office Translation fee + 120.000 – 160.000 (VND/Copy)

* A typical document is estimated at 300 words/page

You can also get an accurate quote for your Thai translation project by immediately contacting Tomato:

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Or you can also get a price quote directly via the form:


Why should you choose Thai translation service at Tomato?

Thai translation service at Tomato is registered for and highly appreciated by many customers for service provision as well as translation quality:

Tomato received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”


Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation company rankings


The quality of the translation is guaranteed to be the most accurate

The quality management system at Tomato Media has been certified by the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Tomato guarantees the accuracy of translation up to 99% so that any target language reader can easily grasp the information. In addition, Tomato’s translators make sure to respect the format of the original; in the translation process, they not only accurately convey the content but also ensure cultural compatibility.

Strong staff

  • Tomato has a team of 100+ translators and 3000+ collaborators nationwide to provide online and offline Thai translation services everywhere.
  • 100% of translators have qualifications, professional certificates and are strictly selected and trained.
  • Ability to translate quickly and accurately.
  • Agile, highly focused working manner, with a high sense of responsibility.
  • The project management team with translation experts will always monitor the implementation progress to ensure the timely delivery and quality of each project.

Ability to provide quick translation and on-time delivery

With a translation capacity of up to 20,000 words/day, Tomato is committed to delivering the highest quality translation product on time. Besides, if you need same-day translation, please contact Tomato for dedicated service.

Premium, professional, dedicated customer service

Tomato Media understands that, in addition to translation quality, customer care is also one of the important factors affecting your satisfaction. Therefore, we always have a team of consultants operating 24/7 to assist you.

Besides, all Tomato’s working processes are streamlined to optimize the execution time of processes and procedures. Wherever you are, just send a request and you will receive consultation on time frame, cost, commitment and service right after 10-15 minutes.

Flexible costs according to requirements

Customers will save maximum translation costs when using Tomato’s Thai translation service. We consult flexible price according to the needs of each customer with incentive policies according to the project. You will have many choices with economical translation packages. In particular, Tomato also has incentives for customers who often use our services.

Being a reliable partner of many customers

Khách hàng, đối tác của Tomato Media

Self-contained Thai translation process at Tomato

The process of Thai translation service at Tomato is self-contained, committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information and documents. Accordingly, customers together with Tomato will sign a contract with NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) terms to protect their information and interests.


Tomato Media Company – Prestigious Thai translation service


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