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Tomato’s commitments:

📗 Multi-disciplinary, multi-form interpretation

📗 Skillful Thai interpreter

📗 International quality interpretation process

📗 Nationwide Thai interpretation

📗 Competitive interpretation costs with incentives


The current demand for Thai interpretation

Thai interpretation service is one of the most registered services at Tomato during more than 5 years of operation in the field of providing language solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations. The relationship between Vietnam and Thailand has been established over the past 40 years and is increasingly developing in many fields such as economy, politics, culture, sovereignty over seas and islands, studying abroad… Therefore, the demand for Thai interpretation by individuals, agencies, organizations and businesses is increasing day by day.

Many people think that Thai is very difficult because Thai language does not use Latin characters like Vietnamese. In addition, without decent proficiency of this language, it is difficult to interpret correctly and in the right style. Therefore, the number of units providing Thai interpretation services is limited. Tomato is proud to be one of the most prestigious and highest-quality Thai interpretation units in the market today.

Professional Thai Interpretation Service by Tomato with native speakers

After more than 5 years of operation, Tomato has provided services to thousands of individuals and businesses of various scales throughout the country. We are proud to offer professional interpretation services for Thai – Vietnamese as well as Thai and many other popular languages.

TOMATO MEDIA received the award “”Excellent Product – Service 2021” Proficient, flexible, on-time


1. Types of Thai interpretation services in Tomato

Tomato Media provides many different types of Thai interpretation services with many different topics to meet the interpretation needs of customers.

  • On-site Thai interpretation
  • Parallel Thai interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation (relay)
  • Thai accompanying interpretation
  • Remote Thai interpretation (Telephone, Zalo, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Email…)

🔰 Interpretation Project

  • Business trips to seminars and conferences.
  • Projects, works, using foreign technology and foreign experts.
  • Press conference to announce expansion of cooperation and joint venture with foreign companies.
  • Project handover signing sessions…

🔰 Interpretation in factory and workshop

  • Interpretation of technical specifications, machine parameters
  • Instructions for use and operation of equipment and machines
  • Regulations on occupational safety
  • Operation Process
  • Personnel training content…

🔰 Interpretation for conferences and seminars

  • The shareholder meeting to report the progress of the plan.
  • Workshops related to all areas of life.
  • Diplomatic and political exchange conference.
  • Online conferences and seminars on joint venture cooperation between businesses…

🔰 Interpretation for Negotiation

  • Trade agreement negotiation.
  • Diplomatic negotiation activities.
  • Negotiating and mediating disputes
  • Business mergers and acquisitions negotiations.
  • Negotiation for cooperation or construction progress…

🔰 Court interpretation

  • Interpretation at court hearings, proceedings, conciliation or inspection…
  • Interpretation for people with disabilities (hearing, visually impaired or disabled people must use sign language.
  • Interpretation of lawyer’s defense documents.
  • Interpretation of testimony of the parties involved in the trial…

Thai interpretation service

2. Prestigious multi-specialty Thai interpretation

At Tomato we provide Thai interpretation for more than 100 different specialties, including:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Fisheries, marine exploitation
  • Information technology
  • Mining
  • Pharmacy – medicine
  • Media advertisement
  • Tourism, hotel
  • Life science
  • Real estate, stocks, securities
  • Architecture, construction
  • Information technology
  • Finance – banking
  • Thai language in Environment, Energy
  • Thai language in Petroleum, Minerals
  • Mechanics, engineering…

3. Professional Thai interpreter speaking native language

All of our Thai interpretation services are performed 100% by professional Thai native-speaking interpreters. We have a strict quality control and testing process to ensure all of our Thai interpreters meet Tomato’s high standards, allowing us to consistently deliver high-quality work for the customers.

We provide certified interpretation services for Vietnamese – Thai language pairs as well as Thai and other popular languages. If you need interpretation between Thai and a language other than Vietnamese, please contact us prior to registration.

4. Thai interpretation at Tomato nationwide

With more than 100 official interpreters and more than 3000 collaborators around the world. Tomato we are always ready to provide Thai interpretation services for customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other localities.

In addition, for urgent transactions or customers who are too far away or are in pandemic areas, etc., we provide online interpretation services. With the dedication and responsibility of our team of interpreters, we are committed to providing highly accurate and culturally appropriate interpretation sessions.

5. Tomato provides Thai interpreter who can go on business trips with customers

At Tomato, our interpreters have excellent expertise and 5+ years of experience in Thai language. Our interpreters are ready to go on work trip with customers. The work trips we often go on are:

  • Travel interpretation in Thailand
  • Interpretation for negotiating and signing contracts in Thailand
  • Interpretation for scientific conferences in Thailand
  • Interpretation at a designated location in Southeast Asia,…

High quality Thai interpretation cost

Globalization is taking place around the world and entails an increasing need for interpretation. Besides the quality, the cost of interpretation is also a criterion that everyone takes into account. When it comes to the cost of interpreting services, there are many aspects to consider in order to get a good deal. In the unique and uncommon Thai language market, the requirements for Thai interpreters are extremely high and there are many factors that affect the cost.

With the aim of helping you have the best choice of Thai interpretation services and ensuring an affordable price, Tomato will review 5 main factors that directly affect Thai interpretation price quotes:

  • Type of interpretation: consecutive interpretation, cabin interpretation, escort interpretation, whispered interpretation or remote interpretation will lead to different costs
  • Popularity of language pairs: the fee applied to Thai – Vietnamese pair will be different from Thai and 1 other language
  • Whether the specialized content is complicated
  • Time period of Thai interpretation service
  • Location of implementation of Thai interpretation service

Through years of experience providing Thai interpretation services, Tomato commits to recommend qualified Thai interpreters to help you succeed in your meeting or event. We understand exactly the key to success when it comes to Thai interpretation services and we make that happen by offering you the most competitive rates in the market. Get the fastest price quote from us:


Why should you choose Thai interpretation service at Tomato Media?

In more than 5 years of operation, Tomato we have cooperated with more than 2,500 different partners, which proves Tomato’s good service quality and gratitude for loyal customers.

Tomato Media received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”

Thai interpretation

Tomato Media achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification which is recognized globally

Commitment to perfect quality

We are committed to putting the quality of Thai interpretation services first. We have successfully completedmore than 65,000 large and small projects with more than 2,500 customers. Among them are large enterprises such as: Coca Cola, Samsung, Viettel, Toyota, Panasonic, FPT, Sony, Bamboo, Yamaha… Customers can be assured of Tomato’s Thai interpretation service.

Highly qualified staff

At Tomato, our official staff include more than 100 well-trained professionals. Our personnel have translation certificates, graduated from famous universities at home and abroad. In addition to professional translation knowledge, they are also able to withstand work pressure and are willing to go on a business trip to the localities. Tomato’s staff is proficient in Thai interpretation with more than 100 different specialties, thus meeting the quality translation needs of customers.

Confidentiality of customer’s information

We are committed to 100% confidentiality of customer information as well as interpreted content. Tomato absolutely does not disclose information to 3rd parties without permission. To ensure trust, the customer and Tomato will together sign the NDA contract.

Economical interpretation costs

Currently, Tomato is one of the units with the most competitive interpretation costs in the market. In addition, we also regularly apply promotions and discounts for loyal customers. Tomato always wants to bring customers the best service with the most suitable cost.

Tomato Media entered the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest interpretation company rankings




Professional Thai interpretation process at Tomato Media

The following is the process of professional Thai interpretation services at Tomato with ISO 9001: 2015 certification:

Thai interpretation

Frequently asked questions about Thai interpretation

Simultaneous (cabin/parallel) Thai interpretation (also known as conference interpretation, or real-time interpretation) is interpretation of speaker’s voice into another language without interruption as the speaker is talking. The interpreter listens to one language and conveys in another, simultaneously. Research has shown that 23 cognitive skills are associated with simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation often requires specific audio equipment.

In Thai consecutive (relay) interpretation, the interpreter waits until the speaker finishes an idea (a piece of speech, a sentence, a shorter part of a speech) and translates it into another language. Consecutive interpretation therefore requires pausing between paragraphs to interpret. The interpreter first listens to the entire phrase, then translates it into the desired language.

Yes. Our interpreters have extensive experience in tailoring their interpretation to your needs. We provide interpretation services for many different fields in all languages, ​​including Thai, in any city in the world. If you use technical jargon, please discuss it with our interpreter first. We may ask you to provide us with additional information to help familiarize our interpreters with your field of interpretation.

Thai interpretation is an activity that facilitates oral communication between two or more speakers who do not speak (or do not communicate) the same Thai language. In Thai interpretation, it is necessary to have an Thai interpreter to make communication easy and flexible.

All of our language experts are qualified, accredited or holding a language degree. When choosing a Thai interpreter for you, we ensure that he/she has specialized language knowledge as well as in-depth technical experience to perfectly suit your needs.

The costs of Thai interpreting services depend on the type of interpreter you need, the interpreter’s experience, their training and certification, the complexity of the job, the length of the appointment, and the location of the appointment. Please contact us with detailed information about your project.


Tomato Media Company – Thai interpretation service – Professionalism – Prestige – Confidentiality


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