Top 11+ most accurate english to korean translation tools and high-quality services at Tomato


Do you need to translate English into Korean? You’re looking for an effective English-to-Korean translation support tool? According to our actual experience, in this article, Tomato will recommend the top 11+ tools for the most accurate English-to-Korean translation.

English to Korean translation

Standard English to Korean translation tools and software

The English to Korean translation service is now becoming more and more popular as a means of learning languages, studying abroad, traveling, applying for work, and conducting business. Software tools are needed for faster translation. Here are 11 tools to help translate English to Korean today:

1. English to Korean translation software-Naver

English to Korean translation - 1

Link app: Naver 

Naver is a tool to translate from English to Korean using web browsers and apps for iOS and Android. This is one of the most user-friendly and responsive apps available today. The vocabulary looked up from Naver is extremely accurate and the most literal from the Koreans themselves. In addition to basic functions such as word lookup, pronunciation, and vocabulary, Naver also has some other outstanding features such as searching for words related to the word you look up, including a forum for people to share all their questions together.


  • Extremely useful for those who already have background knowledge of the Korean language.
  • Improve in-depth knowledge and context of use.
  • Example sentences, words, diverse grammar and many common idioms.
  • Support pronunciation practice, practice listening skills through conversations.


  • Only supports translation in the form of a dictionary, so it is not possible to look up long paragraphs.
  • Naver contains a lot of Korean synonyms, so it requires users to have professional knowledge so as not to confuse the words with each other.

2. Korean translation Google Translate

English to Korean translation - 2

Link app: Google Translate app

Link web: Google translate online

The most widely used translation tool right now is Google Translate, which is used by millions of people worldwide. Google Translate can be used with IOS, Android, and Web browsers. Not only does it support translation from English to Korean and vice versa, but Google Translate also supports the translation of more than 100 different languages. This is definitely a tool to translate from English to Korean that you should not ignore.


  • Support for multilingual translation, easy selection of languages to translate.
  • It supports accurate long text translation (up to 5000 characters)
  • It is multi-feature software: it translates text, voice, and images.
  • Suitable for those who are just starting to learn communication skills.
  • It can be used offline without WiFi or a mobile network.


  • The translation is quite mechanical, so the translator needs basic knowledge to rearrange in different contexts.
  • Restrictions on the translation of slang and idioms.

Google Translate is an application that is widely used and appreciated by many people.

3. Systransoft Website (Systrans translate)

English to Korean translation - 3


This is an international website with an interface in English that is easy to use. Systrans Translate makes it easier to translate English into Korean. In addition, this website also includes more advanced translation packages, allowing you to translate from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc., but you have to pay between 4.99 and 31.99 euros per month.


  • Fast translation speed, literal translation.
  • There is a pronunciation section that helps you practice speaking and listening better.


  • Translation content is mostly vocabulary translation, not grammar division.
  • There is a fee to use higher translation packages.

4. Klays Development

English to Korean translation - 4

Link app: Klays

Klays Development is an application that translates English into Korean and is simple, easy to use, and very well rated. In addition to the translation and word and sentence lookup, you can also learn conversational language skills such as shopping, traveling, asking for directions, etc.


  • Can search for normal voice translations.
  • Suitable for those who are just starting to learn communication skills.
  • Support quick search of popular languages.
  • Share and communicate with people easily.


  • This app is only available for the Android platform. It is not available on the web or other platforms.
  • Limit the number of words and voice recordings in each translation.
  • Sometimes it misinterprets words, especially slang words.

5. Papago-English to Korean translation application

English to Korean translation - 5

Link app: Papago

Papago in English means parrot – a bird capable of reading the language. Papago is used for iOS and Android (5.0) and higher, as well as Google Chrome. Papago has a simple interface, and you can choose to translate from English to Korean and proceed with language translation in many different ways, such as text input, conversation, microphone, or translation by image. You can save your favorite Korean words to create a huge library and practice them more often.


  • Suitable for beginners to learn to speak, tourists
  • Translate quickly and easily, even while on the go.
  • Simple application interface, friendly and easy to use with children.
  • Convenience when translating by image


  • The application does not include Latin, so the user must know Hangul.
  • There is no possibility to translate by template or context; you will get a sentence-by-sentence translation.

6. Waygo software

English to Korean translation - 6

Link app: Waygo 

Waygo is an application that translates from English to Korean and that many young people love. Users don’t have to spend much time typing text or copying content. Waygo supports quick translation through images.


  • Supporting offline translation, users can use it anytime, anywhere without using a mobile network.
  • Fast, easy, and very convenient translation.
  • Support the fast translation by images, saving time.


  • It is only available on the IOS platform and not on the Android platform, as well as directly on the web.
  • Some translations are not completely accurate and require users to have the background knowledge to adjust.

7. GreenLife Korean translation software

English to Korean translation - 7

Link: GreenLife app 

GreenLife is an English-to-Korean translation software used for the Android operating system. In addition to translating text, speech, or conversation, this app also offers sentence correction suggestions. The app includes daily-use vocabulary, crosswords, vocab-building games, vocabulary books, memorization cards, and offline dictionaries.


  • Suitable for Korean learning from beginners to intermediate learners.
  • Includes both the Latin letters of the main translation and some translations of single words with their grammatical function.
  • Many interesting features such as SMS text translation and in-app learning games


  • Can only be used on Android
  • You need to pay if you want access to more features.
  • The interface is quite simple but not easy to see.

8. Free Translator

English to Korean translation - 8

Link: Google Play

This app is suitable for those of you who like to explore and travel. The app features a full-featured translation and video compilation of Korean learning taught by teachers. You can test your own knowledge through tests. At the same time, you can save interesting Korean words and sentences in your library. This is an application that translates English to Korean for free and has quite a lot of users.


  • You can use an offline application without an Internet connection.
  • The application has a fairly simple interface and is very easy to use.
  • Quick translation speed
  • Convenient sharing of translations via SMS, email, Facebook, Zalo, etc.


  • Limitations when translating certain sentences with slang or idioms
  • Character limit when translating text paragraphs.
  • Only used for Android 4.0 and above.

9. ITranslate Translation

English to Korean translation - 9

Link IOS: Appstore ITranslate 

Link Android: Googleplay 

ITranslate is a Korean translation software that is loved and trusted by millions of people. The software currently has more than 50 million downloads and more than 100,000 reviews on the App Store.

ITranslate is the leading translation app for text translation, websites, or easy voice chat with over 100 languages. Accurate translation of translations in male or female tone, conveniently switching between different dialects. If you are looking for an app that translates English to Korean offline, this is a great suggestion.


  • You can use an offline application without an Internet connection.
  • Translate by image, voice chat
  • It’s easy to share translation information.
  • Accurate translation of synonyms, antonyms.


  • Some words or slang are translated incorrectly.
  • To experience more features and more utilities, it requires users to pay a fee.

10. Glosbe dictionary

English to Korean translation - 10


Glosbe is one of the Korean dictionaries used by many users to study anytime, anywhere. You can easily look up English words in Korean and vice versa. Glosbe translates accurately and quickly to bring a good experience to users.

Glosbe is not only an English to Korean translation app but also supports multilingual translation that works both online and offline.


  • Support for offline translation, convenient anytime.
  • Fast, accurate translation
  • The app constantly updates new features according to user feedback.


  • The app sometimes has translation errors even though the connection is stable.
  • Do not support suggestions of similar related phrases.

11. Daum Korean dictionary

English to Korean translation - 11

Link: Daum Googleplay 

This dictionary is used for IOS, Android, and Web browsers. Daum includes search, lookup, and translation view functions with Latin spelling. Translate English to Korean and vice versa quickly and accurately.

Daum is an integrated dictionary of more than 70,000 words and more than 3 million sentences and idioms. It will be good for beginners. It also helps users adjust the pronunciation in the most standard way.


  • Suitable for learners at the intermediate or advanced level
  • Translate diverse sentences, words, and idioms.
  • Image translation support


  • There are still many errors when translating words, so you need background knowledge to test and handle them.
  • Limitation in microphone usage when translating

Do English to Korean translation tools guarantee the quality of your translation?

These tools are extremely useful to help you translate English into Korean effectively. But for a high-quality translation, we can’t rely solely on these tools. Because they are quite rigid, just translate the right words without understanding the whole context or forms of address. It is especially difficult to apply to professional documents.

Language translation requires the translator to also have a good language background and specialized knowledge. You want to translate English into Korean but you have difficulties:

  • Don’t have the ability to master the grammatical structure as well as understand Korean culture, so the translation is awkward and not smooth.
  • Without specialized knowledge, it is difficult to convey all the contents of the original text.
  • Are you not fluent in both English and Korean?
  • Don’t have much time to study and translate?
  • Need to find a reputable, quality translation unit at a reasonable cost.

Don’t worry, Tomato Media will be the solution to these difficulties. With a team of professional and experienced translators, we will help you have the most accurate translations.

The translation service from English to Korean is prestigious with language experts

Coming to Tomato, you will experience the highest quality translation service from English to Korean. Tomato brings you a variety of services to meet all your translation needs. In particular,

1. Translate English-Korean, Korean-English, and other popular languages

Tomato Media provides translation services from English into Korean and vice versa with all documents, including notarized and specialized documents. We always guarantee punctuality with up-to-100% accuracy. The types of documents we are providing with the translation service include:

  • Notarized English to Korean translation of personal papers: citizen identification, passport, household registration book, birth certificate, driver’s license, commendations, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, school reports, student ID cards, judicial resumes, certificates, etc.
  • English to Korean translation of business documents: business license, building permit, tax declaration, financial statement, economic contract, labor contract, bid documents, company profile, etc.
  • Translation of documents for more than 100 different fields.
  • Translation of graduate thesis, thesis, project, etc.
  • Translation of books, newspapers, magazines, stories, etc.
  • etc.

We not only translate English to Korean and Korean to English, but we also translate Korean to other languages and vice versa, such as:

  • Korean ⇔ Vietnamese
  • Korean ⇔ Chinese
  • Korean ⇔ Russian
  • Korean ⇔ French
  • Korean ⇔ German
  • etc.

2. English – Korean interpreting services

The English to Korean interpreting service is also one of our strengths. With a team of interpreters who are experts in languages and English-Korean culture, they will bring you the best services. Tomato provides English-Korean interpreting services with a variety of interpreting types and topics. In particular:

The main forms of English-Korean interpretation at Tomato include:

  • Cabin, simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Accompanying interpreting, tourism interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Online interpreting, remote interpreting

The English to Korean interpreting topics that Tomato regularly performs include:

  • Interpreting at conferences, international seminars on joint venture cooperation, shareholder meetings, diplomatic meetings, etc.
  • Interpreting at fairs, exhibitions for brands, businesses promoting products, interpreting for fair participants looking for products, etc.
  • Interpreting in court proceedings, mediation, verification, etc.
  • Interpreting at press releases
  • Interpreting at meetings, negotiations and contract signing with foreign partners.
  • Interpreting in factories and workshops on production engineering, machinery and equipment, technical parameters, etc.

3. English ⇔ Korean media translation (subtitling, recording, voiceover, etc.)

In addition to translation services, Tomato also provides quality English-to-Korean media translation services. Tomato is always committed to accurate media translations compared to the original. Our Media translation services include:

  • Translation and recording of introductions, product advertisements, newsletters, call center message information, audiobooks, etc.
  • Translation and voiceover for all kinds of movies, games, TV shows, reportage, etc.
  • Translation and subtitling for games, movies, videos, clips, presentation files, training files, etc.
  • Script translation
  • Translation of videos, clips, and movies with available scripts or unavailable scripts.
  • Translation of audio and video for seminars, interviews, newspapers, etc.

4. English to Korean localization (website ,app, video, etc.)

We provide localization services for the English – Korean language pair and many other languages with precise content in accordance with the local style. Tomato Media’s English to Korean localization services include:

  • Game localization: action games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, sports games, intellectual games, etc.
  • Software localization: app software, decoding software, decompression software, etc.
  • Video localization: movies, TVC, product promotional videos, video games, music videos, etc.
  • Localization of apps on the App Store, Google Play, etc. and apps on the computer interface.
  • Website localization, etc.

Choosing an English to Korean translation service helps you complete the best document.

For years, Tomato Media has always been a leader in the field of translation. We offer a wide range of quality translation services at reasonable prices. You can completely trust and choose the English to Korean translation service by Tomato:

#High accuracy


  • The team possesses knowledge, skills, and experience in translating English to Korean and vice versa.
  • The application of the professional translation process and advanced support technology
  • Commitment to reasonable prices commensurate with quality translation.
  • Translation warranty policy
  • Information confidentiality
  • Good handling of various types of documents
  • Tomato is a trusted partner of major brands.
  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product-Service” award.
  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product-Service” award.

  • Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI-Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.

  • The quality management system has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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The process of professionally and optimally translating from English to Korean

Tomato is a translation unit well recognized by thousands of customers in terms of quality. The process of translating English into Korean at Tomato Media is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Quality standards are optimized and guaranteed for the best quality. This is a closed, professional process that ensures progress and returns the translation on time with the following basic steps:

  • The translation process (translation):

  • The interpreting process (interpreting/verbal translation)

  • The localization process (website, application, game, video, etc.):

  • The media translation process (subtitling, audio/video translation, film/video translation, etc.)

Subtitle translation services

Hopefully, our above sharing about English to Korean translation tools and services is useful to you. If you need highly precise and culturally appropriate translations, contact Tomato Media immediately.

Hotline: 0938 596 333


Frequently asked questions about English-to-Korean translation services

Do English-to-Korean translation tools ensure accuracy?

It’s not guaranteed to have high accuracy. Most English to Korean translation tools involve translation memory. However, they are not perfect tools. Translation errors caused by limited translation memory can result in incorrect translations. This is quite common with documents requiring high expertise as well as specific professions.

Do English-to-Korean translation tools ensure speed?

Most of these tools are usually slow and even worse when the file size being processed is large. In fact, these tools are used because they work well enough to be acceptable.

Is the English to Korean translation tool scalable?

It usually takes a lot of memory space and processing speed. This implies that the more files are processed, the more resources are needed, and therefore, large companies have to pay a fee.

Does the English to Korean translation tool depend on the Internet connection?

This affects the online English-Korean translation tools because basically, the entire processing takes place on the internet. Stronger connections ensure faster translation and vice versa.

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