Korean-Indonesian subtitling services

Korean-Indonesian subtitling services – The customers we have served (부제 – subjudul)

As one of Vietnam’s leading Korean – Indonesian subtitling service providers, Tomato has accompanied thousands of partners such as:

Film producers
Music video producers
YouTube video makers
Organizations, enterprises
Individuals, etc.

With dedication, we are committed to bringing standard products with understandable content and correct use of Korean and Indonesian words.

Korean – Indonesian subtitling services at Tomato Media

Tomato is a quality Korean – Indonesian subtitling unit that customers can trust and use services. No matter what type of format your video is, Tomato is always able to process and handle it. We have experience in subtitling services for all the fields:

  • Subtitling for various types of film: movies, dramas, documentaries, series, self-recorded movies, etc.
  • TVCs, company introduction clips, service & product introductions, and advertising clips
  • Talkshows, gameshows, TV shows
  • News clips, entertainment videos
  • Scientific and technological videos
  • Online course videos, training videos, coaching videos
  • Video on the website, webcast, etc.
  • News videos, reportage, etc.

Korean - Indonesian subtitling services

Tomato provides Korean-Indonesian subtitling services directly at the office in Indonesia

In addition to the branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, customers who need Korean – Indonesian subtitling services can visit Tomato’s office in Indonesia on the 12th Floor, Wisma 46 Tower, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta. The expansion of branches in Vietnam and overseas is to help us serve the most customers.

The #1 Korean – Indonesian subtitling process in Tomato

Below is the Korean – Indonesian subtitling process researched and implemented by Tomato. Every single translator working in Tomato has been controlled and instructed to strictly follow the process certified by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate – quality management system:

1️⃣ Receive the original file, make a plan to meet quality requirements and the project process
2️⃣ Check and evaluate the quality of the original file (timecode, quality, audio, script, etc.).
3️⃣ Look up information related to the series to be subtitled to capture the basic content and messages to be conveyed.
4️⃣ Make a glossary, rules, and forms of address to ensure consistency for the entire subtitles.
5️⃣ Perform the translation from the source language into the target language
6️⃣ Check words, sentences, formats, etc. and proceed with editing
7️⃣ QC, review, and edit the style to achieve the highest quality subtitles
8️⃣ Hand over the final subtitles to the customer
9️⃣ Summarize the project.
🔟 Respond to customer feedback (if any)

What is the cost of Korean – Indonesian subtitling services at Tomato?

The service fee for translating Korean movies and videos subtitles into Indonesian and vice versa depends on:

  • Video duration
  • Delivery time
  • Project size as well as other customer requirements

Therefore, to know the exact cost of Korean – Indonesian subtitling services, call our hotline or send an inquiry via email at info@tomatomediavn.com. Tomato undertakes the cost to always be competitive and fully commensurate with the quality of service you receive.

A great Korean – Indonesian subtitling service at the best price

Prestigious Korean – Indonesian subtitling services in Tomato – Attracting international audiences

We confidently bring our customers high-quality Korean – Indonesian subtitling services. By using Tomato Media’s translation services, you will receive a lot of benefits.

Reasonable cost

Tomato always tries to balance the service cost to help customers optimize their budget while still receiving the best service and translation quality. In addition, to help customers save costs, Tomato also offers preferential service packages as well as discounts for loyal customers and customers with large orders.

24/7 customer service

Tomato Media believes that customer service is one of the important factors contributing to customer satisfaction. Therefore, our customer care team always supports you whenever you need it with the most optimal and time-saving service process.

Commitment to translation quality

Tomato Media is one of the leading reputable units in providing Korean subtitling services at home and abroad with more than 5 years of experience. We can confidently provide the best products, correct spelling, accurate content, flexible use of local words, slang, etc.

Readable and logically added subtitles

The subtitle line is designed by Tomato to be clear, readable, and suitable for dialogue and added in a reasonable position. All to optimize the viewing experience, you will not feel uncomfortable because the subtitles do not match the dialogue or the text interferes with the display of the image in the video.

Use modern software to support the subtitling process

The translation is done by a team of experienced and highly qualified translators and edited with the support of specialized and copyrighted subtitle editing software. This software ensures to keep up with technical innovations to create the best quality subtitles.

Absolute information confidentiality of Korean – Indonesian projects

All information about videos, movies and other documents in the Korean -Indonesian subtitling process is kept 100% confidential by the company through an NDA agreement. The implementation of the agreement is closely monitored to ensure no leakage of any information without the consent of the customer.

Tomato supports all video formats in Korean – Indonesian subtitling services

With long-term experience and the support of professional video processing and subtitle editing software, Tomato provides Korean – Indonesian subtitling services in all video formats.

  • ASS
  • SSA
  • SRT
  • H.264
  • MPEG-4
  • MPEG-2
  • HEVC (H.265)
  • DivX
  • MP4
  • MKV
  • AVI
  • MOV (Quicktime)
  • FLV (Flash)
  • WMV (Windows Media)
  • VOB

The newest requirements for Korean Indonesian subtitling services in Tomato Media

  • “I need to subtitle a simple company introduction video from Korean to Indonesian with pretty easy content.”
  • “We need a translator who is knowledgeable in Korean and Indonesian to translate a 10-minute smart vacuum cleaner introduction video.”
  • “Hello, I’m requesting a subtitling service for a 5-min documentary specializing in marketing. Because it is academic content, I want the translator to have expertise in this field.”
  • “I need to subtitle a video introducing the company’s establishment and development to introduce to our Indonesian partner and post it on our website.”
  • “We are looking for a native Indonesian translator with experience in the mechanical engineering field to assist in subtitling company training videos. There is a total of 10 videos, each about 15 minutes long. Please send me the quote soon”
  • “ I have a self-recorded music clip that I want to submit to a contest, and I need to subtitle it in Indonesian. My clip is 3 minutes long, so how much is the service fee?”
  • “I want to translate subtitles urgently, how much does it cost and can I get them within 3 days?”
  • “I have a large number of staff training videos that need to be translated into Indonesian. I have about 15 videos, can I get a discount with such quantity? Please send the quotation to email …@gmail.com”.
  • “My self-recorded comedy video is in MP4 format, I want to translate it into Indonesian, does the unit have subtitle support for this format?”

FAQ about Korean – Indonesian subtitling services

What is the Korean – Indonesian subtitling service?

The Korean – Indonesian subtitling service is the process of translating and adding text into videos and films so that suitable for dialogue. Subtitles make it possible for viewers to remove language barriers and capture the content while not overwhelming the dialogue of the original language.

The importance of high-quality Korean-Indonesian subtitling service?

In recent years, the demand for watching Indonesian movies and videos has increased. However, it is difficult for viewers to watch videos in a language other than their mother tongue. Therefore, the Korean – Indonesian subtitling service is an important step in removing the language barrier.

High-quality subtitles will help viewers easily grasp the content. On the contrary, if the subtitling company is not good, it can not only cause viewers to misunderstand the message of the original video, but also make them uncomfortable if the subtitle text is added in the wrong position and does not match the dialogue.

Tomato is ready to support customers with the best Korean – Indonesian subtitling service.

We don’t want your videos to be skipped just because there are no subtitles included
We want to bring the most optimized Korean – Indonesian subtitling solution for enterprises’ video and film projects
We want to help increase your video and movie viewing experience with quality subtitles

Start your subtitling project today!

Ready to get started?

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