Standard Translation Process for accurate translation quality

Translation is not a strange service for enterprises with foreign elements. To ensure that documents are used internally or transact with customers to ensure professionalism and accuracy, businesses need to outsource specialized personnel who are fluent in foreign languages ​​to process documents.

Why can a reputable corporate company guarantee 100% accurate translation of corporate documents? The answer lies in the translation process is strictly controlled by skilled personnel.

Below is the 7-step translation process at Tomato Media ISO 9001: 2015

1- Receive project information:

Personnel in charge of receiving information requested from customers, conducting preliminary analysis of documents, specialized terminology. In this step, staff can make quotation for reference and come to translation agreement.

The project manager chooses the appropriate translator for the project. External translators are fluent in foreign languages, need to match the requirements of experience in document handling.

2- Prepare to compile:

The assigned person captures the content of their tasks, reads the documents, identifies the majors and estimates the completion time, and allocates the time appropriately. If there is any unknown problem or need to change, it will be discussed with the project manager.

CTV will create the glossary and send it to the project staff. The person responsible for editing will pass the collaborator’s glossary.

3- Transfer:

Translators use CAT tools, Trados, …

The translator uses words in the glossary and translates documents according to the assigned schedule. During the translation process, if there is any problem, it is necessary to promptly consult the project leader or the Editor to find solutions.

After the translation is completed, the translator can read and re-check, correct errors in sentences, grammar, spelling, …

The project manager will pass the translation to the editor in charge.

4- Edit (Edit)

The person assigned to edit will read and check the suitability of the translation against the requirements of the project and compared with the original document, check in terms of usage terms, words, grammar, calculation consistent, spelling …

The editor directly corrects or guides the translator to correct any errors raised.

The Project Manager will move the Revision to the next step.

5- Proofread specialized (Proofread)

Person assigned to assess reading and checking in terms of the specialized terminology used in the translation.

The verifier directly fixes or guides the translator to correct any errors raised.

6- Format document (Format)

DTP specialist (Electronic Publishing) will format the translation in the original format (or according to the customer’s request).

7- Final check

Project manager reads and checks for the last time the suitability of the translation compared with the original document, checks in terms of use terms, words, grammar, consistency, spelling, text format … That transferred the inspection department head for confirmation.

After the inspection is complete, the complete document will be delivered to the customer. Customer reviews the translation and gives feedback.

With 7 steps of the translation process as above, the translation of the business is processed and transferred and evaluated with at least 4 personnel in charge to ensure 100% accuracy.

In fact, many businesses subjectively hand over documents to inhouse employees who are fluent in foreign languages ​​or freelance employees. Comparing with a standardized process of a reputable translation agency as above, surely it is not difficult to judge where it is worth putting more trust.

Enterprises that want to ensure the quality of translated documents need to work with a reputable translation company like Tomato Media. Most businesses choose other third parties due to low costs, however, considering the economic problem, handing documents to the translation company minimizes the risk that you can lose more when encountering. errors in translation.

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