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📗 Literal translation with up to 100% accuracy

📗 A team of experienced and skilled translators

📗 Fast translation time, punctuality

📗 Non-disclosure agreement

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What are the requirements for a technical document translation?

Technical document translation is a task that requires translators to be highly qualified. Since this is a difficult field, related documents use terminology that not everyone knows.

For those who do not have expertise in technical sciences, in order to translate multi-language documents and contracts, most of them look for technical document translation services. Because:

  • They want to get a quality accurate translation with proper professional sentences.
  • They want the received translation to be semantically correct. Because these are all specific documents, it is necessary to ensure high accuracy.
  • Want to save money, time and effort to understand what the document contains.
  • Finally, they feel secure about the security if they use services Because translation units always have a clear commitment to confidentiality, making sure documents would not be leaked

Therefore, to meet the customers’ expectations, technical document translation services need to ensure:

  • Firstly, translators who translate scientific and technical documents must have high expertise. Because this is a difficult field with lots of specialized terms. If the translator is not professional, it is impossible to translate accurately and convey the original meaning.
  • Secondly, during the translation process, the translator has carefully to study and read a lot of related documents to ensure the most accurate translation.

Accurate technical document translation services at Tomato Media

Technical document translation is currently a service trusted by numerous individuals and businesses at Tomato Media. Because this service “gathers” countless advantages to help customers break down language barriers when accessing specialized resources on science and technology. Currently, Tomato Media is providing translation services for technical documents on various topics. Some areas include:

Mechanical engineering document translation

Tomato Media is currently providing specialized mechanical translation services with a full range of categories. Tomato can meet your need for translation of documents, contracts or reports, drawings from many different languages into Vietnamese. Tomato Media’s technical document translation service for mechanical engineering includes the following topics:

  • Translation of documents, books, newspapers, and magazines specializing in mechanical engineering.
  • Translation of manuals for operation, installation and maintenance of equipment and machines.
  • Translation of technical specification documents related to the mechanical field.
  • Translation of introductory documents, product descriptions for mechanical engineering.
  • Translation of mechanical regulation documents.
  • Translation of technical drawings, reports.
  • Translation of operating procedures, mechanical control processes.
  • Translation of copyrights, patents.
  • Translation of IHS standards.
  • Translation of purchase agreements, technology transfer in the mechanical industry.
  • etc.

Translation of electrical technical documents

Besides mechanical engineering documents, Tomato Media also provides translation services for electrical engineering documents with diverse topics. Some translation topics can be mentioned as:

  • Translation of books, newspapers and scientific journals specializing in electrical engineering.
  • Translation of purchase agreements, transfer contracts, cooperation between parties in the electricity industry.
  • Translation of electrical specification documents.
  • Translation of technical drawings, design.
  • Translation of installation, operation, maintenance, and electrical troubleshooting instructions.
  • Translation of documents for safety equipment and power tools.
  • Translation of administrative documents, electrical products.
  • Business profile translation.
  • Translation of diagrams and operating instructions for electrical systems.
  • etc.


Chemical engineering document translation

At Tomato Media, we provide translation services for technical documents specialized in chemistry with many topics such as:

  • Translation of chemical documentation, textbooks.
  • Translation of lecture materials in chemistry.
  • Translation of manuals for chemical preparation.
  • Translation of specialized documents on organic chemistry.
  • Translation of research papers on ingredients.
  • etc.

Automotive technical document translation

Automotive engineering is a general industry with terminology that requires highly specialized translators. Understanding that fact, Tomato Media provides translation services for automotive technical documents with diverse topics including:

  • Translation of documents, books, scientific journals specialized in automotive engineering.
  • Translation of manuals for automotive engineering.
  • Translation of research reports and scientific reports specialized in the automobile.
  • Translation of documents on automotive specifications.
  • Patent translation.
  • Translation of documents and training books for automotive mechanics.
  • Document translation according to the parts of the car (steering system, heating system, suspension system, braking system, etc.)
  • etc.

Translation of electronic technical documents, science and technology

With a team of experienced translators, Tomato Media provides translation services of documents specialized in technical science and electronic engineering with various topics. All documents are accurately translated by Tomato into different languages.

Some majors in electronics, science and technology are currently provided translation services by Tomato, such as:

  • Translation of manuals for machine and equipment installation.
  • Translation of lecture materials and textbooks on the electronic industry
  • Translation of documents on electronic specifications.
  • Translation of production documents related to the electronics industry.
  • Product catalog translation.
  • Translation of purchase agreements, technology transfer contracts in the electronics industry.
  • Translation of electronic industry research reports.
  • Translation of maintenance and troubleshooting manuals.
  • Translation of business registration certificates, electronic business certificates
  • Notarized translation of legal documents, business records in the electronic industry
  • Notarized translation of financial statements related to the electronic industry.
  • etc.

Document translation of other technical fields

In addition to the above services, Tomato Media also provides document translation services for other technical fields. Some specific services include:

  • Translation services for the field of engineering – production
  • Translation services for the garment industry
  • Translation services for the computer engineering field
  • Translation services in the construction field
  • etc.

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Translate technical documents into more than 50 languages

Currently, Tomato Media has been providing technical document translation services in many different languages. With this advantage, Tomato easily satisfies the customer’s translation needs, including multilingual translation requirements.

Languages translated by Tomato Media include:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







Address to translate technical documents in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

For customers who want to contact Tomato Media for technical document translation services, they can visit our Hanoi office in: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

In addition, Tomato also provides online translation services to meet customers who cannot come to work directly at the above address. You just need to contact Tomato, we will advise and support to help you with the most accurate and professional translation.

Optimal technical document translation service process at Tomato Media

To help you better understand the technical document translation process at Tomato Media, we will summarize the following 7 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Receive project information and receive requests from customers
  • Step 2: Prepare to translate documents
  • Step 3: Translate the document
  • Step 4: Edit the translation
  • Step 5: Proofread the translation
  • Step 6: Format the document
  • Step 7: Final check before handing over the translation to customers


Technical document translation services at Tomato bring great benefits

Technical document translation services at Tomato bring great benefits:

Tomato Media enters the top 150 The Slator 2022 LSPI

Literal translation with up to 100% accuracy

With a team of experienced translators, Tomato Media undertakes the translation that is closest to the original document. The accuracy of each translation is guaranteed up to 100%.

100% confidentiality of project information

With an absolute commitment to project information confidentiality, Tomato Media implements the Non-disclosure agreement with clear commitments to ensure the best interests of customers when using our technical document translation service.

Fast translation time, deadline ensured

With a professional working process, Tomato Media always meets the translation deadline as committed in the contract with the customer. 100% guarantee that the project is not behind schedule.

Ensure optimal costs, transparency, clarity

Tomato Media provides customers with translation services at a competitive fee. Our quotation is publicly transparent and fully provided to customers upon contact.

Quality management system meets international standard ISO 9001:2015

1000+ customers trust technical document translation services at Tomato Media

Tomato Media is a reputable translation agency that has performed over 65,000 projects for 2500 partners. With more than 5 years of experience working and a team of 3000 collaborators, Tomato is highly appreciated by many customers for its service quality with translation accuracy up to 100%.


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Frequently asked questions about technical translation services

What is a technical translation?

Translation of technical documents is the translation of documents related to the field of engineering, including: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering – science and technology, etc.

Some tips when translating technical documents

Since technical documentation is a specialized type of high difficulty, here are some translation tips that help in the technical translation process:

  • Pay attention to an absolutely accurate translation of terminology
  • The translator should refer to the relevant specialized documents before performing the translation
  • Background knowledge is a necessary element when translating technical documents
  • For an excessively long sentence with too many small ideas, the translator can divide it into 2 sentences to translate
  • Use short sentences and each sentence fully expresses 1 idea
  • When translating, one should pay attention to context to avoid word-by-word translations.
  • Consult industry insiders for more useful translation tips

Is it possible to use translation tools to translate technical documents?

As science and technology advance quickly today, translation tools are also greatly improved in many areas, including translation quality, user interface, features, etc. Therefore, for simple translations to serve personal purposes, you can use Google Translate or other translation tools to perform the translation of specialized technical documents. However, for translation needs that require professionalism, you should use the services of reputable translation companies.

Criteria for choosing a reputable technical translation agency

When choosing a technical document translation unit, you should be aware of the companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Employees are recruited, receive training, and have extensive expertise and experience.
  • The company has a legal operating license granted by the competent authorities
  • Respect the deadline, hand over the translation on time
  • Provides a wide range of translation services: notarized translation, media translation, interpreting, localization, etc.
  • Collaborate with a team of multidisciplinary experts to serve the needs of specialized translation
  • Competitive service costs in accordance with quality and assurance of no unreasonable additional fees
  • Enthusiastic, detailed, and thoughtful staff; flexible handling of needs and situations arising

The quotation for the technical translation service in Tomato

A quotation for the technical document translation service depends on many factors: length, the difficulty of documents, target language, source language, customer requirements, etc. The following is a translation price list for reference:

*** The quotation is for reference only

Unit: (VND/Page)

Quotes are optimized with excellent translation quality


A ⇄ B

Vietnamese English 72.000 – 144.000(KM 20%)
60.000 – 120.000
Vietnamese Chinese 84.000 – 168.000(KM 20%)
70.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Japanese 108.000 – 168.000(KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Korean 108.000 – 168.000(KM 20%)
90.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese French 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese German 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Spanish 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Italian 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Portuguese 130.000 – 180.000
Vietnamese Lao 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Cambodian (Khmer) 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Thai 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Malay 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Dutch 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Czech 120.000 – 210.000
Vietnamese Arabic 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Indonesian 135.000 – 185.000
Vietnamese Filipino 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Polish 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Swedish 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Danish 140.000 – 190.000
Vietnamese Norwegian 145.000 – 210.000
Vietnamese Ukrainian 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Slovak 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Bosnian 130.000 – 180.000
Vietnamese Romanian 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Bulgarian 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Hebrew Contact
Vietnamese Latin 120.000 – 170.000
Vietnamese Burmese 125.000 – 175.000
Vietnamese Taiwan 70.000 – 140.000
Vietnamese Others, etc. Contact
Others, etc. Others, etc. Contact

With an estimated 300 words per page.

Technical translation turnaround time at Tomato Media

Because it is a specialized document of high complexity, the technical document translation turnaround time may be longer than for conventional translation. At Tomato, a technical translation normally takes 1–5 days, depending on many factors, including:

  • The length of the document
  • Customer’s requirements
  • The source language and target language

How do I register for the technical translation service at Tomato Media?

If you have a need for technical document translation, contact Tomato for detailed advice. We will quickly contact you within 15 minutes of receipt of the request:

  • Hotline: 0938 596 333
  • Email:
  • Website:


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