Fast, standard notarized French translation at Tomato Media

Fast and standard notarized French translation services at Tomato Media

  • Fast and accurate translation time
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing
  • Information confidentiality
  • Guarantee to legality

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Basic requirements for notarized French translation

French is a difficult language in terms of grammar and vocabulary. A large number of words are created from the main word (stem) and changed by adding a small word (affix). The style of the French cannot be grasped by all translators. Therefore, the notarized translation of French requires translators with long experience and deep specialized knowledge. Normally, when it comes to notarized French translation, it is necessary to ensure the following basic requirements:

  • High accuracy
  • No typos in translation
  • Correct expression of the original style
  • French culture-oriented translation
  • The accurate content translation and correct form compared to the original
  • Assurance about the legality of the translation

Fast and standard notarized French translation services at Tomato Media

Tomato Media is one of the few professional notarized French translation units selected by thousands of customers. Find out more about our services below.

1. Tomato Media provides notarized French translation services for a variety of documents

For documents with foreign elements to be valid, a notarized translation is required. Tomato is a provider of notarized French translation services for various types of documents. Some types of documents that we usually process such as:

  • French notarization of personal documents: Passport, identity card, citizen identity card, driving license, student ID card, household registration book, temporary residence book, marriage certificate, single status certificate, types of certificate and diploma like graduate degrees, language certificates, informatic certificates, transcripts, etc.
  • Notarized French translation of business documents: applications for business registration, business registration certificates, building permits, company profiles, etc.
  • Notarized French translation of all types of contracts: export-import contracts, insurance contracts, construction contracts, property exchange contracts, transport contracts, economic contracts, labor contracts, authorization contracts, etc.
  • Types of records, papers, bills, and documents related to financing – accounting such as tax reports, cash flow reports, balance sheets, business reports, equity statements, etc.
  • etc.

2. Main tasks in the notarized French translation service

The notarized French translation is an activity of two successive steps, which are:

(1) Translation of documents from French into another language according to the customer’s request.

(2) Notarize the translation. After completing the translation, the translation needs to be certified at the Notary Office, District Justice Department, or higher. A notarized translation includes:

  • A translation
  • A testimonial of the translator and notary
  • A copy of the original file with a seal on the signature of the notary and 1 seal on the margins of 3 sheet

3. Notarized French translation into more than 50 languages

Tomato Media is one of the providers of French notarized translation services in many different languages. We definitely meet all the notarized translation needs of customers.

With a large and professional French translation team, Tomato can help customers translate from French into languages such as Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Malaysia, Taiwan, Lao, Khmer, Czech, Finland, Dutch, Burmese, etc.

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







4. Address for accurate, fast notarized French translation services in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide

Customers in need of notarized French translation services can contact Tomato Media at the address:

  • Hanoi office: Room 504, Kinh Do Building, 292 Tay Son, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District.

In addition, Tomato provides the translation of French documents without the original, just a scan is required in case you don’t need notary services. You can send a scan via email address We will translate and send results at the customers’ request.

5. Multi-field notarized French translation services

Tomato not only provides multilingual translation services but can also satisfy all the translation needs with French translation in more than 100 different fields. Some of the fields we regularly translate include:

Economy Media – Entertainment Medical – Pharmaceutical
Information technology Banking and finance Education
Environment Oil and gas  Marketing
Tourism Construction Engineering – Manufacturing

Automotive engineering


Life sciences


Electricity – Electronics


Why should you choose notarized French translation services in Tomato Media?

Nowadays, more and more companies offering notarized French translation services emerge, and it’s difficult for us put everything under control in terms of quality and reliability. So why should you choose this service at Tomato Media?

Tomato Media is one of the leading providers of professional notarized translation services today. We are confident to provide the best service to our customers for the following reasons:

  • Professional notarized French translation team
  • Multidisciplinary and multilingual notarized French translation
  • Quality assurance of French translation
  • Fast notarized French translation time, meeting customers’ urgent notarization need
  • Commitment to the confidentiality of documents, translations, project information, business information
  • Tomato reaches the Top 150 of the 2022 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI)
  • Tomato Media is honored to be the translation company receiving the “2021 Excellent Products – Services” award
  • Tomato’s quality management system meets the ISO 9001:2015 international certificate


The notarized French translation process in Tomato Media

At Tomato Media, the notarized French translation process is professionally formulated and enclosed and always ensures the quality of the translation. This process goes through the following 8 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Receive project information and requests from customers
  • Step 2: Assign the document to a suitable translator who has desirable expertise and target language skills to perform the translation
  • Step 3: The translator carries out the translation
  • Step 4: Proofread the translation
  • Step 5 – Format the translation according to the original or at the customer’s request
  • Step 7: Notarize the translation
  • Step 8: Final check before handing over the translation to customers.

The latest quotation for notarized French translation services

Tomato Media undertakes to bring customers the most quality services at reasonable prices. The following is the latest notarized French translation quotation for your reference:

The quotation is for reference only***

The quotation is optimized with excellent service quality

Types of service Quotation
Translation of French documents, personal papers 120,000 VND/page
French translation of common documents * 120,000 – 170,000 VND/page
Notarized French translation services – Private notary office Translation fee + 65,000 – 80,000 (VND/Notarized copy)
Notarized French translation services – Public notary office Translation fee + 120,000 – 160,000 (VND/Notarized copy)

The French translation service quotation

Note: This quotation is for reference only, for more details, contact us via the hotline 0983 596 333 or email

1500+ customers trust notarized French translation services in Tomato Media

For more than 10 years of establishment and development, Tomato Media always brings customers the best service. Our professional human resources team, along with the management of the international ISO 9001: 2015 quality system, has helped us create a reputation in the translation market. We are proud to have more than 1500 customers who have trusted and selected notarized French translation services. Tomato Media will constantly improve the quality of service to serve customers even better.

FAQ about notarized French translation services

1. Is an instant notarized French translation service available?

It is possible that in cases where documents that need notarized translation are simple. For the long and complex materials, we will report a specific date after the evaluation of the documents.

2. Is it possible to have a notarized translation when sending a scan by mail?

Tomato provides a French translation of a scanned copy in case customers do not need a notary service. When conducting notarized French translations, the original is required to be submitted in accordance with the law.

3. Current trends of using notarized French translation services in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

France is a developed country in terms of economy and education. This has created the need for economic, cultural, and educational exchanges of other countries with this country, which requires translation of relevant papers and documents. The demand for translation will largely serve the purpose of study abroad, labor export as well as business papers, etc. It explains why the demand for French translation is increasing.

Nowadays, customers may not need to directly visit the company’s headquarters for translation services any more, but they can do it online quickly and conveniently. In particular, to ensure safety during the pandemic, the online translation trend has been chosen by countless customers. Tomato Media provides an online French translation service that only requires a network connection. Customers can contact us by phone, email, zalo, etc. After receiving the information, our experts will contact you immediately for the service consultation. However, to be able to notarize the translation, the submission of the original is required.

4. The criteria for choosing a credible notarized French translation agency

Currently, you can easily see many notarized translation ads but it is difficult to determine which unit is credible and quality? To have a basis for choosing a reputable notarized French translation agency, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • A translation unit has long experience, ensuring the quality of translation.
  • Professional staff with strong expertise and years of experience.
  • Assurance of punctuality, meeting the need for urgent notarized translation services
  • Notarized translation costs are reasonable, competitive, and bring benefits to customers.
  • Commitment to information confidentiality

5. How long does a notarized French translation service take?

Under the Notary Law 2014, the notary term shall not exceed 02 working days. For contracts and transactions with complex content, the notary term may last longer but not more than 10 working days.

Therefore, the customer’s simple documents such as personal records in a small volume, Tomato can help customers receive notarized translations within the day while ensuring the most accurate translation and best serving the needs of customers. As for the long and complex documents, we provide a notarized deadline in accordance with the law but still guarantee the earliest completion for customers.

6. Can I request a notarized French translation at my own discretion?

The client cannot ask the translator to translate at his own discretion. A notarized translation, unlike ordinary translation services, has legal value, so it must be accurate and contain all of the information from the original document.

Furthermore, the translation must be signed by the translator; that is, the translator who carries out the translation for that document will take full responsibility for the quality of the translation. Therefore, the translation must be done meticulously, accurately, and respectfully to the original document content.

7. Can I perform the notarized French translation myself?

You cannot perform the notarized French translation yourself. Translations used for notarial purposes must be signed by the translator registered with the notary office to be considered valid.

8. How do I pay for French notarized translation at Tomato Media?

Tomato Media accepts various forms of payment such as cash, bank transfer, PayPal, etc.


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