Tomato’s improvement of service quality with application of RATER model

With the motto “all for the benefit of customers”, Tomato is constantly evolving and changing to bring customers the best service experience. The RATER model helps businesses to analyze and improve the quality of their services. The adoption of the RATER model has helped Tomato significantly improve the quality of translation services.

Overview of the RATER model

The RATER model is the brainchild of Professor Valarie Zeithaml, A. Parasuraman and Leonard Berry, which was initially published in the 1990 book “Delivering Quality Service.”

RATER stands for five factors that measure customer expectations for the business. This model refers to five factors that directly affect the customer experience when using the service and highlights the five basic criteria that customers will evaluate to choose to use the service, including:

  • Reliability
  • Assurance
  • Tangibles
  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness

All five aspects of the RATER model are aimed at improving the customer experience when using the service. Therefore, when applying this model, businesses and companies can analyze and improve the quality of service and give customers an excellent experience.

Tomato applies RATER’s measurements to continuously improve service quality

Tomato Media is one of the leading global translation solutions providers. We have studied and analyzed the business situation based on five measures of the RATER model to improve the quality of service.



  •  Tomato Media offers a wide range of translation services, including: translation, notarized translation, interpretation, media services, and localization. Each service provided by Tomato is guaranteed in terms of quality and price.
  • The certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System – the latest version of ISO 9001.
  • Tomato Media provides consistent and timely service across all service channels. Currently, Tomato Media offers services through two channels: online and offline. Tomato Media is committed to not making any difference in the quality of the service, whether it is an online translation or offline translation.
  • Tomato always puts customer needs and experience first, so we listen to all customer opinions and find a way to fix and improve the quality of service.



  • Tomato’s staff and collaborators are highly qualified translators with extensive experience in the field of translation and an eagerness to learn new things to improve their skills. Therefore, we can confidently bring our customers first-rate translations.
  • Tomato Media regularly organizes professional training sessions as well as participates in workshops or exchanges to improve the professional capacity of employees
  • Tomato Media also has a translation warranty policy to best ensure the rights and interests of customers.






  • Tomato Media is headquartered in Hanoi and two offices are operating in Indonesia and Thailand
  • Tomato’s website is constantly updated with the latest and necessary information about the translation field.
  • If you have any questions about Tomato Media’s services, you can contact us directly via the website, zalo, hotline, facebook, or email.



  • Tomato Media provides fast, easy-to-find service. Customers can refer to the services that Tomato provides through our website or directly contact us for advice and receive answers to all inquiries.
  • Tomato Media always listens to and accepts all the opinions of its customers. We are committed to handling all complaints and customer feedback most reasonably.




  • Tomato Media employees are trained to take care of customers in the most enthusiastic way.
  • We have staff to provide customers with the most timely and accurate advice around the clock on every channel (hotline, zalo, Facebook, website, etc.).

In combination with ISO international standards, Tomato adopts the RATER model to multiply service improvement

Tomato Media has made significant changes in its strategy, personnel, processes, and services to improve its service quality as well as efforts to give customers the best experience. Tomato’s continuous efforts for recognition and innovation have resulted in well-trained personnel, an optimized translation process, and the introduction of online translation services, as well as many other changes, thereby helping to improve the quality of services

Tomato Media achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certificate This is an internationally recognized standard quality management system issued by the International Organization for Standardization. ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of this certification and applies under the “plan–do–check–act” cycle to regulate the quality of goods and services.

Along with ISO international standards, the simultaneous application of the RATER model has helped Tomato improve the quality of service.

Talking about changes in the company operation to help the company move strongly, Mr. Nguyen Vu Kien-director of the company stated,

Change is essential for a business to overcome hardships and move forward. To provide the best experience for customers, we proactively optimize the workflow and improve service quality as well as staff qualifications.

In the context of the economy under the influence of COVID-19, the company provides online translation solutions and interpretation services through Zoom and other platforms, giving it the flexibility to create “bridges” that bring businesses to favorable agreements in international cooperation.”

With the goal of reaching the top 30 Asian translation companies within the next 10 years, Tomato needs to make an effort to change and grow. The adoption of the RATER model is an important step for Tomato to improve the quality of services it provides.


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