Installing the self-generating hot water stove as part of a volunteer effort named “providing warm water to the remote village” initiated by Tomato Media

On March 2, 2022, Tomato Media handed over the self-generating hot water stove for the Sung Thai Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding School, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang Province. Human strength is limited but our compatriots are immortal, Tomato hopes that with this project, it can support students’ health and spirit. They will feel comfortable to study and have fun like their peers in the lowlands.

Providing Warm Water To the Remote Village project – Join hands to fulfill the students’ winter wish of taking a hot bath

Starting with the current reality at the Sung Thai Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding School, semi-boarding/boarding children clean and bathe thoroughly with cold water, whether it is summer or winter. Students develop a sluggish bathing mentality as a result of this. This long-term state can lead to skin disorders including lice, scabies, and dermatitis, all of which have a negative impact on the learning spirit of the youngsters.

Tomato decided to organize the “Providing warm water to the remote village” initiative, which included the construction of a stove that creates hot water. Feeding children, ensuring their health and learning spirit, and assisting students with having hot water to live in this winter. This is a project that the leaders and workers of Tomato Media are passionate about because they want to help youngsters improve their health and spirits. So that the youngsters can learn and play like their friends in the lowlands in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Details of “Providing warm water to the remote village” project

Tomato Media’s effort of constructing a self-generating hot water stove, dubbed “Providing warm water to the remote village,” was featured on VTV.

🔰 Time: March 2, 2022

🔰 Organizer: Tomato Media Vietnam Co., Ltd (Tomato Media)

🔰 Location: The main school site belongs to Sung Thai Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding School, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang Province.

The Sung Thai Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding School is the country’s first boarding school for primary children. The school contains one main school and thirteen smaller schools, with a total enrollment of about 1200 pupils, including over 300 students who live on campus.

About the self-generating hot water stove

The self-generating hot water stove model is a Nuoi Em volunteer ecosystems initiative. The self-generating hot water stove is connected with the cooking stove, and the entire kitchen system is a stainless steel water tank with a capacity of roughly 415 liters.

The stove has a system that uses the heat created during the cooking process to heat the water in the area. The youngsters will subsequently be able to use hot water in the bathroom for their everyday activities including bathing. For ten years, a hot water generator can produce enough warm water for 150 to 180 pupils. This is an important device that keeps boarding students warm throughout the chilly winter months.

Spread the community spirit and responsibility through the project “Providing warm water to the remote village” in collaboration with Tomato Media

Providing warm water to the remote village has a lot of significance, not only for the Sung Thai Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding School’s grade, but also for the students’ development. Winter in the northern highlands is brutal, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees Celsius on occasion. Hot water is an amazing present to the children of Sung Thai Primary School in particular, and pupils in challenging mountainous places in general, in the middle of that bitter weather. Lice, scabies, and other skin problems can be avoided by using warm water for bathing and cleaning.

Tomato Media wishes to affirm and promote the spirit of community responsibility through the project “Providing warm water to the remote village,” so that more and more sponsors will care and aid tough circumstances. Furthermore, this activity contributes to students in rural locations feeling cared for and sharing. As a result, they will be inspired to study and pursue a better future.

Tomato Media will attempt to carry out more charity projects in the future in order to play a tiny part in improving social life, particularly for those who are experiencing challenges and tragedies.

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