Tomato adopts total quality management system (TQM) to improve service quality and operation efficiency of whole system

During the 5 years of establishment and development, Tomato has constantly improved management to improve the quality of service provided to customers. To gain the trust of more than 2,500 partners at home and abroad, it is impossible not to mention Tomato’s successful application of the total quality management system (TQM) to its operations.

Total Quality Management – TQM

TQM is understood as a quality-oriented management method. This process is based on the mobilization of all members of the organization to bring satisfaction to customers as well as the interests of its members and society. Therefore, it brings long-term success to the organization.

The total quality management system (TQM) includes some of the following basic characteristics:

1. Quality is the top priority

In the planning and design stages, quality is always considered the top priority. Quality is not only shown in translation results, but elements such as the workflow and experienced interpreter team are also one of the top categories that need to be improved regularly to ensure that translations and interpretations exceed customer expectations.

2. Customer-centered orientation

Based on the desired needs of members in the enterprise, combined with the results of service research, customer research, and market surveys to satisfy the needs of customers using translation services of both internal and external companies.

3. Unified information

Ensure that the information is consistent and strictly controlled. In particular, the main internal information plays a core role.

4. Human resource is an important factor in the system

There is authorization, training, and performance of activity groups to enhance idea exchange and understanding of members with the common goals and plans of the enterprise.

Tomato applies the principles of TQM and continuous service improvement

Principle 1: Translation quality is a prerequisite – satisfy every customer’s requirements

Tomato’s motto is to put quality first. Therefore, we always focus on the staff training, translation, and proofreading processes to produce first-rate translations, ensuring the accuracy of up to 100%. Besides, we focus on diversifying the service ecosystem to meet customer needs with diversified types of translation: translation, interpretation, media translation, and localization.

Not only does Tomato care about translation quality, but Tomato also focuses on customer care policy. We always try to answer, support, and consult customers conscientiously, accurately, and quickly. In addition, Tomato has a warranty policy and translation confidentiality that guarantees customer benefits.

Principle 2: Each employee is a customer and Tomato always tries to satisfy each internal customer

Tomato’s work system is optimized to meet the needs and requirements of each individual. In addition, we do not forget to build a team to assist with seamless information flow as well as help each individual give a voice, thereby increasing self-development.








Principle 3: Adopt the Deming Circle PDCA to improve internal work and shorten delivery time

Before embarking on translation, Tomato’s team of translators always makes plans with clear time accompanied by glossary tables, forms of address, etc. to ensure the highest accuracy for translation. We always hold meetings after each project to draw on our experience with it and get ready for the upcoming translation session.








Adopt TQM comprehensive quality management system, Tomato improve enterprise efficiency

With the desire to satisfy customer needs through service quality, Tomato constantly improves the expertise of the translation team to bring good translations, competitive prices, and satisfaction that even surpasses the expectations of customers.

In order to do so, we have completely enhanced the enterprise system, from leadership and management to employees, so that each member unifies their ideas and unanimously expresses responsibility and discipline in translation quality and customer care policy.

In addition, Tomato has incentives and promotions for customers with high-value orders as well as customers who regularly use Tomato’s services. This aims to help increase customer loyalty while also assisting Tomato in expanding its market share and gaining a certain foothold in the industry.

In March 2021, Tomato received the ISO 9001: 2015 International Quality Management System certificate for language solutions. Tomato Media has gradually confirmed its position over the last 5 years of operation. Its reputation strengthens customers’ trust when using the service at Tomato Media.

Since then, Tomato Media has constantly strived to bring customers the highest quality services and the most professional team to deserve the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate. At the same time, steady improvement of the service quality is also a way to help us build and maintain trust with customers.

Tomato has gradually confirmed the quality commensurate with the optimal cost by implementing the ISO 9001: 2015 standards

Tomato affirms that it will bring customers top translation solutions with products and services of the highest possible quality as it uses the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system in line with the TQM system. In addition, there are other new initiatives that bring positive things to the enterprise’s business project.

“In the next 10 years, Tomato Media aims to be among the top 30 leading translation companies in Asia to create the best support for domestic enterprises to enter the international market and reach the target group of customers in this market,” said the production director Nguyen Vu Kien.

Although 5 years of operation is not too long, it is enough to mark Tomato’s efforts and dedication to all customers. Tomato promises to further improve the workflow and management system to bring more comprehensive language solutions in the near future.


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