Tomato Media entered slator’s top 150 language service provider index 2022 (LSPI)

The leading news, analysis and research site for translation, localization and global language technology has just released the Language Services Provider Index 2022 (LSPI) rankings – The world’s largest language service provider index. Accordingly, Tomato Media was honored to enter the Top 150 of this ranking.

About the Slator Language Service Provider Index 2022

The Slator Language Service Providers Index 2022 (LSPI) is an index ranking for the world’s largest translation, localization, interpretation and language technology companies by statistics complied by Slator. LSPI 2022 has over 300 companies in total, more than 100 of which will be launched this year.

LSPI Slator 2022 will be a useful reference for stakeholders in language service industry, such as service providers, customers, advisors, consultants and investors, obtained through using and studying Slator’s online research.

Slator’s Top 150 Ranking Criteria for Language Service Providers 2022

Similar to the 2021 edition, LSPI Slator 2022 participants are listed in order of revenue (in USD for 2021). The ranking is supplemented with relevant information to each company, such as 2020 revenue, annual growth rate, company headquarters, ownership, and year end financial situation.

To enter the Top 150 Slator’s 2022 Language Service Provider Index, Tomato Media Translation has implemented a suitable strategy and has a boom in business activities, to deserve this position. In particular:

  • Service Quality: Developing a variety of services, putting service quality and customer satisfaction first. Our services are always appreciated by customers for premium quality.
  • Business operation activities: Promoting corporate branding activities. Implementing quality assurance policy for customers to sustain and develop the brand. Promoting all resources, improving the professional performance capability of the staff. At the same time, establising professional and self-contained work flow to ensure service quality as well as confidentiality for customers.
  • Personnel: Rich human resource who are well-trained, professional and meeting the needs of customers. In particular, our staff are highly specialized with authentic experience in many large and small projects. High-quality human resources is one of the factors that help Tomato Media’s revenue and other parameters grow steadily.

About Tomato Media translation

Tomato has gained many titles, outstanding achievements

With the mission of becoming a bridge to help customers connect with the world by providing business support and language solutions, Tomato Media has tried its best to help domestic organizations and businesses have the opportunity to cooperate with many international partners. In particular, businesses will have the opportunity to develop their scale and position themselves in the international arena.

With constant efforts, Tomato has been honored to receive many outstanding titles and achievements such as:

  • Quality system management system certified by international standards ISO 9001: 2015 for the field of language solutions
  • The title of “Excellent Products and Services 2021” in the announcement ceremony of “Vietnamese prestigious Trademarks and Brands and Excellent Business Leaders 2021”

Tomato focuses on the development of Machine translation

Machine translation is the current trending term. Tomato is focusing on developing machine translation and making the most of the world of science and technology. This will help saving translation time and optimizing costs for customers.

High-quality service

With a team of qualified personnel and professional working processes, Tomato Media is a high-quality service provider nowadays. Tomato provides high quality translation, interpretation, localization and media translation services in more than 50 different languages ​​with all types of documents, such as:

  • Business profile translation
  • Notarized translation of personal documents, study abroad documents, visa applications, …
  • Translation of books, newspapers, magazines of all kinds, …
  • Localization of games, websites, videos, software
  • Interpretation for diverse content and formats (Online interpretation, on-site interpretation, cabin, consecutive, whispered interpretation)

Sharing about the experience of Tomato’s service, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha said: “I am very satisfied when using Tomato’s service. I found Tomato to work and consult customers professionally, and to be extremely reputable. I have used the service many times because every time the delivery is on time and the translation product is appreciated by my clients. Even more, there are times when I need to do a translation urgently, Tomato also supports me to complete it quickly while still ensuring quality”.

Tomato makes strong move into localization market

Localization is the process of making products and services as compatible as possible with the target audience, removing all language and cultural barriers… Tomato is actively entering the localization market, helping businesses overcome cultural barriers while maintaining the spirit and impact of advertising campaigns.

After more than 5 years of establishment and development, with flexible and effective policies, Tomato Media has risen to become a reliable unit chosen by many businesses to help them join the globalization process, reaching out to the international market. Accordingly, Tomato focuses on building human resource and language solutions groups suitable for each business and specific context.

In particular, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tomato provides online translation, online interpretation services, etc. to ensure safety during the pandemic but still meet all service needs of the customers.

Talking about the upcoming plans of Tomato Media, Mr. Nguyen Vu Kien – Production Director shared: “In the next 10 years, Tomato Media aims to become one of the top 30 translation companies in Asia to create more momentum to best support domestic enterprises in participating in the international market and reaching the target customer group in this market”.

Tomato Media is one of the few Vietnamese enterprises in the top 150 of Slator LSPI 2022- an index that evaluates the world’s largest language service providers. With the core value “Living to the true essence”, Tomato always puts the interests of customers first and provides customers with high-quality and professional media translation, interpretation, localization and translation services.


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