Translation process ensures 100% accurate translation

The development of economic activities has caused businesses to increasingly expand their markets to cooperate with foreign countries. However, this has a pretty big barrier: language differences. In order to remove this barrier and motivate international business cooperation, a translation agency with a strict translation process not only plays the role of translating but is an important factor representing the professionalism of the public. ty.

Realizing that now, the hiring of human resources fluent in foreign languages ​​in businesses is very popular. However, the reality shows that big businesses “choose to send gold” to reputable translation companies. The biggest difference between the two above objects is that the translation process is closely monitored, minimizing errors in the translation process.

The translation process at Tomato Media is fully implemented in 4 steps below.

We always ensure the quality of transmission of standard 99% information to customers using the service.

Step 1: Receive project information:

The department in charge of receiving requested information from customers sends documents to the Interpreter. Documents related to the project include: references, customer requirements, …

Step 2: Prepare to translate:

The PDV carefully reads the request of the translation project. The minimum information that PDV needs to capture is: interpreter language, time and place of interpreter, type of interpreter (cabin – seminar – negotiation …), costume according to customer’s request, …

The interpreter calculates the plan, travel time to be present at the location requested by the customer. Prepare and carefully review the references.

Interpreters participating in the project will assign the working time and workload by themselves, agree to create a glossary to be used in the translation session (if required) and reconfirm with the client.

Step 3: Interpret:

The interpreter, dressed as required, is present at the interpreter venue 15 minutes prior to the customer’s request.

After translating, the interpreter completes the “Interpreter Request Form” and sends it to the person in charge of the project

Step 4: Check the quality of the translation

After completing the translation session, staff call the client to check the translation quality and learn from future projects.

Above is the general process of each Interpreter project at Tomato Media. However, for each customer requirement, the company will analyze and have a flexible plan to apply.

Interpreting is not a job that anyone who knows a foreign language can do, especially for high-level interpreters such as translating Cabin, translating medical events, law, … Organizing team selection personnel with extensive training and experience at least 3 years in the field under their charge.

If you want to translate normal, basic communication, you can completely take advantage of the resources available in the business to save costs. However, when you need to ensure 100% accuracy with in-depth information, choose Tomato Media to ensure it meets your requirements.

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