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What are the requirements for English construction translation?

While looking for English construction translation services, do you encounter these problems:

  • Need to translate a large number of English technical documents in a short time
  • Need to find an interpreter with an in-depth understanding and extensive construction vocabulary.
  • Wonder about the quality of countless translation units on the market
  • Want to find a translation service provider offering a reasonable price while ensuring translation quality

To meet the English construction translation services of numerous individual and corporate customers amid the current acute shortage of knowledgeable personnel in this industry, Tomato Media is pleased to provide English construction translation services into Vietnamese as well as more than 50 other languages.

Professional English construction translation services at Tomato Media

Tomato provides the translations of documents and records of various technical fields such as: civil construction, traffic works, irrigation, mechanics, electricity, etc.

1. English translation of all construction documents

During its operation, Tomato has constantly improved and innovated to bring a variety of English construction translation services. We provide translation services for all construction documents and papers.

⫸ The civil construction field Blueprints, organizational documents, documents of supervision, management, construction, minutes of acceptance, etc.
⫸ Architecture Drawings, urban planning maps, industrial planning maps, projects, etc.
⫸ Traffic construction field Bridge drawings, road drawings, plans, bills of quantities, supervision documents, minutes of acceptance, etc.
⫸ Irrigation construction field Design documents for construction of river ports, seaports, inland waterways, shipping channels, drawings, bills of quantities, bidding documents, minutes of acceptance of stage construction completion, etc.
⫸ Mechanical construction field Detailed machinery and equipment design documents, machinery and equipment management and operating instructions, documents on mechanical – electrical, mechanical – electronic systems, instructions on material selection, etc.
⫸ Electrical construction field Design and construction maps of power plants, substations, manuals for construction of power transmission and distribution line networks, etc.
⫸ Aviation construction industry Documents of airport infrastructure, internal airport roads outside the aerodrome, documents of power supply, water supply and drainage works, lighting installation, drawings of passenger terminals, cargo terminals, etc.
TOMATO MEDIA is honored to receive the award “2021 Excellent Products – Services” A team of 5+ years of experience and expertise


2. English media translation services for the construction industry

With a team of experienced translators, Tomato Media provides customers with media translation services for the construction industry between English and Vietnamese and many other languages. You can find a variety of services:

  • Translation, recording, dubbing, subtitling, or voice-over for documentaries of the construction process, procurement of construction materials, videos about company introduction, work introduction, training clips, etc.
  • Translation and transcription of videos, audios of the construction engineer recruitment and interviews, professional training sessions on construction, design, cost estimation, seminars, meetings, etc. of construction companies.
  • Translation of scripts for annual meetings, general meetings of shareholders, engineer training, seminars, events for the introduction of companies, works, building materials, etc.


3. English localization services for the construction field

When using our construction English localization service, you will receive smooth translations guaranteed to match the style of the target language. Customers can choose between a variety of localization services including:

  • Localization of websites of construction company introduction, construction company service introduction, construction information blogs, etc.
  • Localization of construction design and calculation applications that have compatibility with operating systems and a smooth operation on computers, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Localization of construction estimating software, design software, software for training, business management, etc.
  • Localization of company introduction videos, service introductions, completed works, training videos, etc.

English construction translation service

4. High-quality English construction interpreting services

The interpreters at Tomato Media have extensive expertise in the construction industry. This staff will be the bridge to help customers and partners translate in events such as: In addition, interpreters also can improvise flexibly to all unexpected situations with a confident manner and attitude. These staff members will be the bridge to help customers and partners interpret events such as:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Meeting: annual meetings, general meetings of shareholders, year-end meetings
  • Business trips, visits, diplomatic conferences
  • Trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences in the construction field
  • Construction grand opening ceremony
  • Opening ceremony of the company operating in the field of construction

Depending on the nature of the implementation project, the Tomato interpreter will use the corresponding type of interpretation:

  • Accompanying interpreting at construction sites
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Side-by-side interpretation
  • Remote interpreting
  • Whisper interpreting

5. Construction translation from English into over 50 languages

Tomato is capable of translating all types of construction documents and records from English into Vietnamese as well as more than 50 different languages. Some popular languages in English construction translation services include:

English French Arabic
Chinese Taiwanese Spanish
Japanese German Czech
Korean Thai Dutch







English construction translation service fees #high-quality

Tomato Media’s English construction translation service fees are optimized with excellent service quality:

  • Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award
  • Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies.
  • Tomato’s application of a quality management system that has achieved the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Below is the quotation for the high-quality English construction translation services at Tomato:

*** The quotation is for reference only

The quotation is optimized with excellent interpreting quality

Form Quotation
Translation of personal papers 75,000 (VND/page)
Translation of commonly English construction documents * 60,000 – 120,000 VND/Page
Notarized English translation services – Private notary office Translation fee + 65,000 – 80,000 (VND/Notarized copy)
Notarized English translation services – Public notary office Translation fee + 120,000 – 160,000 (VND/Notarized copy)
English consecutive interpreting service for construction conferences (2 working hours – 1 interpreter) 2.915.000 VND
English consecutive interpreting service for construction conferences (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) 3.685.000 VND
English cabin interpreting service for construction conferences (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) 5.555.000 VND
English cabin interpreting service for construction conferences (4 working hours – 1 interpreter) 10.945.000 VND
English cabin interpreting service for construction conferences (8 working hours – 2 interpreters) 21.725.000 VND
English construction localization (websites, apps, software, games, etc.) Contact
English media translation services for the construction industry (recording, dubbing, voice-over, subtitle translation, audio transcription, etc.) Contact

The quotation for English construction translation services

* Common documents are typically estimated at 300 words/page

Note: The above quotation for English construction translation services is for reference only. The exact quotation depends on the nature of the service.

To get a detailed quotation for the English construction translation services, please contact us via:

  •  Hotline: 0938 596 333 hoặc zalo: 0938 596 333
  •  Website:
  •  Or send us your document via email:


What are the benefits of English construction translation services at Tomato?

When using Tomato’s English construction translation services, you will receive the highest satisfaction thanks to the accuracy in translation quality as well as other advantages in services and our team of translators – interpreters.

Accuracy in translation is guaranteed to reach 100%

Thanks to the optimized translation process that meets the international ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management Systems, Tomato is fully confident that it can deliver the best quality translations at the fastest speed.

Excellent customer service

We have constantly been improving the customer care process to optimize and save time in all stages of the quotation, consultation, translation, warranty, and handling of inquiries and complaints in the post-translation process.

Transparent, detailed quotation

All the quotations for the English construction translation services will be expressly discussed and agreed upon by both Tomato and the customer. In case any customers ask for a quotation, Tomato will quickly send the response only 15 minutes after receiving the request.

Customer information leak protection policy

All the project information from customers’ identities to attached documents and records is kept confidential by Tomato Media through the Non-disclosure agreement. This is one of the reasons why we receive the trust and cooperation of countless customers.

Offline and online English construction translation services

In addition to the direct working method, Tomato wishes to serve more customers everywhere through online translation services. By using support tools like Gmail, Skype, Zalo, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., we undertake to bring out convenient, fast services at the optimal time and prices.

Team of highly skilled translators

Tomato Media has more than 100 experts and 3000 collaborators working domestically and internationally. The staff ensures that they have language knowledge, a deep understanding of the construction field as well as the ability to translate smoothly and easily.

Tomato is honored to receive the “2021 Excellent Product – Service” award

Tomato is in the top 150 LSPI – Rankings of the world’s largest translation companies

Globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certificate achieved

1500+ customers trust English construction translation services in Tomato Media

Thanks to the quality of accurate translations, a professional team, and a good warranty and confidentiality policy, Tomato has won the trust of many customers. After 5 years of operation, we have cooperated with more than 2,500 partners and successfully implemented 65,000 projects not only in the construction industry but also in different fields.



Professional and credible English construction translation process

In the process of English translation for the construction industry, Tomato Media always follows the quality process of ISO 9001: 2015 to provide accurate translations and satisfy the most demanding customers. The process of translation, interpreting and media translation all have their own standards. In particular:


◆ English construction translation (document translation) process:

1: Tomato receives requests and advice on English construction translation services from customers.

2: After signing the contract, we arrange and assign the project to the appropriate translator.

3: The translator in charge begins to check and translate as required

4: The proofreader in charge checks for errors in sentences, grammar, and terminology to ensure the most perfect translation.

5: The translator will reformat the translation according to the original format or at the customer’s request.

6: The translator checks the final for the last time and hands it over to the customer


◆ Process of English interpreting services for the construction industry:

1: Tomato receives the details of customers’ requests for Taiwanese-to-Vietnamese translation

2: Tomato selects the suitable interpreting type and assigns the project to an interpreter.

3: The interpreter in charge will receive documents and research

4: Customers and Tomato will directly check the interpreter’s qualification

5: The interpreter will interpret for the customer in the interpreting session

6: Receive and process customer feedback if any

FAQ about English construction translation services

Here are some questions Tomato Media often receives from customers in the advice process on English construction translation services.

1. Can I request to correct an English construction translation after receiving it?

Tomato is one of the few translation units that offer a warranty for all English construction translations. Accordingly, if you find an error or want to suggest a better translation, Tomato will review and correct it for free. With this warranty, customers will be completely assured that the translation quality is always guaranteed at the highest level.

2. Is there a qualification test before ordering English construction interpreting services?

The interpreters at Tomato are all knowledgeable, experienced and have the ability to improvise flexibly in interpreting sessions. However, in order to gain the customer’s complete trust, Tomato together with the customer will check the interpreter’s qualifications before signing the contract.

This is one of the stages to select the right interpreter for the project in the interpreting process currently applied at Tomato Media. We understand that it’s not enough if there is specific expertise only. It is also necessary to have an appropriate manner, responsibility, and confidence, as well as the individual style of each interpreter. A qualification test is a stepping stone for the most successful cooperation in the future.

3. How to register for English translation services for construction documents?

To use English construction translation services, you can register in the following ways:

  • Contact directly at Tomato Media’s office at:
    • P504, 5th Floor, Kinh Do Tower, 292 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi or 3rd Floor, Thanh Nien
    • Media Corporation Building, 345/134 Tran Hung Dao, Cau Kho Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Send directly via Tomato’s official website:
  • Send attachments of English construction documents to email:
  • Send to the zalo account number: 093 859 6333

4. Is it possible to use remote construction translation and interpreting services? Is the quality guaranteed?

In order to flexibly adapt to the complicated Covid-19 pandemic situation, Tomato has deployed online and remote translation and interpreting services. With the support of tools, modern technology, and a stable Internet connection, customers can be completely assured the products have the same quality as direct services.

5. How is the price of English construction translation services calculated?

Depending on the service type, Tomato will calculate the translation unit price. Basically, we break down costs into three categories:

5.1. Costs for the translation of common documents, records, materials

For the documents/materials whose word count is available, the costs will be calculated as follows:

The total translation fee = the total word count x unit price/word

5.2. Document translation fee

Currently, notarized translation in Tomato will be calculated as follows:

Total translation price = translation cost based on word count + notarization fee.

Note: The notarization fee is calculated according to the State regulations prescribed by the Department of Justice.

5.3. Costs of Media translation, special file format translation

The translation unit price will be calculated based on: the language pair, the subject of the document, original document format, delivery time, and other requirements (editing, proofreading, DTP, etc.) Media translation costs at Tomato are calculated as follows:

The total translation cost = the total length of the original video x unit price/minute

To receive advice on the most suitable services for your documents, kindly send your materials and files to the email, and we will contact you for consultation after 5-10 minutes.

6. Why does Tomato Media charge construction translation service prices based on word count instead of the number of pages?

Each type of document has its own format and layout, and there are differences in font, font size, alignment, line spacing, etc. These factors will cause a change in the number of pages of the document.

In addition, with printed publications that show lots of images but have a few words such as banners, brochures, flyers, catalogs, PowerPoint, etc., the calculation based on the page unit will be disadvantageous for customers. Therefore, Tomato Media calculates the costs for translation services based on the word unit instead of the A4-page unit to ensure fairness and benefits for all customers.

7. Does Tomato provide instant English construction translation services?

Tomato Media always wants to support customers beyond expectations. Therefore, in addition to the common translation with the agreed term in the contract, we also provide instant translation service delivery even within a few hours. Depending on the language pair, the content, and the size of the project, Tomato will try to meet the best possible.

8. How can I receive the completed translation of construction documents?

For the convenience of customers, Tomato offers two methods of document delivery via soft or hard copy formats. Please inform the method you want to choose when signing the contract.

Delivery of soft copies online We’ll attach the file to an email or upload it to an online storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive, and share the email link for you to download.
Delivery of hard copies via courier Tomato provides the delivery of printed translations for word/pdf files or CD/DVD files for videos. The paper prints will be signed and certified by Tomato. And these hard files will be couriered to the customer’s address. This delivery method will incur printing and delivery costs.


9. Does Tomato have any preferential offers for customers with large orders?

In addition to competitive translation pricing, Tomato Media also offers economical service packages, helping to optimize costs for customers. Besides, we always have attractive programs for loyal customers, return customers as well as customers with a large order value.

10. Does Tomato support customers outside working hours?

We understand that during project implementation, customers may have questions that need to be resolved at any time. Therefore, after the project confirmation, Tomato will have a support employee to handle all customer requirements 24/7.


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