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The Chinese interpretation market is now more active than ever. Demand for document interpretation and meetings with Chinese business partners is on the rise. Finding a high-quality agency for document translation, meeting interpretation… is not easy. The following article will help you get the most general overview of this field.


The fullest definition of Chinese interpretation 

Do you understand Chinese interpretation in the most accurate and complete sense? Many customers often mistakenly think that interpretation is just translating documents and dossiers. But to be fully understood, Chinese interpretation is the job of a person related to the language. That person shall convert Chinese to Vietnamese or vice versa.

A Chinese interpreter converts language either in oral or written form so that the third party understand all the important information most accurately.

Strong growth in demand for Chinese Interpretation Services

Enterprises in China are investing more and more in our country. Besides, domestic enterprises are also attracting investment capital from big companies in the fellow country. Demand for Chinese interpreters is growing drastically. As a result, the profession of Chinese interpretation has become a career pursued by many.

However, there are not many units specializing in providing high-quality Chinese language interpretation services. The reason is that this is a challenging field, which requires interpreters to possess broad knowledge and deep understanding, instead of just everyday communication language.

If there is a unit providing high quality interpretation services at an affordable price, it will surely be favored by customers. 

Let us know if you are: 

  • In need of an interpreter for a Chinese project. 
  • Confused despite your research about the service provider units. There are too many units providing Chinese interpreters, you do not know which one is a reputable, reliable provider that can you can work with for a long time. 
  • In need of a highly qualified interpreter to complete the job on time. 
  • In need of a Chinese interpreter to work for a project of weeks or months long, who has expertise about the profession. 

In order to be able to help you quickly solve the above problems, the next part of this article shall propose a great solution.

The most prestigious Chinese interpretation service at Tomato Media. 

Optimum process

Check out our interpretation process through the images below. With this process, we ensure that you will have nothing left to worry about your choice of a high-quality interpretation service provider.

This is the interpretation process consisting of 6 most important steps, aimed at optimizing interpretation quality, and the quality of customer care. 

Flexible cost according to customer’s financial ability 

We have built a flexible quotation to suit each customer’s needs. In addition, we also have many promotional combos to help customers save as much of translation costs as possible.

Tomato media offers the four most popular types of interpretation

For each need of interpretation, there will be a suitable form of interpretation. Currently, Tomato media offers 4 types of interpretation that are the most popular. If you are not sure about these types, please refer to the analysis below.

Consecutive interpretation

This is the most commonly used form of interpretation nowadays. Let’s imagine, in a meeting between the two sides, one side is Chinese enterprise, the other is Vietnamese enterprise. Representatives of the two sides discussed the work content, after the Chinese partner finished his conversation, the interpreter would convert that content into Vietnamese so that the partner could understand and grasp the main information.

On average, the interpreter will speak to the foreign partner for ⅔ or ¾ of a consecutive interpretation session. With this type of interpretation, to ensure the highest accuracy, the interpreter needs to think, choose and organize his ideas.

An interpreter who wants to perform well in consecutive interpretation needs to be able to memorize for a short period of time and must be able to note, systematize information and data. That is to ensure there is no lack of important information. 

When to choose consecutive interpretation?

Because it takes a lot of time, consecutive interpretation should only be done in meetings with few people in small spaces such as:

  • Interviews with foreign experts.
  • Press Conference. 
  • Tour of foreign partner to factory. 
  • The presentation with foreign participants. 
  • ….

Simultaneous interpretation

Have you ever heard of simultaneous Chinese interpretation? Let’s find out more details about this type of interpretation.

This is considered the ultimate form of interpretation because of its difficulty. For example, in a seminar include Chinese and Vietnamese participants. When a Chinese director speaks, the interpreter will be hidden in a soundproof room, listening to the speech through headphones. Immediately, the interpreter will convey the content in Vietnamese through the microphone for participants to understand.

Note that in this format, the speaker and the interpreter will speak at the same time. The speed of interpretation will be much faster, ensuring the time frame of the program.

In order to perform this form of simultaneous interpretation, interpreters must have a high level of expertise and experience in the field of interpretation for a long time.

Besides, this form also requires the interpreter to be able to arrange and choose the right words with fast speed. 

When to choose simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous Chinese interpretation should be done at important sessions, which need to take place quickly and with a large number of participants such as: 

  • Seminars on special topics. 
  • Conferences over the phone. 
  • Important meetings such as shareholders’ meetings, board meetings. 
  • Court trials…. 
  • Live broadcast recording. 

Indirect interpretation

Indirect interpretation has complicated nature. In order for the final listener to understand the content, the interpreter must translate from another interpreter, then convey the understanding to the listener. For example, in a conference taking place in China, there are representatives from China, Japan, and Vietnam. Chinese is used as the intermediate language.

When a Japanese representative spoke, the intermediate interpreter would translate into Chinese. Then, the Vietnamese interpreter sitting in the Sino-Vietnamese cabin will interpret the content for his or her representative.

This form of interpretation is often found in international seminars, conferences and forums. 

Special interpretation

Also known as silent interpretation. The interpreter will perform the interpretation in parallel with the speaker, but in a small voice, just enough for the listener to hear and understand.

In the negotiations and signing of contracts, we often see this type of interpretation.


What should you pay attention to when choosing a Chinese interpretation company?

We all understand that the quality of interpretation is very important, especially in the business sector. So to ensure that there are no mistakes in the working process, you need to note 4 points after choosing a Chinese interpretation unit. 

  • Long experience in interpretation, at least 5 years. 
  • Having cooperated with major partners. This proves that the quality of service has been verified, and entrusted by many customers. 
  • Allowing customers to check interpreter’s proficiency. By this, you can fully be proactive in all situations. This is to avoid the case of not being able to find a replacement if the interpretation quality is too poor. 
  • The interpretation service provider needs to provide service packages to save time and money. 

Let Tomato media help you to the most successful interpretation session

Tomato Media is confident as the leading provider of Chinese interpretation services in terms of quality nowadays. We have all the elements of a trustworthy interpretation center. 


Tomato Media has provided interpretation services to more than 99,678 customers.

With more than 5 years of experience in this field, we are always trusted and cooperated by major partners.

Up till now, Tomato media has successfully implemented 98,567 projects. Including outstanding projects cooperating with large enterprises such as: Naver, Samsung, BOSCH, Toyota, Honda,…

Excellent and professional staff

Tomato Media is considered as the interpretation agency with the largest network of staff currently. 

  • More than 50,000 collaborators spanning in many regions. 100% of collaborators have diplomas and certificates specializing in Chinese. Therefore, we always have a backup plan to ensure the completion of work on time, with high quality. 
  • Besides, Tomato media also has a project management team. This department is always ready to solve and take responsibility for any problems that customers encounter. 

Impressive portfolio

  • Tomato media is proud to win… award for interpretation
  • Our quality management system is certified by the highest standard ISO 9001: 2008
  • Always ready to support and give advice 24/24. 

Number 1 service 

  • We provide 24/7 service throughout the year. Thus, if you are in need of advice right now, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Customers can check the interpreter’s qualifications for free, ensuring the greatest satisfaction upon cooperation. 
  • Tomato media is committed to protecting customers’ information. 
  • In addition to interpretation package, we also rent equipment at good prices, helping customers save time and money. 
  • Customers can receive advice from Tomato media anytime, anywhere. 



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