English Interpretation – Introduction to high quality service at a good price

Are you learning about English interpretation services? This article is going to provide you with thorough information about: reliable professional interpretation service providers, cost, process, quality,… Let’s take time to figure out one by one.


What is English translation?

English interpretation is the act of converting simultaneously or consecutively English spoken text into another language without changing the meaning in the source language. In this case, English is the source language and the interpreted language is called the target language.

An English interpretation process usually takes place as follows: Listening -> Linguistic analysis according to circumstances, cultures -> Expressing in the target language so that the listener can accurately understand the meaning of what the speaker have spoken. Interpreters need to possess some basic qualities such as a sharp mind, flexibility, good communication skills, and especially the ability to maintain the timing.  


Demand for English Interpretation Service

English is a common language, which is spoken by over a quarter of the world’s population. In particular, as the major financial centers with significant economic roles are based in the UK and the US, English has become the default trading language.

In Vietnam, along with the development and expansion of international relations, the demand for languages usage, especially English, is on the rise. English has become a compulsory subject from elementary level (even from preschool level in big cities) to university. However, that does not hamper the field of interpretation. On the contrary, with the language’s increased essence in daily life and trading; administrative and commercial transactions; international cooperation,… the demand for English interpretation tends to increase.

If you are:

  • In need of an interpreter but do not know which provider to choose?
  • Searching the internet but there are too many different sources of information; Wondering which reputable unit to choose?
  • Under time pressure, in need of a high-level interpreter to meet your strict requirements?
  • In need of long-period interpreter with good professional experience to ensure that there are no mistakes or misunderstanding that may arise?


Tomato Media provides professional English Interpretation Services

Tomato Media is a leading reputable interpretation service provider in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of highly qualified interpreters with standard appearance and professional manner; Tomato Media confidently offers you top-quality English interpretation services with a variety of types: meetings, conferences, exhibitions, tour guides, international seminars,…

Interpretation process

The process of English interpretation of an interpreter usually goes on as follows: Listening, then Linguistically analyzing according to circumstances, cultures and Expressing in the target language so that the listener can correctly understand the meaning of what the speaker have spoken.


Coming to Tomato Media, you shall minimize interpretation costs because we are the only unit on the market with a flexible price list basing on the needs of each customer with various promotion policies according to the project. 90% of the customers have returned to Tomato Media thanks to cost satisfaction.


The 4 types of interpretation we offer

Consecutive interpretation

This is a form of consecutive interpretation, that is, after the speaker finishes a sentence/ idea/ dialog, the interpreter will interpret and convert the conversation into the target language.

Consecutive interpretation is suitable for conversations with few participants, such as: interviews, press conferences, presentations, commercial transactions, negotiating – signing of contracts,…

Simultaneous interpretation

For this type, the interpreter will interpret in parallel with the source language (the speaker) so that the listener can receive information at the same time. Simultaneous translation is the most challenging type of interpretation, requiring the interpreter to possess high expertise and top skills. At Tomato Media, interpreters are able to fulfill these requirements.

Simultaneous translation is suitable for important interpretation sessions with a large number of participants, such as seminars, conferences; courts; lectures in class, …

Indirect translation

Similar to simultaneous translation, but more complicated in nature, the interpreter will have to interpret indirectly from another interpreter to help listeners understand the meaning of the conversation.

An example to make it easier to picture this type of interpretation: A conference of delegates from 4 countries including Vietnam, China, Laos and the Philippines will need 3 interpretation cabins, using English as a common language: English – Vietnamese cabin, English – Chinese cabin, English – Lao cabin, English – Filipino cabin. When Vietnamese delegates speak, the interpreter at the Vietnamese cabin will interpret into English; after that, the interpreter at the other cabins will interpret into Lao, Chinese, Filipino respectively so that their delegates understand, and similarly when the other country delegates speak, the interpreter at the cabin will interpret into their own language.

This type of interpretation is suitable for: summits, seminars, world economic forum conferences,…

Special interpretation

Special interpretation means a form of interpretation in small voice, interpretation simultaneously with the speaker in small voice, whispering into the listener’s ear.

This type of interpretation is suitable for a small scale with few listeners: Negotiating – signing contracts, internal meetings, court proceedings, …


5 Notes to choose an English interpretation company

Over 5 years in operation

If you want your negotiation session to be smooth, you need to find a reputable interpretation service provider with certain experience; priority should be given to 5 or more years of experience.      

Many prestigious partners

Before you make your final choice, you need to understand their portfolios, level of fulfillment, client’s trust, and the projects completed. A professional interpretation unit would have been chosen by many large businesses and corporations as a partner.

Allow interpretation test

When looking for interpretation companies, you need to inquire many questions to test communication, situations handling skills and check through documents such as diplomas, certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT,… to make sure the interpreter matches the criteria; avoiding mistakes when the project is implemented.

Clear and rigorous contract

A contract to ensure the responsibilities and interests of each party. Especially, for interpretation, information confidentiality is the most important factor, absolute confidentiality is required.  

Provide service packages

Not merely providing services at a predetermined location, a reputable interpretation service provider needs to be able to provide an A-to-Z service package, some of the attached services to be mentioned: providing transportation, accommodation for interpreters (in remote cases), interpretation facilities,…


Reasons for choosing Tomato Media


  • Experience


Tomato Media has more than 5 years of experience in providing English translation services with more than 65,000 large and small projects, cooperating with more than 25,000 domestic and foreign partners, we are committed to providing the most flawless service.

Notable projects:

Tomato Media has completed hundreds of projects for large corporations. Some of those are the projects of: Sony, H&M, Vietnam Airlines, Bosch, Microsoft,…


  • Personnel


Tomato Media’s team of more than 100 interpreters and a large network of more than 3,000 collaborators are the leading English language experts in the country, 100% with professional qualifications and certificates; capable of prompt and accurate interpretation. Strictly selected, English interpreters all have standard appearance and a confident demeanor, thus will be a reliable companion for you in important meetings, negotiations, contracts signing,…

The team of project managers always closely monitor the implementation progress, with a contingency plan to prevent unexpected situations, to make sure your project would be carried out smoothly.

  • Competence

As Asia’s leading provider of language solutions with ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards, Tomato Media is committed to providing customers with the best quality English interpretation services; unlimited number, location, time,…

  • Service

Tomato Media provides 24/7/365 service with an enthusiastic team of consultants, ready to support anytime, anywhere. In particular, to ensure that Tomato Media is the right partner for you, here you can check our interpreters’ qualifications before official cooperation. We are committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information.

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