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What is the court interpretation service? How important are court interpreters?

Because court interpreting is a legal service, the definition is also in conformity with the law’s provisions. For domestic and foreign people at Vietnamese or foreign courts who need to use court interpreters, they have the right to hire court interpreters.

When the parties involved have problems communicating in languages, court interpretation is incredibly important. Interpreting will aid in the protection of rights and the communication of information between the parties in court.

Obligations and rights of interpreters in court:

According to Article 82 of the Civil Procedure Code, the rights and obligations of court interpreters are clearly defined as follows:

  • It’s necessary to make a commitment before the court about the performance of the interpreter’s rights and obligations.
  • It’s necessary to be present on time according to the court summons.
  • If contacting other participants in the proceedings impairs the objectivity, truthfulness, or correctness of the interpretation, refrain from doing so.
  • Requesting procedure participants and procedure-conducting persons to further explain the words to be interpreted.
  • It’s crucial to interpret accurately, correctly, and objectively, without adding or removing words.

Prestigious court interpretation services at Tomato Media

The court will allow you to use an interpreter in a court case where one of the parties is not fluent in the language. Court interpreters might be appointed by the court or chosen by the parties. Tomato Media is a nationwide provider of court interpretation services with many years of experience.

Professional & reputable court interpreters at Tomato Media

Because court interpretation is a legal concern, there is a significant demand for interpreters. From selection to training, we are always strict. The following conditions must be accomplished in order to work as a court interpreter:

  • Understanding and becoming familiar with the host country’s current laws.
  • Having good hearing and pronunciation abilities.
  • A voice that is loud, clear, and consistent.
  • Ability to remember things.
  • Laws and regulations are well-versed.
  • Strictly adhering to and fully complying with the law and the court’s provisions.
  • Honesty, dependability, and passion are desirable attributes.
  • Interpreters are unable to add to or subtract from what people say in court.
  • Interpreters must be courageous and self-assured. Our court interpreters are always calm in court and while interpreting for the parties, and they have a confident, bold manner.

The tasks of a specific court interpreter include:

Interpret to the litigant the questions on the court forms.
Communicate to the litigant what court and jury staff told the client.
Interprete the litigant’s words for the entire courtroom.

Court interpretation services

Court interpretations service topics

Court interpretation is a tough field that necessitates a thorough comprehension of the legal provisions by the interpreter. Tomato, on the other hand, is dedicated to interpreting and transmitting the most accurate content, thanks to its experience and professional personnel.

Court interpretation services at Tomato Media offer the following cases:

Interpreting in court proceedings, conciliation, verification at home and abroad.
Interpreting for the hearing impaired and the disabled who must use sign language.
Interpreting for ethnic minorities who cannot speak the common tongue.

The contents of court interpretation at Tomato include:

🔰 Interpretation of hearings and administrative trials

  • Litigation and settlement of disputes related to technology transfer rights, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Interpretation to settle disputes and proceedings on nationality.
  • Litigation and disputes related to professional activities of the press, in accordance with the law on the press industry.
  • Disputes over the use and exploitation of water resources, discharge of waste into water sources according to the provisions of the Law on Water Resources.

🔰 Criminal Court Interpretation

  • The trial to resolve the case of intentionally causing injury to others.
  • The trial to settle the legitimate defense case.
  • The trial to resolve the case of accidentally injuring others.
  • The trial to settle the case of hiring people to cause injury to others.

🔰 Interpretation of civil litigation sessions

  • Litigation related to marriage and family in accordance with the Law on Marriage and Family.
  • Litigation to protect the interests of consumers.
  • Land dispute.
  • Disputes about civil transactions, civil contracts, etc.
  • Settlement of disputes and proceedings on property rights.
  • The right to inherit according to wills and inherit property according to the provisions of law.

🔰 Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Disputes about a breach of warranties and guarantees.
  • Mechanism dispute over price determination and adjustment.
  • Disputes that violate contractual obligations.
  • Compensation for damage, penalties for violations and interest on late payment.
  • Shareholders dispute.

🔰 Employment and Labor Litigation: Disputes over compensation for extra-contractual damages

🔰 Litigation on many other topics

Court interpretation services at Tomato in multiple languages

Tomato Media is one of the companies providing court interpretation services with the most diverse languages. We offer more than 50 different languages best cost interpretation services.

  • Popular languages such as: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, etc.
  • To less common languages ​​like Lao, Danish, Arabic, Malay, etc.


Why should you choose court interpretation services from Tomato Media?

Tomato’s court interpretation services provide a great solution for your court cases that require interpretation.

Trusted partner of over 2,500 customers, companies and more than 65,000 successful projects

Tomato Media is happy to be a trusted partner of over 2500 corporate customers, companies, organizations, and individuals in Vietnam, as one of the top translation companies in the country. We’ve also executed over 65,000 projects successfully.

Interpreting with asymptotic 100% accuracy

Tomato interpreters are always honing their listening and speaking abilities, and the staff ew is extensively trained in court interpreting, so we are confident in our ability to effectively interpret the content, assisting in the most accurate transmission of the parties’ and parties’ involved views.

Highly qualified and experienced staff

Our crew has 5 years of expertise in the field of court interpretation and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Each interpreter is proactive, takes pride in their profession, and continually seeks to improve their qualifications. Customers may be confident in the qualifications of the interpreters when they come to Tomato Media.

Competitive prices & cost saving with many incentives

Our goal is to give our clients with the most complete and competitive court interpreting services available on the market today. Tomato Media offers a variety of service packages at various price points. We provide honest, concise, and detailed price quotes based on the needs of the customer. We provide highly appealing preferential policies, especially for customers that return to use our translation services.

Providing services throughout the country, with 24/7 customer support

We meet all of our clients’ court interpreting demands with over 3,000 collaborators around the country and branches in important cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and major countries abroad. We are committed to supporting consumers who require online interpreting, over-the-phone interpreting, or any other sort of interpreting.

Professional court interpretation at Tomato Media

The following is the professional process of court interpretation certified with ISO 9001:2015 at Tomato Media:

Process of court interpretation

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