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Need to localize your video with a professional agency that can handle all video formats from simple to complex? Leave it to us – a professional video translation agency where you will be provided with the best experience when entering into cooperation. That’s also what we’ve done to large enterprises over the past 10 years.


Video localization – the golden key to reaching out to customers 

Video localization or video translation, in other words for simple, is not merely a form of converting one language into another. Translators must convey content from the original video in a complete and emotional way. This is the key point to deciding whether your video will be widely watched and spread by the public. 

Nowadays, videos are being thoroughly exploited by businesses and individuals aiming to promote products and spread brand messages to customers. Because according to a survey, the number of people who love watching videos is skyrocketing. This is explained by the fact that contents are visually shared from videos, thereby causing viewers to receive them easily and quickly. 


Choosing a good video translation service – A fast & cost-effective way to penetrate international markets

As mentioned above, video is a source that helps businesses create a communications boom when entering international markets. A good localized video will make it easy for the target audience to well receive its message and even cause them to share the video on social media platforms. This helps your brand or product to be spread more widely than ever. 

For such a successful video, localization is very important. Therefore, you need to consider carefully so as to be able to select a professional and reputable translation agency. So what are the criteria to find the best place specializing in video localization? 

We will now share with you the 6 most important points about video translation as well as the leading translation agency in the field. 


TOMATO MEDIA – Prestigious agency with the guarantee of 6 important criteria in video localization 

Regarding the video translation agencies that are most trusted by customers today, Tomato media will be one of them. Because we are known for always ensuring 6 important criteria when translating: 

Professional service 

As the best video localization agency available today, Tomato media always focuses on service. Here, you will be warmly welcomed and receive dedicated advice based on the spirit of “bringing maximum benefits” to customers.

Right from the very first step, you will get our professionalism and put your trust in Tomato media. 

Short process & simple procedure 

The working process is extremely short and simple but still ensures to fully meet the wishes of customers. Perhaps, this impresses Tomato’s customers the most.

You will save a lot of time while it’s easy to control the progress and quality of the translation. Let’s take a look at the video localization process of Tomato via the image below. 

Flexible costs & attractive incentives 

We always conduct flexible pricing depending on the needs of customers. You will absolutely get the best price with many incentives when choosing Tomato media to localize your video content. 


What does Tomato media possess that large enterprises have relied on for more than 10 years?

It isn’t a coincidence that dozens of large and small enterprises have trusted and collaborated with Tomato media for translation. It’s all thanks to the distinctive strengths that only Tomato Media has. 

10 years in the field of translation 

Our video translation agency has over 10 years of experience in localizing multimedia content.

Up to 90% of Tomato media’s partners are large enterprises both domestically and abroad. Thus, we have enough experience to handle all the video formats sent by you.

Up to now, Tomato media successfully translated videos of more than 19,234 clients. 

Great human resources with high professional qualifications 

In order to serve such a large number of customers, we have built a team of more than 3,000 collaborators who can translate, record or voice over to create familiar and accurate videos close to the audience. 

The project management team that always monitors very closely 24/24 must also be mentioned. So when any problem occurs, we are committed to promptly handle it. The important thing is that the video translation must be accurate and soulful as well as bringing high efficiency in corporate communication. 

Tomato media is confident with 100% of our engineers, editors and producers possessing the great experience of many years in localization.

The processing of video editing is also carefully focused. Just through quick research, you will find our technical team capable of professional video editing. 

5-star Company Profile 

  • Tomato media services meet international ISO standards.
  • We are a member of the leading language and localization association. 
  • Ensuring accurate translation quality that is consistent with local culture. 


Great experience when collaborating with Tomato 

Support Consultant 24/7 

We are always ready to support customers anytime and anywhere. Just by contacting us and all your problems with video localization will be resolved quickly with TOMATO. 

Lifetime warranty

A lifetime warranty is a service that every customer loves when coming to TOMATO. We will assist you in solving all arising problems while in use.

Confidentiality commitment

We always respect and keep our customers’ information confidential to the very end. 


Best price in the market with flexible pricing

You will no longer have to consider when wondering about the price of the video localization service. We always have flexible incentive programs for customers on a regular basis. You will save the maximum cost when cooperating with TOMATO.

Right now, don’t forget to contact us for the most detailed advice on video translation services. 


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