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What qualifications and qualities does a negotiation interpreter need?

The rise of economic liberalization and investment from various countries around the world is driving up demand for negotiation interpretation services. Businesses and organizations require an interpreter at this time to interpret the content of the conversation into the partner’s language in order for the two parties to understand each other and reach the best agreement possible. As a result, the interpreter – the individual who assists you in communicating your message and point of view to your partner – plays a critical role.

Interpretation at negotiations will revolve around a number of issues about goals, conditions, benefits, etc. with a lot of specialized terms. This requires the interpreter to have:

  • Extensive knowledge to be able to both listen, think logically and express the speaker’s ideas in a coherent and understandable manner.
  • In addition, interpreters must be able to receive information, remember and analyze well to adapt to the relatively fast talking and speaking speed in negotiations.
  • In particular, the negotiations will sometimes bring a tense atmosphere, the interpreter needs to show  the ability to handle situations flexibly at these times. They need to ensure that they convey the correct information, but do not insert personal feelings into the interpretation. 

negotiation interpretation services

High quality negotiation interpretation service at Tomato Media

As a professional translation company with more than 5 years of experience, Tomato Media is proud to be the leading provider of translation and negotiation interpretation services in Vietnam. Our team of qualified, experienced and responsible interpreters will be your companions on the way to international trade.

Tomato owns a strong team of negotiation interpreters who are all experienced experts to become a reliable companion, supporting successful negotiation. 

  • Elite interpreters with at least 5 years of experience in the field of negotiation and interpretation.
  • 100% of interpreters have obtained prestigious and quality certificates, are fluent in languages, knowledgeable in culture, slang, have good reflexes, listening and speaking skills. These factors ensure that the content of the negotiation will be fully and properly communicated to both parties.
  • Each interpreter has worked on many negotiation interpreting projects, so he/she is able to handle situations skillfully and flexibly in many situations.
  • With a professional working style, customers will see Tomato interpreters dedication, enthusiasm and responsibility.
  • The interpreters are focused on training on professional ethics to always respect customer information and data as well as not let personal emotions dominate their work.
  • Good-looking interpreters are also a plus point in Tomato Media’s services.

Negotiation interpretation topics at Tomato

Negotiation interpretation service at Tomato Media meets all topics and contents. From individual negotiations, domestic organizations, NGOs to business, government, multinational negotiations.

👤 Negotiation topics related to individuals:

  • Negotiating personal issues: legal proceedings, divorce, property division, etc.
  • Mediation negotiations

👥 Negotiations related to organizations and businesses:

  • Negotiating conflict resolution
  • Negotiating contracts, business cooperation, etc.
  • Negotiating business conferences
  • Negotiating mergers, acquisitions, etc.

👥 Government negotiations, multinational:

  • Interpreting for diplomatic negotiations, multinational conferences
  • Negotiating about politics
  • Negotiating about military
  • Negotiating about economics
  • Negotiating for multilateral cooperation, etc.

Negotiation interpretation services at Tomato with a variety of languages

As a professional negotiation interpreter with many years of experience, Tomato provides native language interpretation service with more than 50 different languages serving customers’ diverse communication needs with international friends, including:

  • Chinese,
  • Portuguese,
  • Portuguese,
  • Thai,
  • Thai,
  • Myanmar
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Russian,
  • Italian,
  • Filipino,
  • etc.

Tomato’s negotiation interpretation service with a variety of fields

Tomato’s high-quality negotiation interpreters can cover many different fields with in-depth knowledge and accurate interpretation:

  • Communication – Advertising
  • Law
  • Education
  • Consumer – Retail
  • Consumer – Retail
  • Garment
  • Fashion
  • Fashion
  • Industry – Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Finance – Banking
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Real Estate – Construction
  • Electricity – Electronics – Telecommunications
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology

Why should you choose the negotiation interpretation service at omato?

Tomato’s negotiation interpretation services constantly prioritize employee input towards spiritual culture as well as client service throughout the service delivery process. Tomato’s decisions and activities are always guided by customer happiness and trust.

Top quality interpretation

In 5 years of establishment and development, Tomato Media has built a system of high-quality interpreters, graduated from domestic and foreign language training schools. Interpreters at Tomato Media always ensure good health, are ready to work with high intensity interpreting projects by the hour, by day, by day, by month, etc., as well as for short or long business trips.

Thanks to a good background of professional knowledge and long-term practical experience, Tomato has successfully implemented thousands of interpretation projects for more than 1,000 businesses, typically large ones, such as Sony, H&M, etc. Microsoft, Vietnam Airlines, Bosch, etc.

Tomato Media is honored to receive the title of “Excellent Products and Services 2021” for its efforts over the years

Top professional customer care service

Tomato Media is available to assist, consult, and quote customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers will obtain the necessary information to proceed to the quick and simple contract signing process, saving time for service users, within only 15 minutes of receiving the request.

Commitment to absolute confidentiality with the NDA

When using Tomato Media’s negotiation interpreting services, the interpreter will sign a commitment to keep confidential all information such as business plans, patents, financial statements and other important documents of the client unconditionally. This is also a quality that Tomato prioritizes in training in the professional standards of each interpreter.

After 5 years of operation in the field of translation, Tomato has successfully conducted most of the negotiation and interpretation sessions without incident or privacy disputes. All documents are kept confidential, no one can copy or leak to third parties except by agreement. 

Flexible costs to suit the diverse needs of customers

Tomato offers many service packages with different costs to bring maximum benefits to customers. Specifically, the quotation will depend on:

  • Modes of interpretation: over-the-phone interpreting, escort interpreting, consecutive interpreting, etc.
  • Interpretation time: half a day, a day, a week, according to the project, etc.
  • Interpreted languages: languages ​​that are less popular will cost more than languages ​​that are used a lot like English, Chinese, etc.
  • Interpretation major: the higher the difficulty of the major to be negotiated, the more in-depth knowledge of the interpreter is required, so the service fee will be higher.

Tomato provides interpretation services all over the country

Tomato Media is always ready to give professional negotiating and interpretation services wherever, with systems in major cities like as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and others, as well as a global network of more than 3,000 collaborators. We are devoted to offering 24/7 support from a team of dedicated, high-quality interpreters who act as a bridge to help consumers communicate and collaborate successfully with partners.

Tomato Media’s negotiation interpreting service process

Here you can follow the process of negotiation interpreting at Tomato, which is synchronized in accordance with the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015:

Tomato Media – Prestigious Negotiation Interpretation Service


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