Interpreter Service at the Factory

Interpreter Service at the FactoryHigh-Quality Tomato’s Interpreter Service at the Factory

Tomato commits to:

📗 Interpreting service throughout Vietnam

📗 Highly competitive service prices

📗 Commitment to absolute confidentiality of information

📗 Highly qualified interpreters

📗 Extensive specialized knowledge

Understanding the interpreter service at the factory

Tomato’s interpreter service at the factory offers a variety of options by the hour, shift, day, or week or month. If you’re not sure what this type of interpretation means, see the section below. You can skip to the next section if you already know it.

What is interpreter service at the factory?

The idea of factory interpreting service can simply be defined as escort interpreting operations that occur in factories or workshops. The use of interpreters will ensure that the information exchange process runs well, that all parties understand each other’s goals, and that the task is done efficiently.

The contents often exchanged when interpreting at the factory include human resource training, monitoring progress and quality of operation, survey and evaluation of construction efficiency of factories and workshops, etc.

Challenges in the interpreter service at the factory  

  • Factory interpreters must have a high level of professional training and proficiency in a foreign language. Working with technical specifications and terms connected to machines, operating procedures, user manuals, construction timelines, and maintenance rules necessitates precise precision.
  • In addition to factory-specific knowledge, interpreters must have a broad understanding of the economic, political, cultural, and social conditions in the area where the plant is located in order to assist consumers when appropriate.

Interpreter Service at the Factory at Tomato

High-quality factory interpreting service at Tomato

Our interpreters will need to be present in the factory in order to gather information content and then send it back and forth between two or more stakeholders as they discuss, analyze, and exchange work-related concerns. Construction supervision, project construction progress, technical error handling process, product manufacturing process, instructions use the product, notes to verify the product quality, and other topics are frequently mentioned when interpreting at the factory. Tomato guarantees customer pleasure with a wide range of high-quality interpreting services.

  • Interpreting project supervision activities.
  • Interpreting project construction progress.
  • Interpreting occupational safety procedures.
  • Interpreting how to handle technical operating errors.
  • Interpreting how to operate and control machines.
  • Interpreting the communication between the boss and the employee.
  • Interpreting the product manufacturing process.
  • Interpreting product manuals.
  • Interpreting and checking product quality.
  • Interpreting, interviewing, recruiting and training new employees.
  • Interpreting occupational safety training, etc.

Professional factory interpreters at Tomato Media

Factory interpreters in Tomato are all well-trained in interpreting and have a dedicated and enthusiastic customer service attitude.

  • Qualification

Extensive professional knowledge and extensive experience. Our interpreters can translate more than 100 specialties and more than 50 different languages ​​to ensure quality translation for customers.

  • Manners

Quick, professional, cautious, and well-organized are all words that come to mind when it comes to our interpreters. Our interpreters are always on time, prepare all required documentation, follow the customer’s communication and conduct guidelines, and aggressively seek out further manufacturing information, among other things.

  • Good health, able to withstand high pressure

Our interpreters are capable of going on long business travels, enduring inclement weather, and adapting flexibly to the working environment of workers in order to provide interpretation.

  • Soft skills

Interpreters have the ability to work independently, take initiative, respect client requirements and schedules, be on time for working sessions, and communicate effectively. When transmitting the message, the interpreters maintains a neutral and impartial attitude and does not unilaterally alter the customer’s dialogue with partners or employees.

Tomato’s interpreter service at the factory with a variety of languages

Tomato provides interpreting services in more than 50 different languages, including:

  • East Asia languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, etc.
  • European languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, etc.
  • East Asian languages: Indian, Sri, Afghan, etc.
  • Southeast Asian languages: Lao, Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian, etc.


Tomato’s multi-specialized interpreter service at the factory

Tomato’s interpreter service at the factory provides interpreting in a variety of industries and fields, including:

  • Insurrance
  • Medical
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine
  • Industry
  • Mechanical
  • Commerce
  • Science
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • ……

What will you get with Tomato’s interpreter service at the factory?

The following are some of the reasons why you should use Tomato’s factory interpreter service:

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Interpreter service at the factory by hour, shift, day or long-term

Tomato interpreters might work in shifts, days, or long-term business journeys to accommodate their clients’ needs. Customers on long-term business trips require interpreters to actively prepare documents and learn about the factory ahead of time.

Commitment to absolute confidentiality of customer information

Interpreters make sure not to reveal the content of client conversations. Managers of Tomato will supervise the interpreter’s working process to ensure the most convenient and effective working process.

The most competitive price in the market

Currently, we are the translation company with the most competitive cost in the Vietnamese market. Depending on language needs and project time, Tomato will advise on the most suitable package of interpretation services. In addition, we also have many attractive discount programs for loyal customers on special occasions.

A team of interpreters with professional knowledge and expertise

Tomato owns a team of qualified professionals including more than 100 full-time employees and more than 3,000 collaborators across the country to meet the interpretation needs across the country. The staff is capable of translating more than 100 specialties, including those related to engineering and mechanics. Interpreting into more than 50 different languages ​​ensures customer satisfaction. Before each interpretation session, the interpreters have carefully prepared professional knowledge and local culture.

Providing interpreter service at the factory nationwide

Currently, numerous industrial parks in all regions and towns across the country have foreign investment capital or foreign management boards. Tomato is prepared to provide a significant number of skilled interpreters to serve consumers throughout Vietnam and other countries around the world, not only for face-to-face interpreting but also for remote and online interpreting.

Interpreting quality meeting international standards

Tomato’s team of interpreters are professional and possess professional certificates and have many years of experience in the field of translation. Our service quality has achieved ISO 9001:2015 standard. Along with that, there are thousands of positive reviews from customers who have used Tomato’s interpreting service.

Professional factory interpreting process at Tomato

The following is the professional and reputable factory interpreting process at Tomato that has achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification:

Tomato Media – Prestige Interpreter Service at The Factory


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