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Korean interpretation applying international standard procedures, ensuring high quality interpretation at Tomato Media. We provide a variety of services: seminar interpretation, conference interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, escort interpretation. Find out more information and register for free interpreter’s qualification check through this article.

What is Korean interpretation?

Korean interpretation is the process of converting Korean language into another language without changing the meaning of words, sentences or dialogs. Interpreters are the ones responsible for converting the language from Korean to the target language (the language of the listener) and vice versa, so that listener & speaker can understand each other’s intentions.

Korean interpretation work is not simply a translation of Korean into another language but rather a process of language conversion; requiring expression in the right intonation, nuance of the word, sentence or dialog so that the listener does not misunderstand the idea. And to be able to convey the most accurate implication, an interpreter needs to be fluent in at least the two languages, and knowledgeable about issues related to culture, politics, economy and laws of the Republic of Korea and the country of the target language. 


The demand for Korean Translation Services in Vietnam nowadays

Economic globalization, especially the strong promotion of the relationship between Vietnam and Korea, has opened up many career opportunities for those who love Korean culture and language.

According to statistics, there are currently about 9,000 Korean enterprises operating in Vietnam. Trade activities between Vietnamese and Korean enterprises have increased in recent years. Therefore, the need to find an interpreter who is fluent in Korean, knowledgeable about Korean culture, economy and law is huge.

Korean Interpretation Service
Tomato Media provides Korean Interpretation Service

If you are:

  • In need of a Korean interpreter but do not know which provider to choose?
  • Wondering which unit would be reputable due to overload of information on the Internet?
  • Under time pressure, in need of a high-level interpreter (with strong expertise, good communication and situation handling skills) to meet the strict requirements in this interpretation session?
  • In need of long-period interpreter with proper professional experience to ensure that there are no mistakes or misunderstanding that may arise?


Tomato Media provides professional Korean Translation Services:

Tomato Media is a leading reputable interpretation service provider in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of highly qualified interpreters with standard appearance and professional manner; you will surely be satisfied with the Korean interpretation services we provide. 

Translation process

Korean interpreters at Tomato Media strictly follow the 6-step standard interpretation process.

In order to prepare well for the translation, our interpretation will read through the document, re-identify difficult words in advance; at the same time, learn more about cultural, legal, technical knowledge,… related to the topic of the upcoming content.   


Tomato Media is the only unit currently with a flexible price list basing the needs of each customer. In particular, we always have special promotion policies for first-time customers and loyal customers.


The 4 types of interpretation we offer:  

Tomato Media provides 4 types of interpretation: consecutive translation, simultaneous translation, indirect translation and special translation. With different natures, each type of interpretation will suit your own interpretation needs. 

Consecutive interpretation

This is a form of consecutive interpretation, that is, after the speaker finishes a Korean sentence/ idea/ dialog, the interpreter will interpret and convert the conversation into the language of the listener.

Consecutive interpretation is suitable for conversations with few participants, such as: interviews, press conferences, presentations, negotiating – signing of contracts,…

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneously with the speaker, the interpreter will interpret and convey the content meaning so that the listener can acquire information at the same time. To ensure that there are no errors in the interpretation, interpreters will need hearing and speaking aids (microphones, headphones,…). Simultaneous translation is suitable for major conferences, events of corporations, government agencies,… important interpretation sessions.

This is a difficult type of interpretation, requiring the interpreter to be fluent in the language and have good skills. With high professional qualifications and over 10 years of experience; Korean interpreters at Tomato Media can surely meet the strict requirements of this interpretation type.

Indirect translation

This type of interpretation is similar to simultaneous interpretation, but with a more complicated nature, the interpreter will have to translate indirectly from another interpreter.

Indirect interpretation often takes place at the summit of government agencies, important seminars,… with many participating countries and often using English as a common language.

Special interpretation

This type of interpretation is interpretation simultaneously with the speaker, but in small voice, speaking softly into the listener’s ear.

Special interpretation is suitable for interpretation sessions of important and secret nature such as military, business secret,…


5 Notes on Korean language interpretation company selection:

Over 5 years of operation

With a very high level of competition, an interpretation service provider that can stand firmly in the market for 5 years or more would have certainly got positive evaluation from customers. This reputation is the result of service quality. 

Many big partners

Customers and partners represent a part of the competency profile of the interpretation unit. A reputable and professional interpretation unit will be trusted by many large businesses and corporations.

Allow interpreter’s proficiency test

To make sure the interpreter fits your criteria, select units that allow interpreter proficiency testing. Regarding the interpreter’s expertise, you can have a preliminary assessment through his/her degrees, certificates and completed projects. Don’t forget to ask questions to test the interpreter’s ability to communicate and handle situations.

Provide service packages

A reputable interpretation unit needs to be able to provide all-in-one services, even from convenient transportation, interpretation facilities, accommodation for interpreters, …

Clear and rigorous contract

The contract is meant to ensure your interests. In particular, with the important nature and absolute confidentiality requirements, the role of the contract is even more important.

Reasons for choosing Tomato Media

1. Experience

Tomato Media has more than 5 years of experience in providing Korean translation services with more than 65,000 large and small projects, cooperating with more than 25,000 domestic and foreign partners, we are committed to providing the most flawless service.

Notable projects:

Tomato Media has completed hundreds of projects for large corporations. Some of those are the projects of: Sony, H&M, Vietnam Airlines, Bosch, Microsoft,…

Our Strategic Partnership
Our Strategic Partnership

2. Personnel

Tomato Media’s team of more than 100 interpreters and a large network of more than 3,000 collaborators are the leading Korean language experts in the country, 100% with professional qualifications and certificates; capable of prompt and accurate interpretation. Strictly selected, Korean interpreters all have standard appearance and a confident demeanor, thus will be a reliable companion for you in important meetings, negotiations, contracts signing,…

The team of project managers always closely monitor the implementation progress, with a contingency plan to prevent unexpected situations, to make sure your project would be carried out smoothly.

3. Competence

As Asia’s leading provider of language solutions with ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards, Tomato Media is committed to providing customers with the best quality Korean interpretation services; unlimited number, location, time,…

4. Service

Tomato Media provides 24/7/365 service with an enthusiastic team of consultants, ready to support anytime, anywhere. In particular, to ensure that Tomato Media is the right partner for you, here you can check our interpreters’ qualifications before official cooperation. We are committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information.

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