Tomato Media provides professional Translation and Voice-over services. In particular, we own a team of translators and voice actors with high expertise, good skills along with our strictly controlled production process at each stage. We have become a reputable partner for thousands of customers with nearly 2,500 hours of actual voice-over. This writing will provide the reasons why customers have put their trust in Tomato.


Things needed to know about voice-over translation

Voice-over is a form that is no longer unfamiliar to us in foreign films, promotional videos, etc. broadcast on television or any other media.

What is voice-over?

Voice-over is the process of recording production to convey messages and meanings of the lines to viewers. In his role, the voice-over artist will read the lines of all characters in the films, videos, etc. that have previously been translated into the target language.

Having a very important role, voice-over is considered the soul of a film, video, etc. The voice-over that expresses language and nuance along with rhythm will bring the most authentic experience, thereby attracting viewers.

Voice-over’s roles  

As a method of transmitting information via voice, voice-over helps the audience easily understand the film’s content, the meaning of lines, character developments, etc. in the language of their own country. The advantage of voice-over is that it helps viewers receive sounds and images at the same time, making it easy for them to receive information without distraction.

Distinguishing voice-over and dubbing

T Voice-over and dubbing are both voice production techniques to convey information to the viewers. However:

Voice-over is a simple form, it only requires an editor to read the lines of all characters in films and TV videos. Dubbing is quite complicated as the coordination of the whole actors is necessary, each person will display the most honest and natural personality of the character they are in charge of through their voices and expressive sounds.

In films and TV videos with voice-over, the voice-over is usually played a few seconds slowlier than the original sounds of the characters and the voice-over is louder than the original sounds which makes it easier to listen. Meanwhile, with dubbing, the original voices in films and videos will be completely removed and replaced with the previously recorded and translated lines.


Tomato Media provides services to meet voice-over translation needs

Tomato Media provides Recording and Voice-over services:

– TV program voice-over.

– Radio broadcasting.

– Documentaries, dramas, movies, series, etc.

– Games broadcast on television.

– Recordings, presentations.

– Promotional videos, product & company introduction videos, etc.

– Software, software & product instruction videos, etc.


Voice-over translation process:

The process of translating, voice-over films and videos usually goes through the following basic steps:

  • Film analysis:

In this step, the person in charge will watch to grasp the content, context, personalities and actions of the characters. The lines will be typed in the original language, which requires a high level of accuracy. This is an important first step before translating.

  • Selection of a team of film translators and voice-over artist:

After analyzing the content, context and characters’ personalities; selecting a team of film translators and voice-over artist is the next step. It’s required to choose a voice-over artist who has a good reading voice with loyal expression according to script nuances; thereby creating a true aura of each character.

  • Film translation and voice-over:

This stage is done in a recording studio with the support of modern equipment and technology to be able to meet the maximum sound requirements.

  • Proofreading:

This is the last step in the editing process before publishing, the person in charge will check and correct errors to ensure that the file and production content have no mistakes.

  • Approval:

The acceptance test will be sent to the customer in this step, you can request for correction if a mistake in the product is discovered.

  • Keeping documentaries and films confidential when required by customers:

Handing over products and signing confidentiality contracts for documentaries and films at the request of customers.


Notes when choosing the Voice-over Translation service:  

On the market, many dubbing translation companies appear in the form of private offices. In order to ensure the quality of the dubbing translation, you should pay great attention to selecting a cooperative agency. Here are the factors that needed to be put into consideration:

  Experience: Cooperation with a reputable and experienced agency in the field of voice-over translation will help you increase the rate of getting a quality product, thereby saving as much time and money as possible.  

  Product quality: Check the quality through videos, films or any other voice-over translation projects of the company, find out about the translators and evaluate the suitability of the criteria you set out.

  Voice-over translation process: Reviewing the workflow of the voice-over translation company to help you get an initial judgment on the level of professionalism and the ability to ensure the quality as required.


Voice-over translation service cost:  

It is difficult to come up with an exact figure for the cost of translating and voice-over, because it depends on a lot of factors, such as:

    • Document complexity levels
    • Quantity
    • Deadline
    • The rarity of the languages
    • Other




Tomato Media is the top choice for professional Voice-over translation services

Tomato Media provides voice-over services in more than 50 languages. As a reputable translation agency with a team of experienced voice-over artists who possess good local language skills, we are able to complete projects well and ensure customers’ requirements.  

      Providing services to more than 25,000 customers with approximately 65,000 projects of translation; interpretation; editing, subtitling; recording, voice-over.

      With over 15 years of experience in providing voice-over translation services, we can meet 50 different languages.

      Having completed 4,722 hours of actual interpretation and 2,431 hours of voice-over and dubbing.

      A network of 100 professionals and 4,900+ global collaborators (in-house translators, collaborators).

      100% Translators, who are fluent in the language, have fine-looking appearances and good speech processing skills, meeting quality standards.

      The project quality management team always upholds the sense of responsibility, has a backup plan in any case and ensures the time and quality of each project.

      An experienced film/video production team possesses a high sense of responsibility.

      Tomato Media is honored to become an official member of ATA (American Translators Association), ELIA (European Language Industry Association) and AATI (The Association of Asian Translation Industry).

      The processes of editing subtitles, dubbing and voice-over meet ISO 9001:2015 International quality standard.

      Translation speed is up to 20,000 words/day, we always meet urgent time requirements.

      Professional voice-over with expressive language and good expression of actors’ words.


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